CoroCoro Comic x Taiyo Sangyo casting experience ticket is a hometown tax return gift!


CoroCoro Comic x Taiyo Sangyo casting experience ticket is a hometown tax return gift!
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Taiyo Sangyo Co., Ltd. (Kuwana City, Mie Prefecture, Representative Director: Akihisa Kageyama), a member of the Kageyama Group, a manufacturing company, has collaborated with Shogakukan’s CoroCoro Comic to develop an experiential return gift for elementary school students that allows them to have fun and learn through hometown tax donations. We have started offering. On April 18, 2024, in conjunction with the announcement of this project, a PR event was held with the participation of the Mayor of Kuwana.


Return gift name

CoroCoro Comic x Taiyo Sangyo “Casting Experience Ticket”


・A course to learn about the history of casting and the castings around us

・CoroCoro Comic logo key chain casting experience

・Certificate of CoroCoro Comic Original Casting Meister awarded

Donation amount

10,000 yen


Taiyo Sangyo Co., Ltd.
Phone: 0594-22-6792

■How to donate

Donations are being accepted from April 17, 2023. You can apply for donations and return gifts from the reception site below.

Hometown Choice

Rakuten hometown tax


au PAY hometown tax

PR event scene

(From left: CoroCoro Comic Deputy Editor Koichi Kobayashi, Kuwana City Mayor Tokuo Ito, Taiyo Sangyo Representative Director Akihisa Kageyama)

PR event scene

(talk session)

PR event scene

(Elementary school students actually experience casting)

PR event scene

PR event scene

(CoroCoro Comic Original Casting Meister Certificate that you can get by having a casting experience)

Keychains created through casting experience

[About the casting experience workshop “CASTER HOME”]

A project was set up within Taiyo Sangyo, centered around young employees who will lead the next generation, and the workshop was completed over two years. The team members named the workshop “CASTER HOME” because it was a place to learn about casting, a place where there were people involved in casting, and a place where people could feel close to casting. I did.

We wanted to get rid of the image of the foundry industry, which is sometimes called 3K, so we created a stylish space with a “vintage & luxury” theme in our experience workshop. After enjoying casting in a stylish space, you can also enjoy a commemorative photo in front of the chalk art. You can experience authentic casting by making a sand mold and pouring molten tin into the mold.

After opening in June 2023, not only people from the local area but also people from all over the Kansai and Tokai regions came to experience casting, and we were able to contribute not only to promoting the appeal of the industry but also as a tourist hub for the region. We also provide learning opportunities for local residents, such as accepting local elementary school students on company tours, participating in corporate new employee training programs, and other tourism events in the city. We have released this program in order to further promote local contribution and educational support as a company.

[Protecting the culture of “Kwana Casting” through industrial tourism]

Kuwana Casting has a history of 400 years, with its roots in the manufacture of guns by Tadakatsu Honda, the first lord of the Kuwana Domain. As Taiyo Sangyo, which has been making water supply materials from castings in Kuwana City for over 60 years, we wanted to keep that culture alive, so we created Caster Home as a place where you can easily experience casting.

Through Caster Home, we would like to help invigorate the local culture by visiting Kuwana, experiencing casting, and learning about “Kwana Casting.”

[Taiyo Sangyo Co., Ltd. Company Profile]

Purpose: Enriching people’s lives through castings

Company name: Taiyo Sangyo Co., Ltd.

Address: 6-1833-1 Yasunaga, Kuwana City, Mie Prefecture 511-0839

Established: January 1963

Representative Director: Akihisa Kageyama

Business details: Development/contract manufacturing/sales of water and sewage materials and industrial machinery parts made of cast iron, and cationic electrodeposition coating.


【group company】

Kageyama Iron Works Co., Ltd.

Daiichi Metal Industry Co., Ltd.

Takara Sangyo Co., Ltd.

Koide Foundry Co., Ltd.

Anthetic Co., Ltd.

Experience workshop interior

Experience workshop exterior

[About reservations]

The key chain you will make during the experience will be made of tin.

*Reservations required. Once you have received your tax refund ticket, please complete the reservation process.

For reservations, please apply from the website below.

Please enter “CoroCoro Comic” in the notes section. If there are people accompanying you who will not participate in the experience, please enter their number as well. We are also accepting applications for regular experiences at any time.

[Contact information regarding this matter]

Taiyo Sangyo Co., Ltd. Public Relations: Suzuki

Tel: 0594-22-6792 Fax: 0594-21-5405

(Reception hours weekdays 8:00~16:50)

CoroCoro Comic x Taiyo Sangyo casting experience ticket is a hometown tax return gift!

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CoroCoro Comic x Taiyo Sangyo casting experience ticket is a hometown tax return gift!
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