Analyzing the “follower” ratio and “spending power” of the popular STARTO “Ae! Group” – April 2024 entertainment brand survey results


Analyzing the “follower” ratio and “spending power” of the popular STARTO “Ae! Group” – April 2024 entertainment brand survey results
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Which entertainment brand has the highest overall value created by core fans, or “favorite fans,” across media? GEM Partners Co., Ltd. (GEM Partners, Location: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Fumi Umetsu), which provides data and digital marketing services for the entertainment industry, has developed a product that supports the maximization of entertainment business.Oshi entertainment brand scope” conducted a monthly survey. We have calculated the “GEM Index”, an index that measures the overall value of entertainment brands, to answer this question. This time, using the latest survey results from April 2024, we have revealed the entertainment brands with high overall value based on their “favorite fans.”

*The “Popular Entertainment Brand Scope” conducts a monthly survey of 30,000 people aged 15 to 69 living across the country regarding the “entertainment brands they currently recommend.” Instead of having to choose from a pre-specified list of answers, the respondents were asked to answer in a free-answer format, and the “Entertainment Content Dictionary” developed by GEM Partners was used to identify names (the information entered by the respondents was examined and the same content was indicated). We are currently conducting aggregation work to integrate responses.

[GEM index ranking TOP20]
“YouTube” ranked first in the GEM index ranking in April

“Oshi Entertainment Brand Scope” calculates the “GEM Index”, a comprehensive index that measures the value of entertainment brands, based on the breadth (number of fans) and depth (degree of involvement measured by spending amount and number of days of contact) of content fans in the market. doing. The top 20 rankings of the “GEM Index” for April 2024 are marked in red below.

The first place was won by “YouTube”. The “GEM Index” increased by 1,332 GEM from 5,495 GEM (4th place) as of March to 6,827 GEM, moving up to 1st place. As you can see from the rapidly increasing rankings described below,YouTube‘ has raised the GEM Index due to an increase in the number of fans from March to April and an increase in the number of contact days, which indicates the total amount of time spent by fans. 『YouTubeLooking at the “brand elements” (grouped under “YouTube”) linked to the entertainment brand of “, the number of items “watch[investment/business/money-related]on YouTube” has increased compared to March. Therefore, it is possible that they watched the video or researched it in response to the stock market’s upsurge and the spread of the new NISA up to the time of the survey (April 13).

[GEM Index Rising Ranking TOP 10]
“Detective Conan” rises to the top from last month

The “GEM Index” rapid increase ranking from the previous month is as follows. 1st place is “Detective Conan‘ has been acquired. The movie version of “Detective Conan: The Million Dollar Star” was released on April 12th (Friday), the day before the investigation, and became a huge hit. As a result, the “Number of recommended fans”, “Amount spent”, and “Number of contact days” all increased, leading to a significant rise in the “GEM Index”.

“Aee! Group”’s “spending amount” increased to nearly double the group’s highest value

In the TOP 10 of “GEM Index” rapidly rising rankings, there are idol groups such as “Sakurazaka46” “Aee! Group” “TWICE” 3 groups were ranked. In each case, the increase in “expenditure amount” is a major factor, but “Sakurazaka46” “TWICE‘ was within the range of monthly fluctuations.

on the other hand,”Aee! Group‘s spending in April was nearly double the highest amount ever recorded by the group, a remarkable move. 『Aee! Group‘ held a solo dome performance (Kyocera Dome Osaka) on March 16th and 17th, which is unusual for a junior who has not yet made his CD debut, and it is thought that Oshi fans’ desire to spend has increased accordingly. Masu. Furthermore, looking at contacts over the past month, there has been an increase in “live concerts” and “purchases of DVDs and Blu-rays,” indicating that there are also movements in related consumption.

Consumer confidence tends to increase when the “follower ratio” is high, and “Ae! Group” ranks high among them

Below is a map of the entertainment brands that respondents said they liked as a talent, with the horizontal axis representing the “follower percentage” *1 *2 and the vertical axis representing the “maximum allowable monthly spending amount” *2.

*1: “Percentage of believers” is the percentage of people who answered “It’s part of my life/I’m a believer” when asked about the fan level of the relevant entertainment brand on a 5-scale scale.
*2: Average value for the most recent year

The overall trend is that as the “follower ratio” (horizontal axis) of “favorite fans” increases, the “maximum allowable monthly spending amount” (vertical axis) also increases, and increasing the “follower ratio” increases the number of fans. We can see that this is important for expanding consumer confidence. 『Aee! Group” has a higher percentage of believers than the average value. Also, the red line represents the trend line.Aee! Group” is located above that, indicating that these fans have a particularly high consumer desire.

“, who debuted earlier in the same Kansai Juniornaniwa boys” is located at the average. “Number of recommended fans (bubble size)” is “naniwa boys”, but “Aee! Group” can be said to be supported by a much stronger fan base. 『Aee! GroupIt has been announced that the CD will debut in May at the Dome concert, so the future movements of the fans will be interesting to watch.

In this way, “Oshi Entertainment Brand Scope” allows detailed analysis of “entertainment brands” that have been trending in chronological order, as well as analysis and suggestions of characteristics from a bird’s-eye view of the whole.

■Company overview

Company name: GEM Partners Co., Ltd.

Established: March 17, 2008

Representative Director: Aya Umezu

Business content: Everything related to the following in the entertainment business field (marketing strategy planning and execution monitoring/digital marketing execution/media planning and management)

corporate site:

GEM Standard:

■Contact information regarding this matter

GEM Partners Co., Ltd.

Person in charge: Kasai

Phone: 03-6826-0185

Email address:

Analyzing the “follower” ratio and “spending power” of the popular STARTO “Ae! Group” – April 2024 entertainment brand survey results

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Analyzing the “follower” ratio and “spending power” of the popular STARTO “Ae! Group” – April 2024 entertainment brand survey results
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