“Pokemon GO” Stardust 3x bonus is super hot! “Mada Tsubomi” Community Important Points Summary


“Pokemon GO” Stardust 3x bonus is super hot! “Mada Tsubomi” Community Important Points Summary
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Hello everyone! I’m Yuzumin, who enjoys playing Pokemon GO in her hometown of Akita Prefecture.

This time’s theme is about the “Mada Tsubomi” community day that will be held on April 20th (Saturday) from 14:00 to 17:00! Bonuses for catching Pokemon are hot, so make sure to organize your boxes before heading out!

◆A large number of Madatsubomi occur!If you don’t have different colors, get them here
This community day, there will be a large amount of Madatsubomi! If you don’t have the different colors yet, get them here.

For those who want to collect different colors of evolutions, the goal is to collect three.

Furthermore, there are few opportunities to use Madatsubomi in battles such as gyms and raids, so there is no need to pursue high-quality individuals unless you really like it.

◆Special skill is Magical Leaf!Is it an option?
If you evolve it into Utsubot by 10pm from the start of Community Day, it will learn the special normal attack “Magical Leaf”.

Utsubot originally learned an excellent technique called “Happa Cutter”, so it seems like he doesn’t have many opportunities to use it. However, Shadowbot is popular in Battle League, so it is an option.

Depending on your play style, use the Leaf Cutter, which has high power, and the Magical Leaf, which has good charge efficiency.

Personally, I feel that the Leaf Cutter is easier to use for Shadow Utsubot, which has low durability and is often pushed with firepower.

◆The 3x stardust bonus is super hot!This time, just get the Pokemon!
This event bonus is 3 times the stardust and 2 times the candy when catching Pokemon! This is extremely exciting, and there are probably many people who play Community Day with the aim of getting a 3x Stardust bonus.

I would also like to use star shards, which will increase the amount of stardust you get! This is an event where you want to get as many Pokemon as possible, so be sure to leave as many boxes open as possible on the day of the event.

After the community day ends, an additional raid will start. The 4-star raid Utsudon is difficult enough to defeat even solo.

Remote raid passes cannot be used for additional raids, and you must go to the location.

When someone wins a raid battle, Madatsubomi will appear around that gym for 30 minutes. The Madatsubomi that appeared here has a higher probability of being a different color, just like in Commuday.

This community day is more of an opportunity to earn a lot of stardust than to increase your strength. Let’s carefully prepare the empty boxes and balls and have fun!

“Pokemon GO” Stardust 3x bonus is super hot! “Mada Tsubomi” Community Important Points Summary

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