Aventurine’s mysterious hole is heating up on social media – Is it true that people with imaginary attributes tend to open up their chests? “Collapse: Star Rail” I investigated the chest of all playable adult males


Aventurine’s mysterious hole is heating up on social media – Is it true that people with imaginary attributes tend to open up their chests? “Collapse: Star Rail” I investigated the chest of all playable adult males
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*This article contains spoilers, spoilers, and exciting content up to “Collapse: Star Rail” Ver. 2.1. Please be careful when viewing.

Space fantasy RPG “Collapse: Star Rail” for smartphones, PCs, and PS5 is a popular title operated by HoYoverse that has achieved 100 million downloads worldwide.

At the time of writing (April 28, 2024), the story is set in the dream land “Pinocony”, and depicts an uncertain future in which all the factions of each destiny gather together.

Among the characters appearing in Pinocony, one that is particularly popular is Aventurine, a high-ranking executive of the Star Peace Company’s Strategic Investment Department, Ten Stone Heart.

In Ver. 2.1 “Run into the Abyss”, he plays an active role as the main character, and many pioneers (general term for players) will say, “I thought he was a shady character at first, but I grew to like him.” Its popularity is not limited to games, and the magazine “anan” not only features it on the cover, but also features a long interview with Aventurine herself.

The passionate gazes of the pioneers are not only directed at Aventurine himself, but also at the mysterious hole in the chest of his costume. ” is also being rumored.

However, as a player, I felt that “other men’s chests should be open as well,” so as part of this Golden Week project, we created a playable adult male character for “Collapse: Star Rail” (*This game does not explicitly state the age of the character. (This means that they are not treated as juveniles because they are not treated as juveniles.) We examined everyone’s chest and summarized their actual situation in a table. I would appreciate it if you could join me.

◆What does the playable adult male’s chest look like in “Collapse: Star Rail”?
Here is the table as of Ver.2.1, which I researched by looking at the game screen thoroughly. The names are arranged so that the implementation is newer as you go down, but what I learned is summarized below.

The result was that 7 out of 14 people (calculated based on 1 main character with different performance) had their chests open.
It’s true that male characters with imaginary attributes tend to have open chests.
Male characters with wind attributes also tend to open up.
Fate seems to have nothing to do with it (two people are both destroyed and empty, but it’s difficult to judge so I look forward to the future)
As time has passed since the service started, characters with open chests have been introduced.
Since the arrival of Pinocony, there are no playable male characters with their chests closed.

Now, let’s take a look at the seven people whose chests were open.

Sampo is a merchant who belongs to the “Masked Fools” faction that worships the star god “Ach” of joy, and he is a person whose shady concept comes to life in his clothes.

There are victims of fraud all over the place, and he is the kind of character who makes you wonder why he is a playable companion, but he plays an active role that stirs up the board at key points in the story (in many cases, the match is the cause of the trouble in the first place). He is also a person who can’t be hated because of his “Ponch-like presence”.

For some reason, Sampo’s shirt has a lightning bolt-shaped cut from the neck, and his chest is peeking through the gap. However, there are not many images where the opening of the chest area is actively mentioned, perhaps because “it can be hidden depending on the angle” or “the waist is more exposed than the chest.”

“Bai”, a member of the Star Core Hunter, affectionately known as “Bai-chan”, is also one of the characters with an open chest. At first glance, it doesn’t look like it’s open, but if you look closely, you can see a glimpse of the bandaged chest while protecting the neck, giving it a sense of elegance. However, since he has been wearing the same costume since “Osei”, which is the past of the blade, this chillism does not seem to be Kafka or Ginro’s hobby.

Also, considering the design of Kagemoto’s clothes that are loosely open at the neck but have a firm guard on the chest, this can also be said to be an element that clearly shows the contrast between these five knights above the clouds (?)

Luka is a young martial artist with a prosthetic arm, a member of the Jien group active in the lower reaches of Beroburg, and a boxing champion. Unlike other characters, he doesn’t have a hole in his chest, but because his tank top has a loose collar, about half of his well-toned pectoral muscles are exposed. There are some torn marks on his jacket that may have been caused by harsh days of fighting, but fortunately his innerwear is intact, so I felt relieved.

