“Wandaful Purikure! ”Vocal Album ~We are Wonderfuru! ! ! ! ~Decided to be released on July 24th!


“Wandaful Purikure! ”Vocal Album ~We are Wonderfuru! ! ! ! ~Decided to be released on July 24th!
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“Wandaful PreCure!” character image song collection “Vocal Album ~We are Wandaful!!!!!~” will be released! !

Contains character songs by Komugi Inukai (CV: Maria Naganawa), Roha Inukai (CV: Atsumi Tanezaki), and others.

Theme song singers Ami Ishii, Moeha Gomoto, and Chisato Yoshitake and past singers Rie Kitagawa and Machico will be singing the image song.

The new ensemble song “Wonder Flowers PreCure” and CLAP! ~New arrangement of ~Sound of Courage~

Contains “CLAP & CHANT! ~Ainouta~”.

“Canvas bromide (super art 6 color printing)” as a bonus for the first edition

Includes a two-dimensional code (mane from Cure Precious) exclusive to “Kiraniko Trunk”.

◆Songs included:

M01.Wandaful Purikure! evolution!!(TV size)

Vocals: Chisao Yoshitake Lyrics: Maori Kodama Composition/Arrangement: EFFY


Singer: Komugi Inukai (CV: Maria Naganawa)

Lyrics: Shoko Omori Composition/Arrangement: Misaki Mase

M03.Chattin’ Now!

Singer: Inukairoha (CV: Atsumi Tanezaki)

Lyrics: Shoko Omori Composer: Mashiro Shimura Arrangement: Misaki Mase

M04.Title undecided

M05.Title undecided

M06.Hello・Bow・Mew ~We are Wonderful! ! ! ! ~

Singer: Komugi Inukai (CV: Maria Naganawa) & Roha Inukai (CV: Atsumi Tanezaki)

Lyrics: Shoko Omori Composition/Arrangement: Misaki Mase


Singer: Moeha Gomoto

Lyrics: Kumiko Aoki Composer: Kouki Hamada Arrangement: Misaki Mase

M08.Wonderful Smile

Singer: Ami Ishii

Lyrics: Maori Kodama Composition/Arrangement: Misaki Mase

M09.Wonder Flowers Precure

Singer: Chisao Yoshitake

Lyrics: Kumiko Aoki Composer: Hiroshi Takagi Arrangement: Misaki Mase

M10.CLAP & CHANT! ~Ainouta~

Singer: Rie Kitagawa, Machico, Chisato Yoshitake

Lyrics: Mikes Giyama Composition/Arrangement: Rei Ishizuka

M11. Wandaful One Day

Vocals: Ami Ishii, Moeha Gomoto, Chisato Yoshitake

Lyrics: Tsutomu Tadano Composition/Arrangement: Misaki Mase

M12.FUN☆FUN☆Wandafuru DAYS! (TV size)

Singer: Ami Ishii & Moeha Gomoto

Lyrics: Mikes Giyama Composition: Hige Driver Arrangement: Rei Ishizuka

Bonus track

M13. Wandaful Wanday ~Remix for Ami Ishii Ver.~

Singer: Ami Ishii

M14. Wandaful Wanday ~Remix for Moeha Nochimoto Ver.~

Singer: Moeha Gomoto

M15. Wandaful Wanday ~Remix for Chihaya Yoshitake Ver.~

Singer: Chisao Yoshitake

◆Initial benefit:

・Canvas bromide (super art 6 color printing)

・Two-dimensional code for “Kiraniko Trunk” (a gift from Cure Precious)

◆List of stores offering store benefits Items and designs will be released at a later date! looking forward to!
・Rakuten Books
・Seven Net Shopping
・Nationwide Animate (including mail order)
・All Gamers stores (including online shops)

【basic information】
Product number/price:
MJSA-01397/¥3,850 (tax excluded price ¥3,500)

Product page:https://www.marv.jp/titles/mc/10765/
Publisher: Marvelous Co., Ltd.
Distributor: Sony Music Solutions Co., Ltd.

■Program official Twitter: @TVanime_precure
■Program official Instagram: @precure_curesta
■Precure Music & Video Products Official Twitter: @precure_marv
©ABC-A/Toei Animation

“Wandaful Purikure! ”Vocal Album ~We are Wonderfuru! ! ! ! ~Decided to be released on July 24th!

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“Wandaful Purikure! ”Vocal Album ~We are Wonderfuru! ! ! ! ~Decided to be released on July 24th!
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