“Wish” Special video full of Disney trivia including hidden Mickeys!


“Wish” Special video full of Disney trivia including hidden Mickeys!
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To commemorate the release of “Wish” MovieNEX on Wednesday, April 24, 2024, a portion of the bonus content “Discover! Disney Trivia” featuring popular characters has been released.

“Wish” is a 3DCG animated movie released by Disney in 2023.

This is a dramatic musical in which Asha, a girl who lives in Rosas, a magical kingdom where wishes come true, is guided by the star of the “Wishing Star” and confronts King Magnifico, who manipulates magic and controls “wishes.”

This time, to commemorate the release of “Wish” on MovieNEX on Wednesday, April 24, 2024, special Disney trivia filled with a century’s worth of homages has been released. A portion of the bonus content “Let’s Discover! Disney Trivia,” which features all the popular characters, has been released as two special videos.

In Part 1…
・The number of “wishes” kept by King Magnifico is 1923! (The Walt Disney Company was founded in 1923)
・This is no ordinary Hidden Mickey! ? Mickey Mouse appears in various scenes, and the highlight is the fireworks!
・The heart-shaped face of the popular character “Star” is the same as Mickey! ?
・The initials of the names, personalities, and clothing colors of Ayesha’s friends “Seven Teens” were inspired by “The Seven Dwarfs” from the world’s first full-length animation “Snow White”!
・The apple and skull ornaments in King Magnifico’s castle, as well as the line “Mirror, mirror, mirrors” are also from “Snow White”…?
Publish content such as.

Also in Part 2…
・The costume that Asha wears and the cane that appears at the end are similar to the Fairy Godmother from “Cinderella”! ?
・King Magnifico’s name comes from Maleficent from “Sleeping Beauty”! ?
・What city does Valentino admire? That movie about a paradise where all mammals are equal? ?
・In addition, there are many homages to “Rapunzel on the Tower”, “Frozen”, “Mirabelle and the Magic House”, etc.!
The trivia is told.

The following anecdote has also been passed down regarding “Wish.”

The idea for the film began to take shape in 2018, shortly after executive producer Jennifer Lee was named the studio’s chief creative officer.
“I approached Chris Buck about this project while we were working on Frozen 2…we were still deep into the story and production of that movie. “I did,” Lee said. “We couldn’t contain our feelings. Within just a few days, he had posted images of every movie this studio had ever made on a board in the hallway and was lost in thought. Tayo”
Producer Juan Pablo Reyes says: “We did a tremendous amount of research on our movie library and also on Walt Disney himself. What was he like? What inspired him? What type of person was he?” We also talked about whether he was a leader.

We also looked at his childhood growing up on a farm in Marceline, Missouri. There was also an anecdote that the baby animals on the farm were sometimes dressed. Valentino, the baby goat in pajamas in the film, was inspired by that.”
To dig deeper into their research, the filmmakers explored the Animation Research Library, which houses the artistic legacy of Walt Disney Animation Studios. “We studied the evolution of Disney animation…we looked at the techniques, aspects and styles used in the films.”

MovieNEX and digital distribution (purchase) released on April 24, 2024 include “Let’s Find Out! Disney Trivia,” which was partially released this time, as well as “Behind the Scenes of the Production,” which is a compilation of the making of the movie, and features that were unfortunately used in the main story. 2 hours of footage including “unreleased scenes” that were not shown before, “Once Upon a Studio -100 Years of Memories” which was shown at the same time as the theater and became a hot topic, and “Behind the scenes of dubbing” where you can experience the fun recording scene. Contains luxurious bonus content exceeding .
Wishes make me stronger – Please enjoy “Wish”, the miraculous story of Ayesha who continued to believe in the “power of wishes”, on MovieNEX and digital distribution (purchase/rent) this Golden Week.

>>>See “Wish” scene cuts and package jacket (6 images)

(C) 2024 Disney

“Wish” Special video full of Disney trivia including hidden Mickeys!

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