“Uma Musume” “Paka Live TV Vol.40” Summary – This year’s Golden Week is “Gochi Week”! ?Also announced is the “Granblue Fantasy Relink” collaboration in which Granblue characters “Umapyyo!”


“Uma Musume” “Paka Live TV Vol.40” Summary – This year’s Golden Week is “Gochi Week”! ?Also announced is the “Granblue Fantasy Relink” collaboration in which Granblue characters “Umapyyo!”
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Cygames broadcast the information program “Paka Live TV Vol. 40” on the smartphone/PC training simulation “Uma Musume Pretty Derby” on Sunday, April 28th.

In the program, information on the Golden Week campaign “Gochi Week” starting April 30th (Tuesday), new Uma Musume training, various event information, and collaboration with “Granblue Fantasy Relink” were revealed.

This article provides a summary of the presentation contents.

◆Golden Week measure “Gochi Week” announced!
This year, as part of the annual Golden Week campaign, the Gochi Week Campaign will be held with the theme of food. The main characters are Sakura Chiyono-oh, Katsuragi Ace, Hishi Amazon, and Cesario.

In addition to the “10 consecutive gacha free campaign once a day”, the “Gochi Week Gacha”, and the release of the upper limit on Sakura Chiyono-O and Katsuragi Ace’s affinity rank, there are familiar campaigns such as double training rewards and 1/2 TP consumption. It will be carried out.

In addition, a new song “GOCHISO-sama” by the four members was announced. The music video will be released at a later date, and it will also be added to the in-game “Uma Uta Jukebox.”

Furthermore, related measures are being implemented outside of the game. Recipes with Uma Musume motifs will be published, a special edition will be published in the manga “Uma Musumeshi”, a BOSS collaboration campaign, and goods will be sold.

◆May collection gacha announcement!
The May lineup of “Twinkle Collection Pretty Derby Gacha”, which makes it easy to target Uma Musume, has been released. Among these, new evolutionary skills will be added to “Seiun Sky”, “White-eye Palmer”, and “Hishimiracle”.

◆Annual event notice such as Chanmi!A special version of “Agnestachyon Factor Research” will also be held.
Various regular events have been announced. Starting with the “Spring GI Campaign Part 2” that coincides with actual horse racing, “Legend Race” will be held on May 5th (Sunday), “League of Heroes” will be held on May 14th (Tuesday), and in mid-June. The “Champions Meeting” is coming up.

In addition, a special version of “Agnestachyon Factor Research” will be held in late May. Uma Musume from the movie “Uma Musume Pretty Derby: Door to a New Era” will appear in the production and event screens.

◆New training horse girl & sapoca information!
Uma Musume who will appear in the gacha from 12:00 on Tuesday, April 30th will be revealed. New costumes for “Yaenomuteki” and “Super Creek” and new support cards for “Hishimiracle” and “Narita Taishin” will be implemented. In addition, support cards for “No Reason” will also appear in the new story event.

◆ “Uma Musume Hot Blooded Big Thanksgiving!” ”Release date decided!
Software for Nintendo Switch/PS4/Steam “Uma Musume Pretty Derby Nekketsu Hachamecha Big Thanksgiving!” ” release date has been decided on August 30th (Friday).

In the program, the latest PV and product lineup are also released, including actual machine play.

◆New information on the movie “Uma Musume Pretty Derby: Door to a New Era”
New information has been released for the movie version of “Uma Musume Pretty Derby: Door to a New Era”, which is scheduled to be released on Friday, May 24th. Information on TV commercials using new cuts, soundtrack CD jackets, official novelizations, theater merchandise, original popcorn bags with benefits, and various goods is provided.

We also introduce various tie-up information. The event is packed with events such as “Hokkaido Ball Park F Village Collaboration,” “NAMCO Campaign,” “JOYSOUND Tie-up Campaign,” “Roll Ice Cream Factory Collaboration,” and “Matsuki Yokokokara Q Campaign.”

◆Collaboration content now available in “Granblue Fantasy Relink”!
A collaboration with the action RPG “Granblue Fantasy Relink” for PS5/PS4/Steam has been decided.

Paid additional content “Umapyoi Legendary Emote” will be available in the Ver.1.3.0 update scheduled to be released in late May.

Three types of choreography are reproduced as emotes, allowing Granblue characters to dance the “Umapyoi Densetsu”! Please note that only motion is played, no music is played.

◆Collaboration with general sports magazine “Number” decided!
We have decided to collaborate with the general sports magazine “Sports Graphic Number (issue released on May 16, 2024)”. To commemorate this, a collaboration campaign will be held within the game.

◆Additional performances of the real escape game have been decided!
An additional performance of “Escape from a Race You Can’t Win”, a collaboration between “Uma Musume” and “Real Escape Game”, has been decided. In addition to Fukuoka, it will be held in three cities: Yokohama and Sapporo.

◆Collaboration with Morinaga & Co.’s “Bar Chocolate Ice Cream”!
A collaboration with Morinaga & Co., Ltd.’s “Bar Chocolate Ice Cream” is currently underway. There are campaigns in which you can apply using the receipt from which you purchased a bar of chocolate ice cream, as well as the X campaign.

◆Various goods such as “Fine Motion Ramen Bowl” are now available!
Various goods were introduced, including collaboration goods between the TV anime “Uma Musume Pretty Derby Season 3” and Sanrio Characters, as well as “Nendoroids” and “Fine Motion Ramen Bowls.”

◆Songs included in CD “WINNING LIVE 19” released!
The songs included in the CD “WINNING LIVE 19” scheduled to be released on June 26th (Wednesday) have been released. Contains “Unite!!” and “Space Runner Galaxy Adventure Story” which were first performed at the 4th performance of 5th EVENT.

Additionally, new songs by Manhattan Cafe and Agnes Tachyon, as well as new solo vocal songs by Dantz Frame and Jungle Pocket, will also be included.

“Uma Musume Pretty Derby” has prepared unique Golden Week measures this year as well. Enjoy Golden Week with new events and gachas!

“Uma Musume” “Paka Live TV Vol.40” Summary – This year’s Golden Week is “Gochi Week”! ?Also announced is the “Granblue Fantasy Relink” collaboration in which Granblue characters “Umapyyo!”

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