“Arknights” new operator Viviana is finally implemented!Summary of “Spring Great Thanksgiving” full of new information such as the long-awaited continuous automatic command and KFC collaboration


“Arknights” new operator Viviana is finally implemented!Summary of “Spring Great Thanksgiving” full of new information such as the long-awaited continuous automatic command and KFC collaboration
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Yostar broadcast the official program for smartphone tower defense “Arknights” titled “Arknights Official Live Broadcast ~2024 Spring Thanksgiving Special~” on April 23rd (Tuesday).

In this broadcast, new operators, a wealth of update information, and various non-game information were released, including the event side story “Zwillingturm’s Gold” with a music theme.

This article provides a summary of the contents of those presentations.

◆“Zwillingturm Gold” will be held
The event side story “The Gold of Zwillingturm” will be held from 4:00 PM on April 30th to 3:59 PM on May 21st. In this event, you can earn “Memories of Tuning” as a reward for clearing stages and completing missions. You can obtain various items in exchange for “Tune Memories” at the “Harvest Moon Concert” exchange. Please note that you must clear the main story “1-10” in order to participate.

In addition, if you meet certain conditions during the event period, you will be able to obtain the medal series “Zwillingturm Gold”.

Pay attention to the medal, which features two towers side by side and a meaningful design.

In addition, a stamp rally “Aiming for the heights of the twin towers” will be held during the event period, where you can earn rewards by logging in. The reward for the 4th day is the active interior “Towards the Far Heights”, and the reward for the 8th day is the special outfit for the character “Meteor”, “In the Forest of Staricitron”.

Additionally, once a day during the period, you can conduct a “business negotiation” where you can earn composite balls depending on the results. On DAYs 1 to 3, the industries for business negotiations vary depending on the period, such as “Biotech”, and if you can negotiate with all industries, you can receive 500 synthetic balls as a special development subsidy. If you use the “negotiation strategy,” where you choose one strategy from four types before a business meeting, the outcome will change depending on your choice.

◆New gimmicks and missions will be introduced at the event
In “Zwillingturm’s Gold,” where music is the key, a new gimmick will appear in which enemies attack in time with the music. Also, during battle, BGM for this event will be played instead of the normal BGM.

In toned-up songs, enemies are strengthened and their attack and movement speed are greatly increased. On the other hand, the defense power decreases. On the other hand, when the music is toned down, attack and movement speed decrease slightly, but attack power increases significantly. Some enemies may resonate with the tone of the song and use special abilities.

A “tuner” will be placed on the battlefield as a gimmick that allows you to control these tones. The Tuner can be controlled by attacking it a certain number of times, and can be used to tune a wide area to prevent the enemy from gaining an advantage. Increases the attack power and attack speed of allied operators by toning them up or down.

In addition, some tuners are equipped with defensive arts that can nullify the damage received, and by using them, it is possible to prevent attacks from a distance.

In addition, an investigation mission called “Inquiry into the state of mind” has appeared, where you can earn rewards by investigating incidents that occur. In order to get a story from someone involved in the case, you need to play the music “Key Melody”, which is the theme of this event, and read the other person’s state of mind.

You can also compose your own “Key Melody”, and use the notes that are dropped as rewards for clearing event stages to combine various types of melodies and utilize them in your investigation.

◆Event reward operator “Lessing” appears
In this event, you will be able to obtain a new operator “Lessing (CV: Yuma Uchida)” for “examining your state of mind”. A vanguard operator who has the ability to increase attack power for a certain period of time when receiving damage, and reduce damage taken when blocking.

◆Three new operators have been picked up for Limited Scout “Long Desire”!
Limited Scout “Long Desire” will be held from 4:00 PM on April 30th to 3:59 PM on May 21st. During the period, you can scout for free once a day with the limited scout “Long Desire”, and the “Spring Great Thanksgiving Scout Campaign” will also be held at the same time, where you can get a special scout ticket.

In addition, new operators to be picked up, “★5 Baseline (CV: Aki Kaneda)”, “★6 Viviana (CV: M・A・O)”, and “★6 Virtuosa (CV: Aya Endo)” have been implemented.

“Baseline” is a heavy armor that has an HP recovery skill as a characteristic, and its talent increases magic resistance if there are allies within 8 squares. This is the first time that a heavily armored character that provides a barrier to the operator is used in this work.

“Viviana” is an avant-garde type magic warrior who has the ability to increase the damage dealt by magic and reduce the damage received from physical and magic attacks. His second ability is a shield that negates one melee attack when attacking an enemy’s “elite” or “boss”, and the more damage it does to the enemy, the more effective it becomes.

■ Virtuosa
“Virtuosa” is an auxiliary type operator that inflicts the debuff “necrotic damage” every second. It also has a stopping ability that can reduce movement speed by 80%, making it excellent for supporting attackers.

Additionally, enemies within Virtuosa’s attack range will receive increased necrotic damage.

◆Value packs available for a limited time only
In commemoration of “Spring Thanksgiving 2024″, great value packs will be on sale from 4:00 PM on April 30th to 3:59 PM on May 28th. The lineup includes “Auxiliary Training Pack”, “Vanguard Training Pack”, “Lord Duck’s Coin Purse”, “Virtuosa’s Bag”, “Special Training Pack”, “Advanced Special Training Pack”, “Promotional Training Pack”, “Advanced Promotional Training Pack”, and “Thanksgiving Day”. “Concert Pack” etc.

