What kind of character is “Akuma” that will be added in “Street Fighter 6”?A rough explanation of the “master of fists” who has awakened to the waves of murderous intent.


What kind of character is “Akuma” that will be added in “Street Fighter 6”?A rough explanation of the “master of fists” who has awakened to the waves of murderous intent.
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From May 1st to May 6th, the world’s first trial run of the playable character “Akuma” will be held at the Real Battle Hub in the resort facility “Laguna Ten Bosch” in Gamagori City, Aichi Prefecture.

He is a beloved character of many top professionals, including Tokido, and many people will think of him when they think of the “Street Fighter” series.

However, players who started playing “Street Fighter 6” may be wondering, “What kind of character is Akuma?”

So this time, I will briefly introduce Akuma. If you read this, maybe you too will awaken to the “wave of murderous intent”?

◆ “Akuma” is a “master of fists” who has awakened to the wave of murderous intent.
Akuma is the younger brother of Ryu and Ken’s master, Gouken, and is a martial artist imbued with the aura of “Satsui no Hado.” Unlike Ryu, who tries to find his answer in pure combat, Akuma is a terrifying man, calling his fights with martial artists a “death match” and sometimes killing his opponents.

In fact, in order to awaken the wave of murderous intent that was awakening within him, he even buried himself and Gouken’s master, Goutetsu. Is it his own kind of memorial service that he wears the beads he stole at that time around his neck?

◆What titles does Akuma appear in?Popular person with many guest appearances
It first appeared in arcades in “Super Street Fighter IIX,” the final work of the “Street Fighter II” series that began operating in 1994.

In Arcade Mode, it appears when you advance to the Vega battle with no continues (in addition to meeting some conditions), and in VS Mode, it can be used by entering a special command.

I also started up “Spa IIX” for the first time in a while and tried to fight Akuma in the arcade, but the difficulty of the arcade mode these days is… Before I could reach Akuma, I had to defeat Chun-Li and Sagat on the way. did not…….

He has participated in all major series titles since then. For example, the “Street Fighter ZERO” series. From this series, many techniques that are synonymous with Akuma will appear for the first time, such as “Shun Gokusatsu” and “Hyakki Attack”.

He also participated in the previous series, “Street Fighter V”.

The critical art (corresponding to the so-called “super special move”) “Red Crow Sky Rip” is so cool that it’s shocking, so be sure to check it out.

Also, don’t miss the match between Tokido (Akuma) and Punk (Karin) at “EVO 2017”, which is sometimes called the best match in the history of “Stoic V”.

Tokido himself talks about his feelings at this time on the fighting gamer “Dogura” YouTube channel, so be sure to check that out as well.

Akuma is a user of the murderous fist, so he has an image of being tough and serious, but his footwork is relatively light, and one of his charms is that he appears in collaborations with various works. For example, when I appeared in “Tekken 7,” I was the only character who fired Hadouken from a distance while the main characters were having a steady fight.

He also participates in cyborg form under the name Zero Akuma in “Cyberbots” and Mecha Akuma in “MARVEL SUPER HEROES VS. STREET FIGHTER.”

Seeing him firing a large amount of Hadouken from an absurd altitude, it seems safe to assume that there is no chance of this guy participating in “STR6″…

◆Fight as you like, learn Akuma’s special moves
Akuma is a so-called “dogi character” who has basic skills such as wave motion, rising dragon, and lunge, but traditionally he has been adjusted to be able to perform tricky actions due to his low physical strength. Let’s take a look at the techniques that are synonymous with Akuma.

[Shun Gokusatsu]

Everyone loves Shungokusatsu. It’s a romantic technique in which he declares “A thousand strikes in an instant”, grabs his opponent while sliding on the ground, and delivers multiple blows while the screen goes black. It’s the best, including the part that doesn’t have 1000 hits.

The commands are very special: “Weak P, Weak P, →, Weak K, Big P” (varies slightly depending on the work). It’s a technique that is both difficult and comfortable to press, just like a fighting game command. However, until you get used to the input, Akuma keeps hitting weak punches and weak kicks, which is very lame…

[Zanku Hadouken]

This is a special move that involves firing a Hadouken from the air towards the ground. Its unique feature is that the angle changes depending on how hard you press the button.

When I was a kid, I remember seeing Gouki, who, unlike Ryu, was able to perform a Hadouken even in the air, and I was so shocked, thinking, “Did anyone ever come up with this kind of idea?”

That’s nostalgic…….

[Hyakki attack]

This is a very powerful special move that jumps into the air and transitions into an upper, middle, or lower attack or throw. It’s similar to Cammy’s hooligan combination.

In “STR 6”, this type of derivative technique seems to occur slower than in previous series, and I expect that this time too, if you are aware of it, you can counter it somehow, but what will happen?

◆Let’s check out the trailer for “STR 6” again.
Wow, that’s cool…! !

A goblin slamming his fist against a Buddhist statue in a place that looks like the Hellfire Island that appeared in “Street Fighter ZERO 2.” It seems that Goshoryu can be used in this work as well, due to his very irreverent action of bashing the head of a Buddha statue, but Gohado remains in a pose. Isn’t it a bullet character? That’s something I can’t help but suspect.

Judging from the narration, it seems that he is continuing his training to master the art of fisting. He is scheduled to appear as a master in World Tour mode, but will we be able to learn the secret of killing wave from him? My imagination grows.

Also, there is a jinx that Akuma always reveals his next super move in the previous series work, and the “Mudo Tencho” that killed Necalli from the inside in “Street Fighter V” will definitely be released in the next SA1 to SA3. I think it’s coming in somewhere.

What kind of character is Akuma in “Street Fighter 6”? What kind of performance does it have? If you are interested, hurry to Real Battle Hub during Golden Week!

What kind of character is “Akuma” that will be added in “Street Fighter 6”?A rough explanation of the “master of fists” who has awakened to the waves of murderous intent.

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