Up to 76% OFF! “DAEMON X MACHINA” and “LOOP8”, as well as other hugely popular indie titles, are all under 2,000 yen[eShop and PS Store Recommended Sales]


Up to 76% OFF! “DAEMON X MACHINA” and “LOOP8”, as well as other hugely popular indie titles, are all under 2,000 yen[eShop and PS Store Recommended Sales]
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In addition to selling downloadable versions, the Nintendo eShop and PlayStation Store regularly hold sales offering select titles at discounted prices.

The eShop constantly adds new software for sale, and the PS Store regularly holds sales that bundle together multiple titles.

However, all sale prices are only for a limited time, so it's not uncommon to miss out on a great deal on a title you're interested in.

What kind of software is on sale at each store right now? We've selected some particularly noteworthy products and compiled them here. If you want to keep an eye on the great sales, be sure to check it out.

■ Switch “DAEMON X MACHINA” 1,980 yen (eShop): until June 7th
This time, we will be delivering a selection of bargain titles that are on sale for under 2,000 yen. First up is the robot action game “DAEMON X MACHINA,” which offers a wide range of fun from intense battles to customization.

Kenichiro Tsukuda and Shoji Kawamori, who have worked on the Armored Core series, are involved in this work, and it is packed with production and gameplay that will tickle the hearts of fans of the genre. Although it is different from Armored Core, it is also worth considering for those who want to use humanoid weapons to take on fierce battles.

“DAEMON X MACHINA” is currently available for purchase at an affordable price of 1,980 yen, 76% off. Since the sequel “DAEMON X MACHINA TITANIC SCION” was announced last year, why not take this opportunity to play the previous game?

■Switch/PS4 “LOOP8” 1,973 yen/2,302 yen (eShop/PS Store): until June 5th
During the first PS era, “Mobile Suit Gundam: Parade March” gained popularity among core game fans. Each character was controlled by AI, and actions were based on factors such as the player's actions and words, their own mental state, and relationships, surprising many users with its high degree of freedom and unpredictability. In addition, the deep world setting and unexpected story also led to many people becoming captivated by this work.

Yuuri Shibamura, who was involved in this unique work, is in charge of the game design and scenario for LOOP8. This is a juvenile RPG in which boys and girls fight against “Kegai”, but there are many parts that remind me of Gunparade, including the way the unique emotional AI builds relationships.

Since it is different from the typical juvenile RPG in many ways, it is a work that may or may not suit your tastes, but some people may find it easy to get their hands on at 1,973 yen / 2,302 yen. Although it is a little expensive on the PS Store, PlayStation Plus members can get an additional 5% discount, so you can purchase it for the same price as the eShop, 1,973 yen.

■ Switch/PS4 “Death end re;Quest” 1,920 yen/1,971 yen (eShop/PS Store): until June 5th
In the sense that tastes are divided, “Death end re;Quest” is also a work that is not for everyone. As you can guess from the title, there are many “death endings” waiting in this work, and many of them depict the fate of the heroines mercilessly.

The screenplay for this game was written by Kidoin Shin, who is known for “Corpse Party” and other works. As a result, the depiction of the bizarre death endings is particularly impressive, and this alone is likely to greatly divide players' preferences. In addition, the game balance is also quirky, and although it is difficult to win without careful consideration, it is easy to defeat if you find the right strategy, making this a very unique work.

“Death end re;Quest” is a 3D RPG that fights against 99% despair. In this sale, it is being sold at half price, 1,920 yen/1,971 yen, making it an affordable price. The sequel, “Death end re;Quest2”, is also on sale, and is also a reasonable price of 1,920 yen/1,980 yen.

Highly rated indie games on Steam are also available for under 2,000 yen!

■ Switch/PS5/PS4 “DREDGE” 1,799 yen/1,848 yen (eShop/PS Store): until May 28th/June 5th
From here on, we will introduce some of the best and most talked-about indie titles on sale that can be purchased for under 2,000 yen. First up is “DREDGE,” which offers the unique experience of fishing in a spooky ocean.

In this game, you explore by piloting a trawler, equipping yourself with better equipment based on your catch, and enjoying fishing and treasure hunting. … Just from this phrase, you might imagine an idyllic world, but from the visuals to the conversations with the characters, there is a thoroughly unsettling atmosphere.

I won't go into too much detail here as it might ruin the experience, but I would say that this film offers a glimpse into the terrifying and unknown world of the “deep sea” from above the ocean.

DREDGE has received high praise on its Steam product page, with reviews saying it has received “overwhelmingly positive reviews (25,878)” (at the time of writing), so why not give it a try at the affordable price of 1,799 yen/1,848 yen?

This game is also cheaper for PS Plus members, costing just 1,716 yen.

■ Switch/PS5/PS4 “Idol Manager” 1,488 yen/1,487 yen (eShop/PS Store PS5 version PS4 version): until May 29th
If you want to play a game where you can face people, not fish or monsters, then consider “Idol Manager,” set in the glamorous world of showbiz. However, the glamour is only on stage. Behind the scenes, quarrels, jealousy, and scandals that can lead to ruin are commonplace.

The player becomes a producer of an idol agency and aims to develop idols who shine brighter than anyone else. However, there is much more to do than just developing idols. There is also a lot to do, such as managing the finances to run the agency, advertising activities, and CD production.

This is a realistic game in many ways, as you watch idols grow through a management simulation game.

This work has become a hot topic among core game fans, and all reviews on Steam have been “Very Positive (3,314)” (at the time of writing). Can you embrace both the “front and back” of the idol and lead her to the path of success? The outcome is in your hands. Enjoy this unique work for 1,488 yen / 1,487 yen.

■ Switch/PS4 “Noel the Mortal Fate” 1,240 yen/1,138 yen (eShop/PS Store): until May 29th
The last game we'll introduce this time is “Noel the Oppressed,” which has been attracting attention for its unique “serialized game” format and a story that draws players in.

This work depicts the exploits of Noel, a girl who seeks revenge even at the cost of sacrificing herself, and Charon, a demon who makes a contract with her. It is a fantasy adventure that combines novel and action. The early part has a strong horror taste, but the numerous battles that challenge each other in fierce battles are also fascinating, and you won't be able to take your eyes off what will happen next.

The Switch/PS4 version includes the story up to Season 7, including the added Season 3.5, and you can purchase it now at a bargain price of 1,240 yen for the Switch version and 1,138 yen for the PS4 version. Considering the sale price and the content, it is also good value for money.

However, the story of “Noel the Mortal Fate” itself is still ahead of us, spanning from Season 8 to the latter part of Season Final. Please note that only Season 7 can be played on the Switch and PS4.

*All sale prices include tax.

Up to 76% OFF! “DAEMON X MACHINA” and “LOOP8”, as well as other hugely popular indie titles, are all under 2,000 yen[eShop and PS Store Recommended Sales]

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