“Xbox Games Showcase” & “(REDACTED) Direct” will be released as a double feature in June!


“Xbox Games Showcase” & “(REDACTED) Direct” will be released as a double feature in June!
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We are now in May of 2024.In the midst of Golden Weekis not it.
This yearUp to 10 consecutive holidaysHowever, it is only for people who can take the middle of the day off. If you follow the calendar, many people probably have a schedule of 3 days off, 3 days of work, and 4 days off again.
Wednesday, May 1, 2024, at the time of writing this article, is also a weekday, so some people may be at work.Let’s keep up good work···.
If you’re working while someone else is on a 10-day holiday, you’re going to get a little nervous, so there’s something you can do to keep yourself calm.I need fun in the futureis.
For us gamers, that meansgame topicsThat’s it!
In June, the long-awaited “Xbox Games Showcase” and one moreDelivery of secret contenthas been decided!

Delivered as a two-part feature on June 10th at 2am Japan time!

Click here for images of “Xbox Games Showcase” & “(REDACT…”) >>

Xbox Games Showcase“and”■■■■Direct” ((REDACTED) Direct)Japan time Monday, June 10, 2024 2:00It has been decided that it will be distributed more! It’s 2am on Monday, so it’s late Sunday night.
The familiar “Xbox Games Showcase” will reveal the latest information on titles released on Xbox.
This timeActivision, Blizzard, Bethesda, Xbox Game Studios,andpartnerWe are planning to announce the latest information!
Recently, information on the latest titles from Japanese manufacturers is often revealed for the first time at the Xbox Games Showcase, so we can’t wait to see what information will be revealed!
and! Another one in a row at “Xbox Games Showcase”! “■■■■Direct” ((REDACTED) Direct) will be distributed!
The title of “Direct” has been kept secret, but it seems like it will spotlight the latest installment of the series that everyone loves so much.
From the images released along with the announcement of this distribution, on SNS,There is a lot of speculation going around.But…the only way to find out the truth is to watch the broadcast!
“Xbox Games Showcase” and “■■■■Direct” ((REDACTED) Direct)

  • YouTube.com/Xbox
  • Twitch.tv/Xbox
  • Twitch.tv/XboxASL
  • Facebook.com/Xbox

You can watch it in various ways, including!
Supports over 30 languages ​​including American Sign Language (ASL) and English Audio Description (EAD)Therefore, many game fans around the world can enjoy it.
Also, in conjunction with the distribution, at the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures in Los Angeles,We have also decided to hold a premiere viewing event!
Xbox FanFest membersIf so, you can enter a lottery to win a free invitation to the local venue from the official website.
Please check the application conditions and take your chance to apply if you are there or can go on the day!
Check out Xbox Wire for more details!

© 2023 Microsoft

“Xbox Games Showcase” & “(REDACTED) Direct” will be released as a double feature in June!

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