[Pokemon]Summer Afnun is Eevee Friends ☆ Held simultaneously in 9 cities nationwide!


[Pokemon]Summer Afnun is Eevee Friends ☆ Held simultaneously in 9 cities nationwide!
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A new afternoon tea themed on the beloved Pokemon series has arrived! The Eevee Friends Afternoon Tea, an extraordinary experience where you can be soothed and excited by the colorful and unique Eevee Friends, will be held simultaneously in nine cities across Japan.

☆Colorful Eevee-themed sweets and savory dishes (15 photos)>>>

Afternoon tea themed around the Pokemon “Eevee,” a character from the hugely popular Nintendo content “Pokemon,” will be held at 11 hotels and wedding venues in nine cities across Japan on specific dates between July and September 2024.

“Pokemon” is loved by people all over the world, both in Japan and overseas. In 2023, “The Strings Hotel Nagoya” and “The Strings Omotesando” will be holding a limited-time afternoon tea with a “Pikachu” motif. It was a big hit.

The popular “Pokemon” Afternoon Tea will have “Eevee” and its evolved forms “Eevee Friends (Vaporeon / Jolteon / Flareon / Espeon / Umbreon / Leafeon / Glaceon / Sylveon)” as its motif in 2024!

As with the Pikachu Afternoon Tea, pastry chefs and chefs from The Strings Hotel Nagoya and The Strings Omotesando have teamed up to create high-quality, cute and exciting sweets and savory dishes inspired by the unique and colorful Eevee Friends.

The sweets at the stand include macarons with cream spilling out to resemble the fluffy fur around Eevee's neck, cool Vaporeon jelly with a beautiful blue gradation and transparency, and a chocolate cake made with chocolate and candy to recreate the three-dimensional appearance of Jove.
The cake also features a rare cheesecake with just the right amount of tart blueberries and black currants reminiscent of the elegant Espeon, a green apple mousse representing the eye-catching bright green of the Leafeon, a strawberry and peach tart with a swaying ribbon reminiscent of the cute Nymphia, and a matcha brownie inspired by a Monster Ball rolling through a grassland.

There are seven types available.

The savory dishes include curry-flavored bruschetta that expresses the fluffy texture of Booster, arancini that uses sauce and ingredients to express the appearance of Blackie, and royale topped with blue jelly that represents the always cool-looking Glaceon.

Drinks include free refills of tea, coffee, oolong tea, ginger ale, and apple juice.

Other must-see drinks include special desserts based on Eevee and Sylveon, floral sodas with drink markers depicting Eevee Friends, and original Eevee frappes and Art Cafe Latte drinks.

All afternoon tea sets come with an Eevee Friends placemat and menu, and the original drinks come with a special Eevee Friends coaster.

Enjoy a photogenic, exciting and extraordinary experience with the cute “Eevee Friends” sweets and savory dishes.

(C)Pokémon. (C)Nintendo/Creatures Inc./GAME FREAK inc.

[Pokemon]Summer Afnun is Eevee Friends ☆ Held simultaneously in 9 cities nationwide!

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