Does Tsundere Emblem dream of youth?The Nichiasa x Shonen Manga hybrid “FE Engage” is so interesting that it tells the story of a bored couple getting back together.


Does Tsundere Emblem dream of youth?The Nichiasa x Shonen Manga hybrid “FE Engage” is so interesting that it tells the story of a bored couple getting back together.
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Suddenly, I engaged with someone I had been interested in for some time.

My first impression of the person I met was one of anxiety, to say the least.

However, as we spent more time together, I began to see both the good and the bad, and before I knew it, I became obsessed with these two sides. It is now an irreplaceable presence. Today, I would like to introduce you to his charm.

“Emblem Engage!!!”

On January 20, 2023, the new game in the popular Fire Emblem (FE) series, Fire Emblem Engage, was released.

On April 5th of the same year, the fourth DLC, “Chapter of the Evil Dragon”, was also released, marking the conclusion of this work’s development. This is the latest work in the series, featuring all the main characters from the past and featuring new elements that enhance the basic simulation elements.

The author is a big fan of the series and is what is called an “emblem”. He has played all the titles, and his favorite title is Genealogy of the Holy War.

Oops, you’re the one who thought, “Holy War fans are troublesome.” I agree with this without exception. Even though I’m a fan, I’m always complaining about new releases because I love them. He’s such a troublesome person…

Yes, the author and the “FE” series are a couple in their boredom who will never break up.

Could such a troublesome tsundere Emblemer simply let Engage go and wait for its release date with anticipation? The answer, as you might expect, is “no.”

Moreover, the more pre-release information came out, the more anxious I became about all sorts of factors, and in the end, I ended up canceling my reservation two days before the release date. This is a situation similar to what happens to gamers. This was despite the fact that I had pre-ordered a limited quantity luxury set called “Elyos Collection” as soon as pre-orders started.

However, it was on the Switch a week after its release.

I don’t know if I’ll buy the DLC! Even though I said that, by the time I got to the middle of the game, I was buying it… What’s more, I have the “Elyos Collection” at home.

Tsundere, so cute!

I would like to review this latest work in the series, one year after its release! But it’s already a well-known title, and the reviews have run out, so there may be no need to talk about it anymore…

That’s what I thought, but even though I’m a long-time fan of the series and call myself “Emblem”, I actually decided to buy this work after hearing the lively screams I heard from my friend, the troublesome Emblem. What can we do without inheriting this lineage? There are some things I can say now.

In conclusion, this work is a “difficult simulation” that is both old-fashioned and new. If this word resonates with you, aren’t you a long-time Emblemer? I hope it reaches those Emblem players who haven’t purchased it yet. It’s light, but it’s not light.

I would like to trace the crusade of “Engage” to the troublesome tsunderes who have grown old. That’s why this article was created. Why did a tsundere become a dere-dere? Please read it to find out the truth.

*There is nothing fatal in this article, but it does contain spoilers regarding the general flow of the story. please note.

◆Gap with the solid scenario established by the previous work
Many of you reading this article may be aware of the negative ratings that often appear on Engage. Yes, that’s about the scenario of this work.

On the long-awaited release date, the previous work “Three Houses”, which had a heavy and deep story, became a trend, but this was also because comparisons were made at various places with the lighter scenario of “Engage”. I also looked at people’s evaluations again when writing this review, and I feel that it is no exaggeration to say that the evaluations regarding the scenario were unanimous.

…Isn’t it light?

Even though they excerpted the same line, it might be said that the choice of images was malicious, but there really is a difference in opinion. You can see that the mood is very different.

In the previous game, the route branches from the beginning of the story depending on the player’s choices, so if you play only one round, you can only understand the scenario from one point of view. It takes many laps to get a bird’s-eye view of the world. However, the appeal of the thorough text expressions and story development that made repeated playbacks painless quickly spread, and the game received high praise from many old and new users.

It comes out after “Three Houses,” so if you were expecting a heavy story like “Three Houses,” you would be disappointed.

Now, let’s talk about the storyline of “Engage”.In this case, there is a proposal for marriage rather than a branch from the beginning of the game.

Immediately after that, those who played “Awakening” could see a scene where they thought, “Oh, Tron is about to get stabbed,” and the players of “If” could predict, “Lumielle (the main character’s mother) is about to die.” The story continues to unfold in a way that reminds me of something I’ve seen somewhere before.

