What happens when you go “off the map” in an open world game?Eaten by giant creatures, the world destroyed… Introducing the responses of all 10 works


What happens when you go “off the map” in an open world game?Eaten by giant creatures, the world destroyed… Introducing the responses of all 10 works
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It’s an open world game where you can freely explore a vast field, but there are limits to how far you can go. Developers must provide some kind of mechanism to prevent players from leaving the map.

The simplest way is to warn with a message, but some works use unique methods to prevent intrusion outside the map. In this article, we will introduce what to do when you go outside the map in all 10 open world games.

◆Marvel’s Spider-Man: Warning with message
First, there is the pattern of warning with the message mentioned above. In Marvel’s Spider-Man, where you can become Spider-Man and freely fly around Manhattan, if you go outside the map, a message saying “You are leaving the playable area” will be displayed and you will be forced back into the map. .

Many open world games use this method because it is simple and reliable. However, it is also a bit unsophisticated as it takes away from the sense of immersion.

◆Hogwarts Legacy: Invisible Wall
Along with warning messages, the installation of “invisible walls” is also commonly used. In “Hogwarts Legacy,” where you can explore the world of the Harry Potter series, “transparent walls” that appear faintly as you approach are placed at the edges of the map to prevent players from entering.

This is also a simple and reliable method, but like the warning message, it takes away from the immersion.

◆ELDEN RING: Don’t let them go to the edge of the map
“We should just make a map where you can’t go to the edge in the first place!” So in the fantasy RPG “ELDEN RING,” we surround the field with high cliffs and the ocean, making it impossible to get close to the edge of the map.

Some cliffs are too high to climb, others are so high that you will die instantly if you fall, so it is physically impossible to cross them. The main character of this work cannot swim, so even if he goes into the sea, he will die instantly.

It’s funny how sometimes you’re careless and fall off a cliff and the game ends.

◆Rise of the Ronin: Drown
Rise of the Ronin, which is set at the end of the Edo period, similarly surrounds the field with high cliffs. However, I have a good impression that they are blocking the roads with the worldview in mind, such as by setting up “checkpoints” on roads that lead outside the map.

Also, the main character of this game can swim, so he can swim through the ocean to the edge of the map. When you approach the edge of the map, you are warned that “The offshore waves are rough. If you run out of energy, you will drown.” If you do not turn back, you will drown and the game will be over.

Even if you’re a good swimmer, it’s good to have a clear reason why you can’t proceed further, such as “the waves are rough and dangerous from offshore.”

◆Grand Theft Auto V: Eaten by a shark
In Grand Theft Auto V, a masterpiece of urban open worlds, the map is surrounded by the ocean, and if you approach the edge of the map you will be attacked by a shark and the game will end.

A shark attack is a surefire hit. It cannot be prevented by using the official invincibility cheat.

In that case, there is no point in thinking, “Wouldn’t it be okay if I just rode in the vehicle?” When you go to the edge of the map, a mysterious force causes the ship to suddenly sink, and the plane’s wing suddenly breaks and it crashes.

◆Subnautica: Below Zero: Attacked by a giant creature
Subnautica: Below Zero is set on a planet that is mostly covered in water, and creatures even scarier than sharks await at the edge of the map.

The edge of this world’s map is a dangerous zone called the “Dead Zone,” where swarms of gigantic creatures will attack you, with no chance of winning even just one. It’s hard to resist and it’s almost game over.

This creature is a mutant of a dangerous species, and has a frightening, zombie-like appearance. In the pitch black, empty ocean, you are attacked by a monster several times bigger and scarier than you… It’s a terrifying experience that will make you never want to go near the edge of the map again.

By the way, you can also scatter giant creatures if you want to.

If you are successful, you will be forced to warp back to your starting point after traveling through an empty sea for several minutes.

◆Genshin: Retained by friends
In “Genshin”, you travel through a fantasy world, and your partner character “Paimon” stops you from moving outside the map.

The way to hold them back is to force the player to make a U-turn by encouraging them to “come back later, but let’s explore elsewhere now!” It’s similar to a warning message, but it’s nice to insert it naturally like this.

◆The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt: The main character grumbles
Dark fantasy “The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt” is a warning message type. The map will be forcibly opened and you will be prompted to fast travel, with a warning that you can’t go any further.

What’s a little special is that “the main character grumbles” when approaching the edge of the map. Lines include “I’m not old enough to take such a long trip anymore”, “This has gone too far…”, and “Is there a shortcut?”. You could also interpret it as if you were checking the map again, thinking, “Wow, which was the correct path?”

◆Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: The world is destroyed
Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, where you play as a Viking and adventure through 9th century England. The edge of the map in this game is distorted into a geometric pattern, and if you approach it, a noise will run along with a warning that “Entry is prohibited. If you continue like this, synchronization will be canceled”, the world will collapse into polygons, and the game will end.

This is due to the worldview of the Assassin’s Creed series. This series is based on a science fiction setting in which humans living in the future use a device that allows them to relive the past and relive the life of the main character who lived at that time (in this case, 9th century England). It’s like a virtual experience.

As you can see from the warning that “sync will be canceled if this continues,” an error occurred in the re-experience function because the device went to a range that could not be reproduced.

◆Far Cry 6: Unexpected game clear
In Far Cry 6, which I will introduce last, you can see a “special ending” by going outside the map.

The plot of this work is that the main character, who comes from a dictatorial country, attempts to cross to the United States in search of freedom, but the refugee ship he is on is attacked by the military and becomes adrift. Once washed ashore, he joins a guerrilla group and fights to liberate his homeland.

At the beginning, he still has a strong desire to escape to America, and demands that the guerrillas prepare a ship in exchange for helping with the operation. After completing some operations, you will receive a ship as promised.

In the main story, he officially joins the guerrilla group and begins a full-scale battle to liberate his homeland, but something strange happens when he gets on a ship and goes outside the map.

Time jumps three months later, and the main character is seen relaxing on an American beach. While listening to the news that “the guerrillas have been destroyed” on the radio, the staff credits will be played and the game will be cleared.

It’s a bad ending for the game, but it might be a happy ending for the main character. By the way, you can also get the trophy “Of course it will be.”

So, I introduced the correspondence of all 10 works. The open world game you’re currently playing may have some surprising features. Why not try going to the edge of the map and check it out?

What happens when you go “off the map” in an open world game?Eaten by giant creatures, the world destroyed… Introducing the responses of all 10 works

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