The first award ceremony will be held at Kochi Anikuri Festival 2024.


The first award ceremony will be held at Kochi Anikuri Festival 2024.
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The Kochi Anime Creator Awards 2024 ceremony was held

15 winning works announced

The Kochi Anime Creator Holy Land Project Executive Committee held the Kochi Anikuri Festival 2024 over two days, April 20-21, 2024, and announced the winners of the first Kochi Anime Creator Awards on the 20th, holding an awards ceremony.

There were 122 submissions for the awards. Over 3,000 votes were cast for the public vote. Of the 27 nominated works, 15 were awarded prizes.

In addition to the award candidates from all over Japan, the award ceremony was attended by professionals active in the anime industry and representatives of Kochi Prefecture. We would like to express our gratitude once again.

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What was the first winning entry?

On the first day, April 20th, many people came to the event from the morning. Upon entering the venue, an exciting space spread out for both anime creators and anime fans, and the atmosphere was heating up.

The Kochi Anime Creator Awards ceremony was held in the morning. We would like to introduce the winning works announced at the ceremony and comments from the anime creators.

Special Jury Award

eine / Rikako Nakano

Comment from the winner
“Completing my first animation is the most rewarding feeling I've ever had in my life. I will continue to work hard.”

The presenter was art director Makoto Shiraishi, who said, “It was a wonderful piece. I was amazed that even a professional could draw it to this extent, so I recommended it without hesitation.”

The Morning of Farewell / Hina Nishikawa

Comment from the winner
“I'm grateful for the opportunity to have so many people see it. I love Kenji Miyazawa, and I enjoyed drawing it the way I wanted to. It encourages me to continue creating in the future.”

The presenter was Masaki Mayuko, representative of Anime no Iroha, a Kochi Prefecture-based company that works on animated learning.

Power struggle within the family / Shota Kobayashi

Comment from the winner
“We all shared our ideas and worked hard to create it. I'm happy to have won this award.”

The presenter was Mika Kikuchi, an actor and voice actress living in Kochi Prefecture.

Goldfish Nap / Fukuda Rio

Comment from the winner
“This project was the culmination of four years of work I put into it as my graduation project. I'm very happy to receive this special award.”

The presenter was cinematographer Ryotaro Nakano.

Small Melody / Bikke and Rei

Comment from the winner
“I received support from many people in making this film. I would like to express my gratitude to everyone.”

The presenter was Masutani Daisuke, who served as line producer on the film “Totto-chan: The Little Girl Who Loves to Dance.”

Funeral -Sou- / Nagisa Tahara

Comment from the winner
“I created this piece with my heartfelt sympathy for my late grandmother. I am very happy to receive this award.”

The presenter was Ryu Nakayama, director of the anime “Chainsaw Man.”

Not everyone can enjoy their youth / Nagayagura Seima

Comment from the winner
“I'm not young at all, but Takashi Yanase was a senior at university. As a junior of Yanase's, I thought it would be rude not to take on the challenge because of my age, so I applied. I'm overjoyed to receive the award in Kochi.”

The presenter was animation director and animator Yuuga Tokuno.

Pop Girl Gear Tech / Multiplane

Comment from winner
“I spent my entire university life completing this piece. I was able to complete it thanks to the support of many friends. I want to continue creating interesting pieces.”

The presenter was Kojima Keisuke, who is also active as a director and animator.

Love Star / LEEtzuting

Comment from the winner
“This was my first attempt at 2D animation. I was happy to receive this award.”

Ms. Li Zi Ting participated online. The presenter was color designer Ms. Haruko Nobori.

Duck's Little Adventure / Ichinose Fumino

Comment from the winner
“I'm happy to receive the award. I also received some advice, so I'd like to continue working hard.

Fumino Ichinose also participated online. The presenter, animation director Yuto Date, offered the following advice: “It's a very ambitious piece of work, and the movement of the duck's hips was amazing, as it was the perfect expression of what you love. I hope you'll also grow to love cows, goats, and other animals, and continue to create more of what you love.”

AniTama Award / Audience Award


Comment from the winner
“We create storyboards, which are the production stage, or maps for the production. I'm happy that it has been recognized as a work of art.”

Suicide by the Current / Yushu

Comment from the winner
“I had a great time at the venue and never thought I'd receive an award. It was all about me, and I didn't think everyone would like it, so I was surprised. I'm very grateful.”

The presenters were voice actors Hiroki Tochi and Rika Hayashi. “Japanese anime is popular around the world. We hope to create longer works little by little, and hope that one day they will be used in your work,” they said.


