Stardust affiliate company starts unusual comic business, develops manga with potential for live-action adaptation using talent


Stardust affiliate company starts unusual comic business, develops manga with potential for live-action adaptation using talent – All in one Anime and manga new release updates, New anime release, 2024 animes, upcoming anime, trending anime, and lots more!!.

SDP, an affiliate company of entertainment production company Stardust Promotion, launched a live-action comic label “BeSTAR comics” on the 26th, which is unusual for the industry. Started the comic business in earnest, and distributed two electronic comics, “Kara-chan to Shito-san,” and “Hermit Crab,” on Comic Seymour.

Utilizing his experience in publishing and video production, he develops manga works from the planning stage with a view to making them into live-action films.

A wide range of genres are planned, including romance, romantic comedy, BL, school, human drama, family drama, sports, suspense, mystery, horror, action, science fiction, historical drama, and comedy.

We envision a live-action adaptation that will take advantage of the over 1,000 talents that belong to Stardust Promotion, and in the future, we will decide on characters, live-action actors and actresses, and theme songs through auditions and voting, making this a reader-participation project. will also be implemented.

The first released works are “Kara-chan and Shito-san and” and “Hermit Crab.” The series will begin to be serialized exclusively in advance on Comic Seymour from the 26th, and from now on, sequels are scheduled to be distributed every two weeks.

■“Kara-chan and Shito-san” work introduction
In this work, Kara-chan, who loves food, and Shito-san, who loves saunas, travel together to private saunas around the country and feel like they are eating delicious food together.

The content provides readers with the ultimate solace through the free exchanges between two handsome men, and conveys “a way of getting along that would be nice to have” and “a relaxed and easy way to travel” in an era where the individual comes first. It’s sure to make you feel happy both physically and mentally! The more you read it, the more you’ll like it.A story of daily bliss centered around saunas and food, told by a pair of oppositely handsome men.

The person in charge of the original work was in charge of the script for the MBS/TBS drama “Kakegurui”, and later went on to write the movie “Don’t Mess with Eizouken!” Takano Minato is a screenwriter who has written scripts for many works including “, Nippon Television’s Sunday drama “True Criminal Flag”, and TV Asahi’s “Osama Sentai King Auger”. The person in charge of the manga is Futon Chirashi, a manga artist who is making his first serialized manga. Expressing the texture of the characters with delicate brush strokes, he delivers works with original designs.

■“Hermit Crab” work introduction
A promising young man with a sense of justice and aspiring to become a politician has had his brain swapped with a villainous yakuza…!?Kentaro Isori, who is the secretary of his father, a member of the House of Representatives, has broken up with his father, who is an unscrupulous politician. On his way home that day, he is hit by a car and loses consciousness.

For some reason, Kentaro wakes up in front of the police station and finds himself in the body of Ryuji Takayama, a gang member who was suspected of murder at the time. Kentaro, who was arrested as Takayama, pleads his innocence, but he ends up serving 10 years in prison. Kentaro, who had his body, lover, position, and everything stolen from him, decides to take revenge on Ryuji Takayama, who lives as “Kentaro Isori” in order to regain his life. A thrilling brain-revenge suspense story in which a man who has lost everything risks his life to get back what was stolen from him.

The original author is Hiraku Nakamura, who won the Excellence Award and the WEB Reader Award at the 7th “This Mystery is Amazing!” Grand Prize for “Reigen” in 2008. The man in charge of the manga is Bull, a notable manga artist who made his serial debut in “Pickup” (under the name Hirokazu Fukuda/original work: Shohei Manabe).

Stardust affiliate company starts unusual comic business, develops manga with potential for live-action adaptation using talent

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