Since the future can be predicted and it will indeed turn out that way, this is a shallow scenario that does not give us any hope for the future, which should be even more difficult.

This game is definitely the best in the series when it comes to character modeling and battle animations that are so fast that you don’t even need to turn off the animation.

The currently popular illustrator Mika Pikazo was in charge of character design, and the modeling was also supervised directly, so they move smoothly and their expressions are clearly visible. What’s more, you can even change your clothes.

By the way, my favorites are “Rosado” and “Merin”. It looks like my sexual proclivities will be revealed.

However, advantages and disadvantages are always two sides of the same coin. The modeling is so good that it stands out, and even though it’s a serious scene, the over-the-top movements and casual line delivery make it look a bit out of place.

One of the appeals of this work is that it is fully voiced by a gorgeous cast, but this also makes the unnatural line delivery even more impressive. I think this is really a waste. All the good elements are eaten up by the bad parts.

Yes, it’s a waste. Before the release, everyone around me, including myself, was saying in unison that the story was going to be terrible. If the truth is terrible, why is it a waste?

When it comes to information that you can find out before you play, if you want to avoid spoilers, you’re usually biased towards information from the beginning that the official website gives away as promotions. I fell into this trap and ended up canceling the book before it even went on sale. I even thought there was nothing to look forward to other than modeling and animation.

“Engage” is the opening that draws players in, but it’s more like they’re shaking it off. too good to waste. The purpose of this article is to pry open that entrance.

I’m sure those who have already reached this article will be confused about what’s wrong with it, so I won’t go into detail here, taking advantage of the late reviews. I am thinking the same thing.

However, if you look at the scenario as a whole, let me just say that it’s not as weird as people are saying. It’s not like I can list all the compliments, but the flow changes at a certain point. There are scenes in particular where we can see interactions between enemy forces, and those scenes remain very memorable.

Overall, it’s a good or bad thing. However, since it is a classic story, the predictable storyline that has been used over and over again gets boring, and does not receive good reviews. It’s a shame that this game has missed out on SRPG players because the scenario has been left unreliable.

◆Simulation part where Tsun falls apart
Well, I have mentioned the disadvantages so far, but after the tingling, it is a promise that you will fall. From here on out, I’ll just go with dere dere. This work “Engage” can be said to be a book that brilliantly exploits the evil nature of people. I was completely disappointed.

Contrary to the light story, putting together a strategy is extremely difficult and requires a lot of brainpower. The combat aspect is one of the most balanced and exhilarating ever.

The author first watched “Engage” and started with “Lunatic & Classic”, the highest difficulty level in the series. Naturally, it’s extremely difficult from start to finish, and I almost literally threw my controller on many occasions. But this is irresistible. Screaming attraction. Maybe it’s me, M Bremer…! ?

One of the reasons why I felt that the combat in Engage was by far the most interesting in the series, even though the gameplay itself is similar to that of an SRPG, may be because I played Lunatic for the first time. In fact, I was able to clear the game using Lunatic even on my first look since there were no accumulated points, so I had a good impression of it.

In this game, as a bonus from the second round onwards, you can select whether the growth system, which is the best part of RPG, is “fixed” or “random” at the start of the game. However, only “Lunatic” is forced to be “fixed” from the first round, and the unit’s parameters will be the expected values.

In “FE” after “Sword of Recca”, adjustments have been made so that no matter which unit you choose, you will be able to grow to a level where there is no problem in clearing the game, but even so, if the unit you were focusing on is unlucky enough to fail. If you do, it will pile up in the worst case. Retraining other units is not easy at high difficulty levels.

This “fixed” growth system eliminates such accumulation factors. It can be said that the synergy effect with “Lunatic” is outstanding! From the second round, you can select “random” growth, and one grain is twice delicious.

Also, speaking of “Lunatic”, there is a heartbreak point that cannot be dealt with at first play, where only the player is at an overwhelming disadvantage. If we were to use the Lunatic from the previous game, Three Houses, as an analogy, it would be similar to the Pegasus Knight, who suddenly appears out of thin air and wreaks havoc with the speed and firepower of a jet plane. “Engage” does not have this immediate reinforcement, and is a white company that provides break time immediately after coming to work.

