Opening of Kaiju nº 8 is being criticized


Opening of Kaiju nº 8 is being criticized
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It was only in the second episode that the opening sequence of the anime series adaptation of the manga was shown. Kaiju No. 8 in Naoya Matsumoto and some criticisms arose.

Although the closing sequence drew attention for its visuals and the music performed by the OneRepublicit seems that the opening was not as lucky.

In the opinion of fans, a good opening should have catchy music, striking visual sequences that introduce the viewer to the world and style of the series, visual synchronization with the music to create an immersive experience, present the main characters in an attractive way, and, as an additional but also appreciated detail, change slightly as the episodes progress.

It seems that the opening of Kaiju No. 8 failed to exceed the expectations of some fans, as it is receiving a large number of negative reviews not only due to the use of 3DCG animation, but due to the fact that the video seems more focused on being an MV (short for “Musical Video”, a video that accompanied by commercial music) than an anime opening.

The criticism comes from both Western and Japanese fans, and in Japan they even mention that it was a mistake to choose a song in English just to satisfy the global market, supposedly failing in the attempt:

  • Wait, is this the real opening? Will we see this week after week?
  • After all, only the last few seconds can be understood. No one will know what the series is about just by looking at the opening, shouldn’t that be the goal?
  • Netflix’s Ultraman also had this kind of opening, so I think most of Production IG’s new anime will be like this. Normally this would go to closure.
  • I was more disappointed with a song that tries to imitate Linkin Park than with the opening itself.
  • It is a shame. There is no information, no hook to attract the general public.
  • I don’t think it’s bad, it’s simply a reflection of Western tastes. All anime produced abroad are like this. In fact, foreign anime openings are becoming more and more like this.
  • They began to want to please both the Japanese and foreigners, and failed in both missions.
  • I saw a music video with manga panels and good music that looks much better than this.
  • Wow, this is an animation taken from a PC from about twenty years ago, it’s disappointing.
  • This really scared me, I thought they made a mistake and showed the artist’s music video.
  • Another opening that I’m going to skip, won’t there be any good ones this season?
  • It’s like the opening of an American film, and it’s not what the world of Japanese anime represents.
  • They are trying very hard to please foreigners, I don’t know if it worked for them.
  • It looks like a very nice wallpaper.
  • Good animation for an MV, but not for an opening. They should have done this like the first season of Shingeki no Kyojin.
  • In fact, it’s very good. The CGI doesn’t bother me. It’s very detailed and you can see a lot of work has gone into the visual effects. And the music is great too. It’s a unique debut. I don’t mind having something different every now and then.
  • I really liked the music and the opening animation itself is great. However, we could have done something much better in the animation.
  • The music isn’t that bad, but I don’t like the visual effects at all. I would have preferred a classic animation with the cast and some action.
  • The music is good and suits the anime. Visually, your CG looks great, but it doesn’t look like an opening.
  • Only the last thirty seconds are good, the rest is mediocre, but the music is good.

Opening of Kaiju nº 8 is being criticized

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Opening of Kaiju nº 8 is being criticized

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