Nui pouch (nui pouch)


Nui pouch (nui pouch)
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Meaning of “Nui pouch”

“Nui Pouch” is an abbreviation for “Stuffed Animal Pouch.”
A transparent pouch that you can carry around with your favorite stuffed animal. Because it is transparent, it has the benefits of “being able to see the stuffed animal at any time,” “showing the stuffed animal the scenery,” and “carrying the stuffed animal without getting it dirty.”

An item that is popular among women. It is indispensable for traveling with stuffed animals, taking pictures, etc. It comes with a strap and carabiner, making it easy to attach to your bag.

Due to the popularity of oshikatsu and nuikatsu, various designs have appeared from many manufacturers. Color variations that match your favorite color are popular. People tend to prefer a size that fits the stuffed animal just right, so those with a height of 10 to 20 cm are particularly common.

In “Yahoo! Search Targets 2023” announced by LINE Yahoo! Corporation in 2023, it was ranked second in “Products expected to be a hit in 2024” (*1).

Origin and etymology of “Nui pouch”

From the “pouch” for putting “stuffed animals.”
First appearance is unknown. Some people may have enjoyed putting stuffed animals in commercially available transparent pouches even before the current special items appeared. It has been popular since around 2013.Itaba (Ita bag)Some people think that it falls into the lineage of “.

Examples of how to use “Sewing Pouch”

“I bought a new sewing pouch!”

“I’m going on a trip with a pouch in my favorite color.”

“Look at my sewing pouch…it fits like Cinderella…”

“Oshinui has finally been released, so I’m desperately looking for a cute sewing pouch.”

“The novelty I received was perfect for sewing, so I’m going to make it into a sewing pouch.”

▼Various designs available
With the popularity of oshikatsu and nuikatsu, “nui pouches” with various designs have been released. Many manufacturers are participating, from fancy shops to 100 yen shops to specialty goods brands, making it easy to find the design you like.

– Comes with a gusset (stuffed toy doesn’t get crushed easily)
・Cylindrical shape (easily fits large stuffed animals)
・Large size makes it easy to store multiple items
・A sewing pouch is included with the smartphone strap.
・Sweet package style design
・Contains oil so glitter and flakes flow
・Animal type
・With lost child tag
– Comes with a partition board that can also hold bromides and trading cards.
・”Stuffed toy shoulder bag” with independent stuffed pouch

▼“Sew pouches” inspired by characters are also available.
The official side sometimes manufactures sewing pouches with designs based on Oshi (Oshi) motifs.

The popular anime “Detective Conan” sells sewing pouches with motifs such as “Kid the Phantom Thief” and “Café Poirot.” The design was reminiscent of the character’s image colors and costumes, and attracted the attention of fans.

▼Some people make handmade sewing pouches
Some people make hand-sewn pouches in search of the ideal design. Some people use ready-made sewing pouches, while others collect materials from scratch and DIY their own. There are also making-of videos and articles posted on the internet, so those who want to get their hands on a masterpiece with even more attention to detail may want to refer to it.

▼Be careful not to misidentify it as a “stuffed toy-shaped pouch”
A pouch shaped like a stuffed animal is sometimes called a “stuffed pouch.”

Especially for people who have no connection to Oshi-katsu or Ota-katsu, there is a possibility that they are more mainstream. Depending on the person you are using and the situation in which you are using it, you may want to be careful about misidentification.

“Yahoo! Search Award 2023” Next Break Product Category

Oshi (Oshi)

Oshigoto (work)

Sewing (Nui)


Nui pouch (nui pouch)

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