However, since “Echoes”, recent “FE” games have a Reiwa-like convenient function that allows you to rewind a move. This will make redoing work smoothly, but no, that’s not the case. You’ll never be able to break through something like this without using the rewind function! Something like this happens every turn. In “Engage,” you don’t feel the stress of such a heart-breaking and unreasonable first-time murder.

By the way, I inserted it as a tip, but I lost this convenient “Dragon’s Time Crystal” in the process. There’s no rewind, it’s just like the old FE.

Another notable new feature that silenced Emblem players hungry for tough simulations is the unfamiliar words “break” and “chain attack” in “FE.” Both of these words have the same voice as Ruel (male), and I feel like they’re words I’ve heard in major RPGs.

First, “Break”. This is a further enhancement of the “three-way” system that is used in most “FE” games.

A simple system where if you attack with a weapon that is more advantageous than your opponent, the opponent will be “broken”, meaning they will be unable to take action. If you can attack the enemy on your own turn, you will immediately have an advantage, so you should actively aim for it.

However, when it comes to the enemy’s turn, you don’t immediately know who will take the break, and this is it! Previously, three-way play only made a difference in accuracy, but in this game, you must always predict your opponent’s actions based on weapon compatibility. While unable to counterattack, your army will be at a huge disadvantage. With the introduction of “Break”, it can be said that the simulation quality has greatly improved.

This is “Chain Attack”. As you can see, it is a system similar to the “Dual Attack” in “Awakening”, in which allied units within the attack range participate in the battle and reduce the enemy’s HP. Unlike “Dual Attack,” this game uses not only allies but also enemies, so it’s perfectly even.

T-that’s not enough! 1 is missing! ! Princess Ivy also had a bitter look on her face. But we have friends here, it’s an RPG after all. This is the power of bonds!

By chaining them together, you can repel the monster “1 Missing” that often appears in FE! You need to place your units well, so it feels really exhilarating when you decide.

These new elements can be said to be clear enhancements to the systems installed in previous games. It’s new, but it’s not new.

Also, something that I personally really appreciate is that the armor is solid and has a reliable balance. That’s right, I wanted to play this kind of old-fashioned “FE”! On the other hand, the main character’s weakness is reminiscent of Mars and Roy, who participate in the war as heralds. It’s a feeling I haven’t felt in a long time.

However, even though he is so strong, he is powerless in front of the “chain attack” that penetrates the defense. Since it’s heavily armored, breaking doesn’t work either, so I guess I’ll block it with Louis for now! As he comes up with a simple strategy, he completely forgets that the chain will fly at him and hears the retreat line.

One option is to use a unit with excellent evasion performance against the wall, but if you avoid the break, the chain attack will hit, although it is ineffective. In this way, the waiting strategy that was standard in traditional FE games doesn’t work. Isn’t this a trap that only series players fall into? We look forward to hearing the fresh screams that only Emblemmer can offer.

The “FE” series is no exception to the “Raise your level and hit with physics (money)” that is often said in RPGs. However, if this is also an old-fashioned “Engage”…you get the idea, right? It doesn’t work.

The reason for this is that the military funds and experience points (EXP, skill points) are very difficult. No, it’s so sad that I think the free map function doesn’t work anymore. There’s no arena either. It doesn’t increase at all. From the perspective of those who are working hard, there is still not enough investment in bases and training. It was definitely during the war.

If I write all this, I’m just being stingy and I can’t see any point in detracting from it, but from the perspective of Emblem, who has thoroughly enjoyed “Thracia 776”, which is said to be one of the most brutal games in the series, this feels like the return of the old “FE”. I can’t bear to feel like this. I feel joy. thank you. It might be M Bremer after all. I have two hearts.

◆Engage with me and become a special effects hero!
Now that the writing has gained some momentum, let me introduce a new element that was both a selling point of this work and a source of concern. The “Engage” system is a really strong new element that is strong only through visual information, and is even in the title.

This is also a key part of the story mentioned above, and it is a flashy and very easy to understand transformation technique that looks like a Nichiasa special effects. Flashy = looks strong, no, it’s strong.

Take a look at the bright red range of this special move. You can even become a sniper shooting from 700 yards!

Until I played the game, I had only concerns about this flashy, balance-breaker-like “Engage” system. Yes, more than the story. After all, he doesn’t look hard at all! I want to play a hard-core “FE” game! ? …However, the story contradicts the truth of that fear, and you end up being betrayed by this system in a good way.

