Stellar Blade receives new trailer about the Naytiba creatures


Stellar Blade receives new trailer about the Naytiba creatures
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A Sony Interactive Entertainment shared a new trailer for the long-awaited title from the Korean studio Shift Up, Stellar Blade, where it is possible to contemplate the malevolent Naytiba, the game’s bosses in all their splendor. Furthermore, he also shared, in the PlayStation Official Bloga short interview with the studio and monster designer Hee-Cheol Jandwhere they delve deeper into why the Naytibas are such unique creatures, analyzing their Raven, Stalker and Gigas variations, in order to understand the process of creating a new face of horror in video games.

Recently, it was reported that Stellar Blade has reached the Gold phase, which means that its development process is finished, it will arrive exclusively on PlayStation 5 on April 26th. The game, which is now available for pre-order, both at the usual points of sale and on the PlayStation Store, has a free demo, which is available on the PlayStation Store.

In this sci-fi the future of humanity lies at the end of a sword. Destroyed by bizarre creatures, planet Earth was abandoned, with only a decimated human race surviving, taking refuge in a space colony. Here, after leaving the Colony, warrior Eve lands on a desolate planet, with just one mission: to save humanity by rescuing Earth from the NA:tives, an evil force that has devastated the planet. But as EVE begins attacking the NA:tei and piecing together the puzzle that is the mystery of the past while exploring the ruins of human civilization, she discovers that her mission is far from simple, as not everything is as it seems. It is. It’s up to players to help save humanity from extinction in an adventure full of frantic combat, epic bosses and a lot of emotion at the tip of the sword.

Stellar Blade has a Standard Edition (available in physical and digital format for €79.99) and a Digital Deluxe Edition for €89.99, which in addition to the game, includes all pre-order bonuses, a stellar suit for Eve (and some half-rimmed glasses), another one for Adam and a coat for Lily, the stellar package for the drone, 2000 PH EXP and 5000 gold coins in the game. Don’t forget, players who pre-order Stellar Blade will receive as a pre-order bonus a voucher for early unlocking of classic round glasses for Eve; some ear armor earrings for Eve and even a planetary diving suit for Eve.

Stellar Blade receives new trailer about the Naytiba creatures

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Stellar Blade receives new trailer about the Naytiba creatures

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