“Ultraman Arc” AI robot Yupi appears!Voiced by Yuya Hirose


“Ultraman Arc” AI robot Yupi appears!Voiced by Yuya Hirose
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Information on “Yupi” appearing in the new program “Ultraman Arc” scheduled to be broadcast and distributed from Saturday, July 6, 2024, Japan time, has been announced. It is a human-sized all-purpose robot, voiced by Yuya Hirose.

The latest TV work in the Ultraman series, “Ultraman Arc,” aims to stir up children’s “ability to dream” and serve as a bridge to a bright future filled with hope.It is a bright and heart-warming work that presents to the world through the worldview of “Ultraman.” This is a special effects drama series that depicts a full-fledged and heroic hero.
A messenger of light who descended to Earth from a galaxy far, far away has become one with the main character, Yuuma Hize, who has a rich power of imagination, and has created a giant monster in the new Ultra Hero Ultraman Arc. A story that takes on the shape of a human being and protects the future of people and the earth from an approaching crisis.
“Yuma” is a hexahedron called “Ark Cube” which contains the power of the Messenger of Light, and by fitting it into the mysterious transformation item “Ark Alyzer”, the power is released and the new hero “Ultraman” is released. Transforms into “Ark”.

This time, information was released about the AI ​​robot “Yupi”. He is a member of “SKIP,” the monster disaster prevention scientific research institute to which Yuma Tobise belongs.
The official name is “Yuppiza Robot”.

An autonomous AI-equipped support robot that works together with investigators at SKIP Hoshimoto City Branch Office. “Leave it to Yupi” is a common refrain.
It is equipped with all sorts of equipment, including cameras in both eyes and chest, a loudspeaker in the center of its chest, lighting on its shoulders, and multi-nozzles with various functions in its arms with superhuman strength.
In addition, it can be separated into a head and a body, with the head “Yu” acting as a drone for quick response on land, sea, and air, and the body “P” supporting SKIP’s friends by performing various missions on the ground.
He is 2 meters tall and weighs 220 kg.

The voice of “Yupi” is Yuya Hirose, a popular voice actor.

Born on April 9th, from Chiba Prefecture. Belongs to Arts Vision.

This time, I will be appearing as the AI-equipped support robot “Yupi”!
I’ve wanted to say it for a long time! I can finally say it! (Laughs) Another dream has come true!
I have fun dubbing every episode so that I can convey Yupi’s cute, cool, and various charms!
I’m sure you’ll see a lot of Yupi like that and Yupi like this, so please keep an eye out!
Along with Yupi, I also want to share the same feelings as SKIP and make this work more exciting!
I have a lot to say, but first of all, please look forward to the broadcast! !

Hirose, who is also a qualified childcare worker, is paying attention to the gentle character voice that speaks to the children from the screen through “Yupi.”
“Ultraman Arc” new information is scheduled to be released sequentially. Stay tuned for future information!

>>>See “Ultraman Arc” Yupi and Yuya Hirose (4 images)

(C) Tsuburaya Productions (C) Ultraman Arc Production Committee/TV Tokyo

“Ultraman Arc” AI robot Yupi appears!Voiced by Yuya Hirose

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