“Death End”‘s latest work “Death end re;Quest Code Z” will be released on September 19th… CERO: Z will bring even more hopeless depiction of “Death End”


“Death End”‘s latest work “Death end re;Quest Code Z” will be released on September 19th… CERO: Z will bring even more hopeless depiction of “Death End”
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Compile Heart has announced that the latest title in the Death end re;Quest series, Death end re;Quest Code Z, will be released for PS4/PS5/Nintendo Switch on Thursday, September 19, 2024. did.

Information such as the synopsis of the story, some of the characters that appear, and the OP & ED played by the Lunar Eclipse Council are all released at once.

◆CERO:Z brings even more despair to the “death end”
This work is the official title of “Death end re;Quest Code Zion” (tentative title) announced last year, and is said to have story-related connections with past RPG works. In addition, the CERO rating is “Z” (for ages 18 and over), and the series’ popular element, the despairing ending “Death End,” has been powered up to an even more despairing depiction. Specifically, it is full of event scenes that vividly depict characters’ bloodshed and what they look like after death. It seems that the sense of realism has been greatly increased with powerful SE, such as bones breaking, flesh torn, and necks being twisted.

In addition, the battles are drawn in a roguelike RPG, and the “Strain Area” appears as a 3D dungeon whose structure changes each time you enter.

The following is a quote from the press release.

◆Character introduction

▼Sayaka Hiwatari

CV: Yoshino Aoyama
The mysterious “Ludens” is said to have awakened to his sense of self in the “Strain Area.” The main character of this story.
He lives with Shiina Ninomiya.
My current role is debugging a new game called “End to Odyssey.”
While continuing to debug our company’s products, we encountered a “mysterious phenomenon” that distorted the common sense of the world.
Eventually, they will fight against a threat that aims at the entire world.

“Hello, I’m Hiwatari Sayaka.

I work part-time at Iris Corporation. It’s a debugger.
I would be happy if you could be my partner, nice to meet you! Hey! ”

▼Shina Ninomiya

CV: Hisako Tojo
MMORPG… Former director of “World’s Odyssey”.
Currently, he is concentrating on directing the sequel, “End to Odyssey.”
He values ​​Sayaka Hiwatari, who he ended up living with by chance, just as much as Arata Mizunashi.
While serving both as Sayaka’s protector and director, he stands up to the threats of the world!

“Yes, I’m Shina Ninomiya, the director.

We are currently developing downloadable content for the second “World’s Odyssey” game, “End to Odyssey”!
It’s only been released for Japan so far, so we’re working hard to release it worldwide. Please support us! ”

▼Mai Toyama

CV: Chiwa Saito
Admiring “Mizunashi Arata”, she ended up joining “Iris Company” where he worked.
An essential member of the development of “End to Odyssey”.
There is a parasitic alien being inside his body that affects people’s fate, but he is trying to suppress it.

“This is Mai Toyama. It’s not Higashiyama….

I’m a programmer at Iris.
Please don’t ask me about my father. Please ask about her sister. Thank you”

▼Yurisa Yamamura

CV: Yuki Kuwabara
A trainee doctor who passionately admires Ninomiya Shiina.
While he is busy, he also works part-time at Iris.
I have been participating as a debugger since the development of “World’s Odyssey”.
The popular character “Lily Hopes” in the work was originally blonde, but
The design was even changed based on Yurisa Yamamura.

While he sees Sayaka as his rival, he stands up to the world’s threats together with everyone else.

“My name is Yurisa Yamamura.I’m a medical trainee.
Currently being debugged at Iris.
The person I admire is Shina Ninomiya!
Please take care of Shina more than me! ”

▼Hinata Morikubo

CV: Miumi Tanaka
A somewhat well-known hacker in the underground world.
Ostensibly, it operates a database/fan site about idols and “World’s Odyssey.”
Currently, he is exclusively pursuing an actress named “Chloe Aaron.”

One day, he is asked to hack into Iris Corporation, and he readily accepts the request.

“It’s Morikubo Hinata!
When it comes to “World’s Odyssey”, leave it to Hinata’s strategy site!
Hacking is my hobby, or rather my job…Oh, I shouldn’t have said that! ? ”

▼Kaede Hizumi

CV: Marika Takano
The owner of Ogre.com, a mail order site used all over the world.
Despite his young age, he is full of business acumen and is based overseas to help run the site smoothly.
Her real name is hidden, and very few people know her true identity.
In the wake of a major incident that occurred at a department store, she becomes Sayaka’s reliable ally.

“This is Hizumi Kaede.
I am the owner of Ogre.com, the most famous mail order site in the world.
However, this is confidential information. Talented hawks and merchants hide their claws! ”

▼Svetlana Amou ~Svetlana Amou

CV: Chinami Hashimoto
A talented designer who runs his own clothing store overseas.
He also has a background in “World’s Odyssey” as a character costume designer.
In a far away foreign land, Sayaka comes to visit and they end up having a duel.

“I’m Svetlana Amou.
Lucille… is also the “person inside”…
Now I’m a clothing designer…and I have my own shop. Nice to meet you, everyone.”