In addition, two types of “ID information update packs” will be available for doctors who want to change their IDs between April 30th and October 30th: free and paid packs.

◆New coordination sales & reprint of operators and furniture decided
New and reprinted outfits will be on sale from 4:00 p.m. on April 30th to 3:59 p.m. on May 28th.

In addition, it has been decided that three limited ★6 operators will be reprinted.

In addition, reprints of the furniture themes “Twilight Musical Instrument Store,” “Ludwig University Auditorium,” and the home screen background “Ceremony” were also announced.

◆Many new operators added!
Three new operators will be added to the list of open job opening operators: ★5 Flint, ★6 Eunectes, and ★4 Acid Drop.

In addition, the new operators that can be hired by exchanging a designated contract at the Purchase Qualification Certificate Exchange are the wheel archer “★4 Caper (CV. Miharu Hanai)” and the original magician “★5 Diamante (Daichi Kanbara)”. If you adopt both of them, you will receive one medal, and if you adopt each of them and strengthen their potential to the MAX, you will receive more medals.

◆Many new elements implemented in the update
From April 30th, new “Memoirs/Paradoxical Operations” and “Dedicated Module” will be implemented. In addition, all stages of “Extermination Exercise” will be released from May 6th to June 3rd, and from May 6th to July 15th, the reward furniture “Victoria’s Reverberations (Wilderness)” will be available. Added annihilation quest “Rotten Wasteland”. The monthly updates for “The Explorer and the End of Silver Ice” were also announced.

In addition, the long-awaited “continuous automatic command” function will finally be implemented. This function allows automatic command to be performed up to six times in a row with one use. If you have enough rationality, it is a very convenient function that will automatically command you as long as you have the app open.

It was announced that the renewed “Crisis Contract” will be held in early June.

◆KFC collaboration details announced! Held from May 16th
In this live broadcast, details of the collaboration with Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), which had been announced previously, were announced. From May 16th to June 6th, a special collaboration menu that includes collaboration-exclusive coordination and furniture will be sold through “KFC Online Order” available from the KFC official website or app.

If you order the collaboration menu “Exia’s No Party, No Life Set” or “Croissant’s Yes! Wow, I want to eat them all! Set”, you will receive a special outfit for the corresponding character who orders “Twister Party at the Base! Set”. Then you will receive the furniture “Popular chain store KFC”. In addition, during the collaboration period, you can earn rewards according to the cumulative number of “KFC points” that you can earn by completing various missions in the game.

To commemorate the collaboration, a special live broadcast that you can watch while eating KFC will be broadcast from 8pm on May 18th, so don’t miss it.

In addition, a total of 8 types of collaboration goods will be sold, including a “lunch-sized mini tote,” “container,” “tapestry,” “acrylic stand,” and “nameplate-style acrylic badge.” Goods will be on sale at the Yostar official shop from 10:00 a.m. on May 16th to 11:59 p.m. on June 6th.

■KFC collaboration goods lineup
◆POP UP SHOP will be held at Marui!
“Arknights POP UP SHOP in Marui” will be held at Namba Marui from April 26th to May 5th, and at Shinjuku Marui from May 17th to May 26th. This shop sells a variety of goods with “shopping ver.” illustrations of operators enjoying shopping, as well as chic goods with large Rhodes logos.

The characters depicted on the goods announced this time are exclusive to Namba Marui. The merchandise design for Shinjuku Marui will be announced on April 25th, so stay tuned for more information.

■Goods lineup
◆Various goods and distribution information
In terms of goods information, U-Treasure has announced the 5th Arknights Motif Necklace. The lineup consists of “Lappland”, “Kelsey”, and “Mrinal”, and reservations are being accepted from 12:00 on April 24th to 11:59 pm on May 24th.

Additionally, until May 29th, reservations for “Operation Nui”, which are stuffed animals of “Arknights” operators, are being accepted at anime shops nationwide such as Yostar’s official shop and AmiAmi’s official online shop.

A campaign will be held from April 23rd to May 15th where you can win “Ope Nui” by following the AmiAmi Product Planning Department’s X account and reposting the corresponding post, so please apply. .

In addition, distribution information has announced that LINE stamps “Spring Great Thanksgiving 2024” are scheduled to go on sale from May 2nd.

In addition, new songs from “Arknights” are now being distributed at the karaoke “JOYSOUND”.

◆“Thanks Party Spring 2024” mail order will be implemented
“Thanks Party Spring 2024” goods will be available for purchase at the Yostar official shop from 17:00 on April 30th to 23:59 on May 21st.

If you purchase “MONSTERSIREN Illustration Collection Book VOL.1”, which is a collection of illustrations published on “Arknights” Youtube, you will receive special benefits, and many items such as sticky memo pads with LINE stamp designs will be on sale. Furthermore, the release of VOL.2 of “Arknights Art Setting Materials” has been decided, and the cover has been released.

■Goods lineup
◆Live broadcast commemorative gift
To commemorate this live broadcast, you will receive an item pack as a gift. The contents are “Synthetic ball x 600”, “Intermediate source rock x 5”, “RMA70-12 x 5”, and “Whetstone x 5”.

“Arknights” new operator Viviana is finally implemented!Summary of “Spring Great Thanksgiving” full of new information such as the long-awaited continuous automatic command and KFC collaboration

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