The popular series “Barrier & Hell Mode & Maid Naturally & Tiny Apostle” & the new work “Island Maker” are now available! New Earth Star Novel


The popular series “Barrier & Hell Mode & Maid Naturally & Tiny Apostle” & the new work “Island Maker” are now available! New Earth Star Novel
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Earth Star Entertainment Co., Ltd. (Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo) will be releasing a new edition of[Earth Star Novel]from April 17th (Wednesday).
Official site(, you can try out new books and some previously published books for free.

  • “Island Maker: Reincarnation was a slow life game.“Relaxingly growing an island” Volume 1

Author: Bunzaburo Nagano Illustration: syowAuthor: Bunzaburo Nagano Illustration: syow

The deserted island you were kicked out to is the stage for a slow life game! ?

Start a new life on a relaxing island with fun friends!

After his father’s death, Sadie, the third son of an earl, is told to live on a deserted island given to him as a territory, and is kicked out of the mansion at the young age of 12.

When he arrived at the island, his memories from his previous life came back to him and he realized that it was the setting of a slow life game called “Island Maker”.

As I developed the game using my vague knowledge and abilities, I started to see fishermen, warriors, chefs, alchemists, dragon girls, and other unique people gather, and the island continued to develop. ──! ?

  • “A small apostle and a huge dog travel leisurely to another world” Volume 2

Author: Ezogin Fox Illustration: Tsukasa KugaAuthor: Ezogin Fox Illustration: Tsukasa Kuga

The Kobold Hero has also joined the group! ?

If we work together, we can overcome the approaching crisis! !

Minato and his friends head to the neighboring country to the north, where a rampaging sacred beast is said to be.

Along the way, he decides to help Colin, a kobold who has fallen due to a curse.

Colin is a “Kobold Hero” who collects medicinal herbs to help the Kobold village from a plague.

Minato and his friends rush to the village and use the power of the apostles to save the kobolds one after another, but behind the plague is a mysterious man who claims to be a prophet.

The second act of the journey to another world of a naughty duo who cheat without realizing it!

  • “When I put up the strongest barrier in the country, it became too peaceful and I was exiled.“Starting the demon lord with barrier magic” Volume 3

Author: CK Illustration: Tomo ZeroAuthor: CK Illustration: Tomo Zero

Barrier magic VS hero of another world! ?

And the era of barrier magic comes to a close–a thrilling final volume!

Using barrier magic that nullifies all attacks, the shield defeated the strongest wizard, Idea, and incorporated Elf Island into its territory.

One day, he receives a declaration of war from his homeland of Helena.

“The country of Helena plans to summon a hero from another world and cause chaos on the continent.”

Opponents who fear even dragons use “magic that cuts everything without fail.”

“I’ll break the barrier right away. Holy sword magic…”

And the end of barrier magic will come, and who will be responsible for the new era…

<Comicized and serialized in Comic Earth Star! >

“When I put up the strongest barrier in the country, it became too peaceful and I was exiled. ~My magic is so dangerous that I’m surrounded by beautiful women and demons! ? ~”

Manga: Misaki Kuniyoshi Original work: CK Character design: Tomo Zero

  • “Of course it’s a maid.A versatile maid who was falsely accused decides to go on a journey” Volume 5

Author: Yasuaki Mikami Illustration: QuintaAuthor: Yasuaki Mikami Illustration: Quinta

My next destination is an oriental dictatorship! ?

A group of maids parted ways with Firth and entered the dictatorial nation of Nost with Myriad, the master of the magic tower.

Just as I was enjoying the atmosphere of a different culture, I saw 100 people standing straight in front of me, blocking my path.

I heard that there is a ruler of the nation called “Maen Onna Kimi” in Nost, and that a selection ceremony will soon be held to choose the next “Maen Onna Kimi”. In other words, he wanted Myriad, one of the “Five Sages,” to participate in her selection ceremony.

Nina and her friends, who got caught up in the situation, are given a warm welcome by the Moon Wolf Clan military officers on the condition that they tell them where they are.

The maid is struggling despite being at the mercy of a different culture! !

“Of course it’s a maid. ~A versatile maid goes on a journey wearing false clothes. ~”

Original work: Yasuaki Mikami/Kinta Manga: Ayato Kumagai

  • “Hell Mode ~Gamers who like to play are unparalleled in a different world with abandoned settings~” Volume 9

Author: Ham Man Illustration: AlgaeAuthor: Ham Man Illustration: Algae

Allen finally forms an army! ?

Allen and his friends defeated Gushara and Bask and won the battle against the Evil God Religion.

They named the island they found floating in the sky “Heavy User Island” and began developing it as a new base.

The town was developed by accepting refugees who were former Jashin cult members as residents. Furthermore, soldiers from various countries who sympathize with Allen and his friends also move to the island and form an army as the “Allen Army.”

Furthermore, Allen joins up with Peroms, who has been a friend since he was a serf and is active as a merchant who heads the “Abandoned Billing Company”, and Heavy User Island becomes more and more lively.

As the island’s development progresses smoothly, Allen participates in a meeting of the Five Continent Alliance and heads to the Gearmut Empire.

What were the reactions of the top leaders of each country to Allen’s bold statement?

Crafting elements are also progressing in the most efficient manner in the style of abandoned gamers!

“Hellmode – A gamer who likes to play is unparalleled in a different world with an abandoned setting – The Beginning Summoner”

Original work: Hamman Momo Manga: Saruji Tetsuda

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The popular series “Barrier & Hell Mode & Maid Naturally & Tiny Apostle” & the new work “Island Maker” are now available! New Earth Star Novel

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The popular series “Barrier & Hell Mode & Maid Naturally & Tiny Apostle” & the new work “Island Maker” are now available! New Earth Star Novel
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