▼Chloe Aaron

CV: Chiyo Tomaru
A woman born to a couple of world-famous actors.
She also aspired to be an actress and was successful. In recent years, she has often been active in Japan.
He visits Iris Corporation to collaborate on development, but he is liaising with a certain person and is plotting a dangerous plan.

“Chloe Aaron…she played Celica in the World’s Odyssey movie version.
People call me an idol actress… but that’s ridiculous…
Ah, I want to say goodbye to this kind of world. Together with Lena…”

▼Liliana Pinnata ~ Liliana Pinnata

CV: Mainaka Iwami
An executive candidate of the Afasis Church.
He is a passionate believer and an excellent person who correctly understands the teachings of the cult.
Following Mai, she visits Sagami City, the setting of the story.
Will she be able to hold on to her beliefs in the face of a crisis that threatens the entire world?

“Liliana Pinata.
nice to meet you. No, it’s been a while.
I am a member of the Aphasis church. We are performing an exorcism.
You demons who disrupt people’s destinies…I will not forgive you. So, about Mai-san…”

▼Rotten Dollhart ~Rotten Dollhart

CV: Asahina Maruka
A person with whom Mai Higashiyama was a child when she was taken to Romania due to her mother’s work, who is a painter.
At that time, we had become so close that we could call each other close friends, and the three of us, including Liliana, got along well.
She safely reunites with Sayaka Yamai and begins a new life. How will she deal with the turmoil that occurs there…

“Yes, yes! It’s Rotten Dollheart!
I would be happy if you could call me Lott♪
I’m in a very strange place right now.
I also want to introduce Mai-chan and Liliana-chan.
Oh, Lot is doing well, so don’t worry. Please give my regards to your mother as well.”

◆OP & ED information

■OP “Over my DEAD copy”
Song: Lunar Eclipse Meeting
Lyrics/Composition/Arrangement: Lunar Eclipse Meeting

■ED “Shion”
Song: Lunar Eclipse Meeting
Lyrics/Composition/Arrangement: Lunar Eclipse Meeting

lunar eclipse meeting
A music guild in the form of an unprecedented band, where all members are lyricists, composers, arrangers, and seasoned artists.
The skills and personalities of each person are brought together at a high level through the chemical reaction of “co-write.”
In addition to producing his own songs, he also undertakes music production and band support for artists and works.
The theme song for this work was created and sung by Kirin.

Lunar Eclipse Meeting official website

◆Bonus information

●Reservation benefits
■My favorite stamp is bloody
A blood splatter stamp that allows you to make your favorite character covered in blood by pressing the stamp.

●Special edition benefits

■Special BOX drawn by Kei Nanameda
A luxurious special BOX using original illustrations by Kei Nanameda.
■Death end re;Quest Code Z visual artwork
In addition to package illustrations and character information, this art book is full of treasured illustrations such as rough sketches.
■Death end re;Quest Code Z original soundtrack CD
An original soundtrack CD containing songs used in the main story by Lunar Eclipse Conference, Yuki Sugiura, and others.

●Death end BOX bonus

■Heroine screaming voice alarm clock
The main characters of this work are Sayaka Hiwatari (CV: Yoshino Aoyama), Shiina Ninomiya (CV: Hisako Tojo),
A special alarm clock that includes the screaming voice of Mai Higashiyama (CV: Chiwa Saito).
■Original drama CD “Derivative Death End: Code D”
Another event that happened behind the scenes…
It depicts the ultimate disaster that Hiwatari Sayaka gets involved in and the taboo ritual with Shiina (?).
■Death end Note Z
Contains carefully selected Death End visuals and detailed explanations by Shin Kesoin.
A special booklet that also includes the original novel of the drama CD “Derivative Death End: Code D”.

●Digital deluxe edition benefits
■Death end re;Quest Code Z digital artwork
In addition to package illustrations and character information, this art book is full of treasured illustrations such as rough sketches.
■Death end re;Quest Code Z digital soundtrack
An original soundtrack that includes songs used in the main story by Lunar Eclipse Meeting, Yuki Sugiura, and others.

◆Product information

[Title]Death end re;Quest Code Z
[Supported platforms]PlayStation®5, PlayStation®4, Nintendo Switch™
[Genre]Roguelike RPG
[CERO]“Z” (Only for those over 18 years old)
[Number of players]1 person
[Release date]Scheduled to be released on September 19, 2024
[Price]Regular version: 8,580 yen (tax included)
Special edition: 10,780 yen (tax included)
Death end BOX: 16,280 yen (tax included)
Download version: 8,580 yen (tax included)
Digital deluxe version: 10,780 yen (tax included)
[Official website]: https://www.compileheart.com/derqz/
[Compile Heart Official X (old: Twitter)]https://twitter.com/CompileHeartWeb
[Manufacturer]Compile Heart

“Death End”‘s latest work “Death end re;Quest Code Z” will be released on September 19th… CERO: Z will bring even more hopeless depiction of “Death End”

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