Pamo-san Syntax (Pamo-san Kobun)


Pamo-san Syntax (Pamo-san Kobun)
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Meaning of “Pamo-san syntax”

“Pamo-san syntax'' is an internet meme that originated from the behavior of the Pokémon “Pamo'' that appears in the Nintendo Switch software “Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.''
It was ranked 14th in the “100 Internet Buzzwords 2023” sponsored by “Niconico Encyclopedia” and “Pixiv Encyclopedia” (*1).

Origin and etymology of “Pamo-san syntax”

The origin of the syntax is “Oh! Pamo-san, the dirt in the gap in the floor Watch …It's so cute, so cute.''

First of all, the reason why it's so cluttered is because of the character “Sage'' in the same game.

“Sage'' is a teacher who teaches “linguistics'' at a school called “Grape Academy (Orange Academy)'' that the main character attends. She is well-versed in a variety of languages ​​and teaches German, English, Chinese, and Spanish in her classes, but she has a very unique way of speaking that mixes these with Japanese (Kansai dialect). doing.

During the live commentary, Mr. Rantan often imitates this characteristic way of speaking, and the scene where the syntax is based is when Mr. Rantan goes to meet “Sage''. At that time, “Pamo'' was next to “Sage'', and “Pamo'' was looking down at the timing when he spoke to “Sage.'' (I will omit the detailed flow, but the topic is “Pamo”)
Perhaps because it looked like he was looking through the gaps between the tiles, Mr. Rantan said in a “Sage''-like tone, “Oh! Mr. Pamo, watch the dirt in the gaps in the floor…it's so cute, isn't it?'' did. Therefore, this is just Rantan's imitation of “Sage” and is not a line from the game.

These casually uttered words caused a stir on the Internet, and led to “Oh! Pamo-san” becoming a trending topic on X. Eventually, the syntax became “Oh! Pamo-san (random sentence) Watch…you're so cute'' to express the situation where “Pamo'' was looking at something. Note that the front and back parts may be omitted in some cases.

Because of this, “Pamo'' itself suddenly became a hot topic, with stuffed animals on the verge of running out of stock, but in reality, “Pamo'''s character design has its face always facing forward. Therefore, when Mr. Rantan talks to “Sage,” it is normal for “Pamo” to look forward, and it is normal for “Pamo” to look down, which is an impossible behavior under normal circumstances. There are various theories floating around about this, including some saying it's a bug and others saying it's a problem with the angle at which the person speaks, but no clear reason has been found.

Rantan is also aware of the “Pamo-san construction,” having mentioned it in his Nico Nico Live Broadcast.
Also, perhaps in response to this boom, when the smartphone app “Pokemon GO” included Pokemon from the Paldea region, including “Pamo”, the official X of Pokemon GO Japan posted an image of “Pamo staring at the floor”. He posted a post with the caption, “It looks like he's staring at something…'' (*2).

Examples of usage of “Pamo-san syntax”

“Pamo-san syntax'' includes not only photos using the aforementioned “Pokemon GO,'' but also simple to elaborate photos, such as taking a photo using a “Pamo'' stuffed animal that looks like it's looking into a gap in the flooring. A lot.

Illustrations using “Pamo-san syntax'' are also drawn.

“Oh! Pamo-san draft beer watch… so cute.”

“Oh! Pamo-san Chocolate Banana Parfait Watch… So cute.”

“Oh! Pamo-san dashboard watch…it's so cute”

“Oh! Pamo-san, watch someone collapse with a hangover…it's so cute.”

*1 “100 Internet Buzzwords 2023” announced on December 14, 2023

Corresponding post by Pokémon GO Japan Official X

Otaku syntax (otaku syntax)

Uncle syntax (Ojisan Kobun)

aunt syntax (aunt koubun))

Pamo-san Syntax (Pamo-san Kobun)

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