Planet Re-Union / TEAM PLANET

Comment from the winner
“It took the three of us about a year and a half to create this piece. We put all our effort into using the 3DCG technology we learned at university. I'm happy that it won an award at such a big festival.”

The presenter was Masakazu Kubo, President and CEO of Shogakukan Music & Digital Entertainment.

Short Music Animation “Seed” / Junzo

Comment from the winner
“I created the anime and music by myself, but I was able to complete it thanks to the encouragement of many people and the support of my family. I want to express my gratitude to everyone.”

The presenter was Shinichiro Inoue, Senior Advisor and Executive Fellow at KADOKAWA.

Grand Prix

REDMAN / Kim Seong-jae (Kyoto Seika University Animation Department)

Comment from the winner
“When I drew this piece, I was thinking about what it is that only anime can express. I want to continue drawing so that I can show things that anime doesn't express.”

The presenter was Shinichi Hirono, CEO of Shueisha, who said, “All of your works are wonderful and full of individuality. I hope you will continue to create new works that will take flight not only in Japan but also overseas.”

“Animation has infinite possibilities”

“Animation has infinite possibilities,” said Kim Sung-jae, director of Grand Prix-winning film REDMAN. He said the reason is that “it's a creative work that is created from scratch.” Animation has an incredibly wide range of options, and he said, “There are still many genres that have not been explored or attempted. I hope that everyone will take on new challenges and that various things will be born in the Japanese animation industry.”

He and his teammates worked together on the production of REDMAN, hoping to create a scene that would look the way they wanted it, no matter what scene it was in. All four of them are pursuing careers as animators.

Kazuko Ishikawa, chairperson of the Association of Japanese Animations, who attended the opening ceremony and award ceremony, said, “There were so many wonderful works. The future of animation is bright and I'm looking forward to it. Kochi is known for being the birthplace of Takashi Yanase. I believe the thoughts of our predecessors are connected to this event. I hope that the two-day Kochi AniCli Festival will be a success.”

Through the awards, I was able to meet many different works and their creators, those who are working hard to nurture anime creators, and creators who are active on the front lines. I would like to express my gratitude once again. I hope you will continue to support the Kochi Anime Creator Awards.

Making Kochi a mecca for anime creators—Kochi Anime Creator Mecca Project

Japanese animation is loved around the world. Recently, due to changes in working styles caused by the digitalization of the creative industry, environments are emerging where people can work while being distributed across the region, rather than being concentrated in Tokyo. This project aims to contribute to anime and Kochi by using the power of creativity, digital technology, and the region to solve “future issues for anime” and “future issues for Kochi.”

The Kochi Anime Creator Holy Land Project began as a small dream by a small anime production company founded in Kochi and the credit union that supported its establishment.

Launched in January 2022, this project is now in its third year. With the overwhelming support of the anime industry, the support of the Kochi Prefecture Anime Project Promotion Council, which is a joint project of the Kochi Prefecture Industrial Promotion Plan and the support of Shinkin Central Bank and many other credit unions in the financial industry, anime has created new encounters and exchanges in Kochi. The number of young people working in the anime industry in Kochi is steadily increasing.

We owe this entirely to all of you who have sympathized with and supported this small initiative in Kochi, and we are deeply grateful.

Initiatives by Kochi Shinkin Bank and the Regional Future Foundation

Kochi Shinkin Bank is working on the Kochi Anime Creator Holy Land Project as a part of its 100th anniversary project, based on the “Agreement on Cooperation for Promoting the Kochi Anime Creator Holy Land Project” concluded with Kochi Prefecture, Kochi City, Nangoku City, and Susaki City. We will do our utmost to contribute to solving the regional issues of Kochi by gathering anime power in Kochi and creating connections between anime creators.

The Regional Future Foundation is a public interest incorporated foundation whose purpose is to support business activities that are recognized as having public benefit and are carried out by Kochi Prefecture, municipalities within the prefecture, and organizations, etc., for the sustainable development of the local community, in accordance with the management philosophy of “developing people, creating profits, and giving back to society” of Masao Yamamoto, Lifetime Honorary Chairman of Kochi Shinkin Bank.

Information about the Kochi Anime Creator Awards, Kochi Anikuri Festival, and Kochi Anime Creator Holy Land Project is also available on social media. Please follow us and show your support.




The first award ceremony will be held at Kochi Anikuri Festival 2024.

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The first award ceremony will be held at Kochi Anikuri Festival 2024.
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