The 48th (2024) Animewik Manga Award winners have been decided!


The 48th (2024) Animewik Manga Award winners have been decided!
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The Animewik Manga Awards are held every year to honor the author who has produced the most outstanding work, with the aim of improving the quality of Japanese manga and contributing to its development. Animewik's works won the 48th Girls' Division and Overall Division.

[Selection Committee]
Natsumi Ando, ​​Tsunami Unno, Etsushi Ogawa, Koji Kumeta, Kaoru Hayamine, Norifusa Mita, Makoto Yukimura
(In alphabetical order, titles omitted)

Girls Division
“I was looking at your profile”
Author: Ichinohe Rumi Published in: Bessatsu Friend


4 high school boys and girls, all in unrequited love. A youth drama where everything is adorable!

The first main character is Hikaru, a first year high school student who is extremely ordinary.
He is far from romance and spends his days searching for a boy who is worthy of his best friend, the beautiful Mari.
One day, I was daydreaming about being Mari's partner.
With Otani-kun, the class mood maker
The most handsome guy in my grade, Asagiri-kun, started talking to me.

Furthermore, the second main character is Otani-kun.
The person this lovable character has feelings for is…

The love and friendship of the four begins!

General category
Author: Tsurumai Ikada Published in: Afternoon

[Content introduction

I have a dream that I want to make come true and put my whole life on the line!

Tsukasa, a young man whose dreams have been shattered, and Inori, a girl who has been abandoned.
But the two had a stronger obsession with Link than anyone else.
The two met on the ice and teamed up.
Aim for the world with figure skating!

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The 48th (2024) Animewik Manga Award winners have been decided!

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The 48th (2024) Animewik Manga Award winners have been decided!
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