If I don’t defeat the enemy in front of me now, I will be defeated, but I don’t have enough firepower! Not enough time! …Situations like this happen often in the FE series. It is quite difficult to find a way out.

However, “Engage”, which transforms by assimilating with past characters, can break through this hopeless situation. Kill me before I get killed.

Turn a crisis into an opportunity. He looks like a late-coming hero. Nichiasa has begun. Great for getting up early!

That troublesome Emblem who used to say he was either hard or soft is no longer here. Let’s go wild with the “Engage” technique while looking like when Beaujolais Nouveau was released. Feels good!

Although it is said to be rampant, this delicious new element cannot of course be used over and over again, and as you complete the number of battles, the count accumulates and abilities are unlocked. Since it can transform at will, it is a test of the player’s skill that requires determining the situation in which to use it.

The number of rings will increase as the story progresses, and the enemies will also become stronger in proportion to your increased strength. You won’t be able to push hard every time, so don’t worry if you’re hungry for difficulty. Although appropriate, we also incorporate development elements such as a rear unit becoming a vanguard unit, or a unit’s performance changing drastically depending on the opponent it engages with.

However, this work does not let you rely on such a convenient ring. Story Along the way, he gets a surprise and all his rings are confiscated. Despair and despair! Oh, have mercy… For the time being, the DLC coat of arms will remain, but the difficulty of the DLC map itself is so high that I think very few people will be able to obtain it before it is confiscated.

Moreover, all stolen rings will be used by the enemy. Of course, we are also marching after recovering the ring from the enemy, so we understand that the enemy will use the ring from the very beginning…but you wouldn’t think that what you obtained would be confiscated. !

Don’t forget your initial intentions. The number of rings increases, and you lose it at the moment when you understand and can use the powerful power of “Engage”, so all your previous strategies that were built on the premise of attacking will collapse. It’s like a special move with flashy effects that only the player side can use! Despite its appearance, it becomes unusable. Enemies, even ordinary soldiers who are not boss-class, use the stolen rings. It’s scary, but unexpected, and very exciting.

However, in order to gain something, you must lose something. It suddenly turned into a boy’s manga from Nichiasa.

Yes, the scenario picks up from the point where the ring is sacrificed. This is the point I mentioned above that would change the flow of the story. What we gained by losing Nichiasa’s direction was a passionate shounen manga development.

The promising newcomer “Engage” is a hybrid super ace of Nichiasa x Shonen Manga, and the comic version is currently being serialized in the monthly magazine “Saikyou Jump” and the manga magazine app “Shonen Jump +”. After all, it’s a boy’s manga!

Here, the story of the main story and the depiction of the characters’ feelings are more in-depth, making it a must-have to deeply understand the worldview of this work. I really like Mr. Yunaka in episode 6.

This comic version, which features beautiful illustrations in which Ruel’s face in the prologue destroys his sexual tendencies, can be read both before and after playing the game. If you are interested in “Engage”, please access it now and check it out!

◆Don’t cry arrangement BGM
The “FE” series allows you to enjoy high-quality BGM that you won’t get tired of no matter how many minutes you listen to it, because we think long and hard about each new release. I’m a tsundere emblem author, but I always praise the BGM without hesitation. This work is no exception, and the point I would like to make most strongly in this review is probably the description of the BGM, which really stuck with me. The constant praise and backlash continues.

The setting of this game is the “Eleos continent,” which has a variety of maps, including a bright green grassland, a land of sand all around, and a solemn and serious castle interior. This game has a pop atmosphere, but the dark maps are dark. The many BGM tunes are light enough to make you want to dance, but at the same time have a heavy feel to them, with great differences in pace, but the BGM that plays in every scene matches perfectly. It matched my hobbies, so I’m still playing “Sunadust to Ranman” endlessly every day, enjoying the sound test.

Also, it’s easy to forget because it’s a bonus element, but the arranged BGM for each map that can be selected at the base “Soranel” is worth listening to.

Above all, the arranged BGM of past stages that plays on the Gaiden map is truly irresistible…! ! I’m glad I’ve watched the whole series! I felt this strongly. All of these songs have been arranged to fit the atmosphere of this work without losing the quality of the original songs. I got a standing ovation the moment Gaiden Map started.

