OTONA Karimoku furniture designed by Disney is now available as a gacha!


OTONA Karimoku furniture designed by Disney is now available as a gacha!
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The “Karimoku OTONA Disney Style Gacha (R) Collection,” which is a miniature version of the Disney-designed furniture series “OTONA Disney Style” developed by Karimoku Furniture, will be released in capsule toy stores nationwide from mid-May 2024. This is a Takara Tomy Arts “Gacha” brand item.

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Karimoku Furniture is a long-established wooden furniture manufacturer. In 1940, Shohei Kato founded a woodworking shop in Kariya City, Aichi Prefecture. He ran a wood product processing business, and based on the skills he cultivated there, he began selling his own wooden furniture in the 1960s.
With the motto, “If we’re going to use 100-year-old wood, we want to make furniture that’s appropriate for its growth rings,” we work on furniture making with a “high-tech and high-touch” approach that combines advanced mechanical processing with craftsmanship. In addition, from the standpoint of security, safety, and environmental consideration, it meets the domestic furniture labeling certification standards set by the Japan Furniture Industry Promotion Association.

“OTONA Disney Style” is a furniture series developed by Karimoku Furniture, one of Japan’s leading furniture manufacturers, since 2016.

Based on the long-selling series “Colonial” that has been loved by the company for over 50 years, it features a colonial-style design with a touch of Disney worldview and a casual sense of playfulness.

Takara Tomy Arts commercialized this “OTONA Disney Style” figure for the first time as a capsule toy (gacha) and released it as the “Karimoku OTONA Disney Style Gacha (R) Collection.” We have selected four types of furniture, including the most popular rocking chair from the series, and have made them into miniatures with every detail.
To express the texture of the domestic chestnut wood used in OTONA Disney Style furniture, the main body is painted with gradation and printed to make use of the wood grain.
In addition, the brass plates attached to all the furniture in the lineup are reproduced in detail using paint printing, and the Mickey-shaped silhouette “Hidden Mickey” carved into the dining chair is also included. Furthermore, the rocking chair was created with particular attention to materials and shape so that it can actually be rocked.

The lineup includes four types: rocking chairs, armchairs, tables, and dining chairs. Each total height is 2.5-5.4 cm.

Takara Tomy Arts says, “Karimoku OTONA Disney Style Gacha (R) Collection,” which you can enjoy in a variety of ways, such as displaying it with your favorite furniture or taking photos with separately sold figures.You can create a small Disney interior that fits in the palm of your hand. Please take your time and enjoy it.”

Karimoku is working on the wooden version of Medicom Toy’s BE@RBRICK. Additionally, Ken Elephant has released a series of miniatures such as “Karimoku 60” in capsule toy and blind boxes.

For this reason, the manufacturer is well-known among hobby fans other than furniture enthusiasts.
Not only those who love Disney, but also those who collect Karimoku miniatures made by other companies, should check out this item.

*Gacha (R) is a registered trademark of Takara Tomy Arts Co., Ltd.

OTONA Karimoku furniture designed by Disney is now available as a gacha!

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