“D4DJ Groovy Mix Cover Tracks vol.9” from “D4DJ” is released today!


“D4DJ Groovy Mix Cover Tracks vol.9” from “D4DJ” is released today!
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“D4DJ” is a media mix project that brings you a completely new world of DJing through DJ live x anime x games.
The 9th cover album from the same work, which has released a wide range of cover songs, has already been decided to be released!

The 9th edition includes a total of 14 cover songs, including anime songs, vocaloid songs, and J-POP!
This is a work where you can fully enjoy the special arrangements created by D4DJ’s 8 units.

  • Product information

・Title: D4DJ Groovy Mix Cover Tracks vol.9
・Artists: Happy Around!, Peaky P-key, Photon Maiden, Merm4id, Rinbukyoku, Lyrical Lily, UniChØrd, Abyssmare
・Release date: Wednesday, April 24, 2024
・List price: ¥4,400 (tax included)

01. Extra Magic Hour/Happy Around!
02.Hitorigoto/Happy Around!
03.Give a reason/Peaky P-key
04.NO MORE CRY/Peaky P-key
05.irony/Photon Maiden
06.GETCHA!(Cover ver. 2023)/Photon Maiden
07.EXPOSE ‘Burn out!!!’/Merm4id
08. Your fault/Merm4id
09.Date A Live/Rin Dance
10. Flame/Rin Dance
11.Univerpage/Lyrical Lily
12.adrenaline!!!/Lyrical Lily
13. Happy Synthesizer/UniChØrd
14.Sixth Sense/Abyssmare

[First production limited edition bonus]
・D4DJ Groovy Mix Disc Skin Serial Code
(Expiration date: Until 23:59 on Wednesday, April 23, 2025)
・D4DJ Groovy Mix item serial code (sound pearl x 5)
(Expiration date: Until 23:59 on Wednesday, April 23, 2025)

Product Details:https://d4dj-pj.com/discography/post-125
CM video:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Qu9pJicffw

  • project overview

Media mix content “D4DJ” with the theme of “DJ”!
With the theme of “connecting”, we will deliver various forms such as anime, games, and live performances by voice actors.
We are currently disseminating a variety of music, including original songs by 8 units and 32 characters, and remix covers of famous songs.
Connecting many of the greatest songs of all time to the present, connecting people across gender and age, connecting characters to reality…
Now, let’s connect to the new world starting with D!

D4DJ official website:https://d4dj-pj.com/
D4DJ official Twitter:https://twitter.com/D4DJ_pj
D4DJ official YouTube channel:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNWWdKniJyzQA3RiJ5LMoVw
D4DJ official TikTok:https://www.tiktok.com/@d4dj_bmusic

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“D4DJ Groovy Mix Cover Tracks vol.9” from “D4DJ” is released today!

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“D4DJ Groovy Mix Cover Tracks vol.9” from “D4DJ” is released today!
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