However, when I turned around, my bare back was mysteriously visible through the gap in my jacket. He is a character that you should pay attention to, including the mysterious structure of his clothes.

■Tangou/Drinking Moon
The original form that was hidden by the Seikyu Train member “Tanko” is “Tanko/Dakezuki”, and he has a large diamond-shaped hole in his chest.

In his previous life, the Drinking Moon Lord, Tan Kaede, caused the “Drinking Moon Rebellion,” so even after his reincarnation, Danko was imprisoned as a great sinner. In the official video of the cone of light “What Shines Brighter than the Sun”, which depicts the situation at that time, the chest area is zoomed in for some reason, asking questions such as “Why do you close up your chest?” and “Is it possible that the area around the hole in the chest is torn in the first place?” ” and other reactions have been observed.

I thought for a moment that it was an influence from a previous life, but since Tanfu is wearing a kimono, it is unclear why there was a hole in the chest of her costume. Perhaps it represents the sense of freedom that comes from breaking free from the curse of fate after the story of the Senshu “Rabu”.

Dr. Ratio is a scholar of the “Lerudite Society” who calls himself an “ordinary person” and is a person who strives to spread knowledge throughout the universe in order to cure the disease known as stupidity. He stands out for his arrogance and reckless behavior, but compared to “geniuses” like Herta and Luan Mei, he is a character characterized by a strong sense of humanity and a “decent personality” in a good sense.

His relationship with Aventurine depicted in the scenario is also strong, and he can be said to be one of the important characters in the Pinocony arc.

In addition to taking a bath in the character PV, he also has the song “Dr. Reishio’s Metaphysical Bathing Theory” that was released at the officially recognized doujin event “HoYoFair2024”, showing off the physical beauty of not only his chest but his whole body. Because of this, it may be the same as him not being exposed in his casual clothes.

Gallagher is the sheriff and bartender of the Hound family, who maintains public order in Pinocony. He is a scruffy-looking middle-aged man whose languid demeanor gives the impression of being lazy at work.

As you can see, his shirt is so tight that it’s about to burst, and although it’s hidden by his tie, there’s a gap in his chest. This has led to reactions such as, “Please wear clothes one size larger,” and “My chest muscles are too voluptuous,” because I am on the path to fertility.

However, in the latest Ver. 2.1 story, he says his age is “13 years old” and calls himself an old dog, and even more important details regarding him in the Pinocony arc were also disclosed. As a player, I honestly feel like I don’t understand him anymore, so while I’m looking forward to seeing him appear in future scenarios, I’d like to pay attention to how old he actually is.

Aventurine is the reason I decided to write this article. It probably symbolizes Aventurine’s trademark “spade”, but why on the chest…? Perhaps due to this confusion, some people are saying on SNS that he is not able to protect his chest, comparing it to the fate he is walking in.

As depicted in the story, he tends to bet his own life first due to past trauma and has a certain desire for destruction, but this mysterious hole also has a meaning as a gambler. I think…maybe.

This time I focused only on the “chest”, but the reason why the characters in this work are mentioned by so many people is not just because of their excellent visuals. Naturally, a well-thought-out design is an element that supports its popularity, but this is only possible if it has a foundation that is rooted in the characters’ roles in the story and the relationships between the characters. With the 1st anniversary on April 26th and the update of Ver. 2.2 “Tears After Awakening” scheduled for May 8th, we would like to keep an eye on “Collapse: Star Rail” which will be even more exciting. is not it.

By the way, although it is not playable, the gentleman “Screwgum” who is a member of the Genius Club also opens his chest. If he were to be implemented in the future, it might be fun to think about what attributes he would have.


Aventurine’s mysterious hole is heating up on social media – Is it true that people with imaginary attributes tend to open up their chests? “Collapse: Star Rail” I investigated the chest of all playable adult males

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