Anime film The Colors Within will debut internationally


Anime film The Colors Within will debut internationally
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A GKIDS and the Anime Ltd. announced that they have acquired the rights to distribute the anime film internationally The Colors Within (Kiminoiro).

As we previously reported, this is an anime film from the animation studio Science SARU and the director Naoko Yamada (K-ON!, The Heike Story, A Silent Voice) which will premiere on August 30, 2024.

Furthermore, it was revealed that The Colors Within will have its world premiere at Annecy International Animation Film Festivalwhich will take place from June 9th to 15th, 2024, in Annecy, France.

A GKIDS will distribute the film in North America, Latin America, Australia and New Zealand, while Anime Ltd. will distribute the film in the United Kingdom, Ireland and Europe, PLAION PICTURES will be responsible for launching in Italian and German languages.

In the cast we have:

  • Sayu Suzukawa as Totsuko Higurashi, a young woman who can see other people’s color but not her own.
  • Akari Takaishi as Kimi Sakunaga, a young woman who cannot tell her family that she dropped out of school
  • Taisei Kido as Rui Kagehira, a boy who secretly pursues a music career, but his mother expects him to be a doctor

With animation by the studio Science SARUthe direction is Naoko Yamada (K-ON!, The Heike Story, A Silent Voice), the story is by Reiko Yoshida (K-ON!, Girls und Panzer, Ride Your Wave, Violet Evergarden) and the music is the responsibility of Kensuke ushio (Space Dandy, A Silent Voice, Liz and the Blue Bird, Chainsaw Man).

Kimi no Iro anime visual 2

In the description of The Colors Within (Kiminoiro) we can read:

The story unfolds around Totsuko, a student who can see the “colors” of emotions in people’s hearts. She attends a missionary school in Nagasaki. To prevent her friends and family from having dark feelings, she worries, reads situations and even lies to make things better. In an antique bookstore on the corner of town, she meets a beautiful woman with an incredibly beautiful complexion and a music-loving boy trying to start a band. The story follows these three sensitive people who come together to play in a band.

Yamada was a veteran director in several works at the Kyoto Animationbefore leaving the studio and moving to the Science SARU as director in 2021. There she directed The Heike Storyher first work with the studio, which premiered in September 2021. She directed her second project with the studio, an original anime film titled Garden of Remembrance in 2022, and presented the film’s world premiere at the Scotland Loves Anime event in October this year.

At Kyoto Animationshe directed some of the studio’s most iconic works, including K-ON!, The Silent Voice, Liz and the Blue Bird, Tamako Market It is Tamako Love Story. She was also the director of the series Sound! Euphonium.

Anime film The Colors Within will debut internationally

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Anime film The Colors Within will debut internationally

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