I’m already impressed by the highly realistic map, but the arranged BGM that plays at the same time as the battle starts…I’m already crying. Even the day when we lost at Koshien and took home the soil comes back to me… I’ve never been to Koshien.

For fans of the series, it’s so good that you can definitely buy it just for the arranged BGM.

“FE” is also familiar from the “Super Smash Bros.” series, and many BGMs have been arranged there as well. Although some of the BGM tracks are similar to those in “Engage,” the direction of the arrangement is completely different, so I can recommend it even to those who haven’t played the original FE, but have heard it a lot in Smash Bros.

Also, the theme song that is the opening theme song for this work is so different from “Fuhana Setsugetsu” and from the previous “FE” that it makes you wonder, “What…is this Nichiasa?” However, before I knew it, I was able to sing. The chorus “Emblem Engeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Please be careful not to disturb your neighbors.

◆Lifelong engagement established
At Emblem, we tend to shy away from this game due to its soft-hearted atmosphere, but we strongly recommend that fans of the series give it a try, precisely because all of the main characters from the past have appeared. You can reunite with the people you were with back then!

One of the concerns I had before playing the game that I could never compromise on was, “What if my favorite character, who has been given a lot of memory correction, appears in such a light story and loses his character?I can’t stand it…I might go wild.” !!”had. Hmm, that’s a troublesome emblem.

but it’s okay. He talks about elements that you would understand if you had played a title that featured the heraldry. I was worrying too much about a lot of things. But I’m worried. He’s the person I spent my precious youth with.

The heralds are not involved in the main story, so there are no scenes where the characters break down, so to speak. Instead, each Crest has its own side story full of fan service, which I mentioned a little earlier, even if it doesn’t appear often. The interaction with the heraldic officer here brings back to me the feelings I had towards the heraldic officer at the time… At the same time, looking at the reenactment map brings back vividly the battle situation I suffered through.

Of course, it doesn’t affect those who are playing Engage for the first time in the series, and I feel that this is a good way to make old and new fans coexist. New users can purchase with confidence and enjoy past works.

The “FE” series has celebrated its 34th anniversary since the release of the first game in the series, “Dark Dragon and the Sword of Light.” When it comes to long-lived titles, it is inevitable that the fan base will change when a new title takes the approach of fan service. Moreover, each time a new work is released, there are major changes, and each time it is initially controversial. Many of you probably left at some point. In fact, this time I was seriously tempted to leave. In the “FE” series, sophisticated scenarios and gameplay do not coexist.

Then why did you write an article trying to draw in old fans? The answer is that “Engage” is actually a simple and easy-to-understand “FE.” It’s often said that you shouldn’t judge people by their appearance, but in “Engage” she was a gal who was kind to otakus.

“Emblem”, which is often used in this article, is a term used by fans who play a lot of the “FE” series, albeit in a broader sense. This game is full of new elements, but if you look at it the other way around, it can be difficult to get into compared to Emblem, where the rules have been set in previous games.

However, once you touch it… you’re hooked. On the contrary, it has successfully brought the concept of a long-running SRPG to this point.

There was a high degree of perfection and easy-to-understand simulation quality that overcame the most obvious and biggest drawback of the scenario. Anyway, this game is a masterpiece recommended for those who are looking for a “challenging simulation”. When I play, the night usually falls. “At dawn~♪”

This work “Engage” can be said to be the one that made me and the “Fire Emblem” series “Engage” with me for the rest of my life. Although I’ve always been able to smoothly purchase a product on the release date, this is the first time I’ve been as reluctant as I was this time. After a bit of a struggle, it became clear to me, but in the end, I really love FE. I’ll never leave you again.

As I mentioned at the beginning, I especially want this article to reach people like me, who are long-time fans of Yaoi Emblem. I sincerely hope so. I would be happy if even a few of you who are trying to purchase this product read this review and decide to purchase it!

FE is so interesting that I can’t put it down. It’s a tough simulation that won’t let you sleep once you start playing it. This is truly a story of love and courage, with love for the series and courage to dive into the brand new FE.

Finally, let’s sing. That song that played endlessly in my head back then.

“Be brave and say you’re going to buy it!”

Does Tsundere Emblem dream of youth?The Nichiasa x Shonen Manga hybrid “FE Engage” is so interesting that it tells the story of a bored couple getting back together.

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