Anime Awards Brasil enters its final week of voting


Anime Awards Brasil enters its final week of voting
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O Anime Awards Brazil is the biggest Brazilian anime award, produced by the Anime Crazies collective since 2019, annually bringing together the top content creators It is specialized websites from the Japanese pop culture scene in Brazil to honor and reward the great anime highlights, officially shown nationally.

The vote that will award the anime that premiered and were shown during the year 2023 has entered its last week and the public will be able to vote on the award until next Friday (May 24). The winners will be announced at a special ceremony on a date to be revealed later on the official awards channels.

In this 6th edition, the trio of presenters from last year, composed Tati Mafort It is Moo from the channel KIMOTI It is Leo Kitsunegains reinforcement with the arrival of Thais Hernwhich recently stood out for presenting the Bentô da CCXP23.


The first news of the awards for this year is about the categories of Dubbing. Now they will be completely decided by the public – both the winners and the nominees.

A form will soon be made available for fans to nominate their favorite voice actors to compete for the award in the following categories:

  • FAVORITE DUBBED ANIMEwhich awards the anime that was highlighted in 2023 to the public throughout its production, involving direction, casting, mixing, etc.
  • PERFORMANCE IN FAVORITE DUBBINGwhich pays homage to the public's favorite Brazilian voice from last year.
  • FAVORITE ORIGINAL VOICE PERFORMANCEwhich pays homage to the original voices of the works in Japanese that most captivated the Brazilian public in the last year.

The change occurred so that both original voice and Brazilian dubbing artists, as well as their dedicated fans, are included in a great tribute to the art of dubbing and living voice, so important and striking in anime.


Announced in last year's edition, we will have the debut of the new category POWER OF FRIENDSHIP, created to celebrate both the anime friendships that inspire us and real-life friendships. It is a way that the event's production team chose to honor and thank all its partners and collaborators.

With this, the Anime Awards Brasil 2024 will feature 32 categorieswhich cover technical themes, genres, characters, manga, dubbing and musical talent.

Check out the full list of categories below:

    • Power of Friendship
      The friends who most moved the public in 2023
    • Best Action
      The shooting, hitting and bomb animes that took your breath away!
    • Best Drama
      Huge doses of emotion, reflection and… a few tears.
    • Best Comedy
      Comic anime that brought a good laugh!
    • Best Romance
      Animes that made you sigh and think “Love is in the air!”
    • Best Continuation
      Favorite anime sequels of the year.
    • Best Protagonist
      Favorite main characters of the year!
    • Best Antagonist
      The year's favorite villains and opponents!
    • Best Supporting Role
      Supporting secondary characters that stole the show!
    • Best Female Character
      Favorite female characters of the year!
    • Best Male Character
      Favorite male characters of the year!
    • Best Musical Talent
      Anisongs musical artists who stood out the most this year!
    • Best Opening
      The balance between music and visuals of the year's favorite opening.
    • Best Closing
      The balance between music and visuals of the year's favorite ending.
  • Best Animation
    The best performance in 2D animation techniques.
  • Best CGI
    The best performance in computer graphics effects.
  • Best Soundtrack
    The best application and reproduction of sound and musical effects.
  • Best Direction
    Directors whose preparation and execution of projects were highlighted.
  • Best Original Screenplay
    Screenwriters whose original plots were featured.
  • Best Adapted Screenplay
    Screenwriters whose adaptation work stood out.
  • Best Storyboard
    The best scene construction with creativity in visual and narrative communication.
  • Best Character Design
    The biggest highlights in creativity, functionality and expressiveness of characters.
  • Favorite Original Voice Performance
    Professionals highlighted in Japanese dubbing of the year!
  • Performance in Favorite Brazilian Dubbing
    Highlighted professionals in Brazilian dubbing of the year!
  • Favorite Dubbed Anime
    Highlights of the Brazilian dubbing teams of the year!
  • Best Anime Film
    The best anime feature films released this year!
  • Best Winter Anime
    The animes that marked the Winter Season.
  • Best Spring Anime
    The animes that marked the Spring Season.
  • Best Summer Anime
    The animes that marked the Summer Season.
  • Best Fall Anime
    The animes that marked the Autumn Season.
  • Best Manga released in Brazil
    Your favorite manga releases of 2023!
  • Anime of the Year
    The anime that marked the year and otaku hearts.

Anime Awards Brasil enters its final week of voting

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Anime Awards Brasil enters its final week of voting

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