New trailer for the anime series Delico's Nursery


New trailer for the anime series Delico's Nursery
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A Aniplex started showing a new trailer for Delico's Nurseryan anime series inspired by the play TRUMP in Kenichi Suemitsu.

Scheduled to premiere in July 2024, the animation is from the studio JC Staff (Edens Zero), the direction is Hiroshi Nishikiori (A Certain Magical Index, Azumanga Daioh), the story is of Suemitsuthe character design and animation direction is by Yōko Itō (Amanchu!, Golden Time) and the music is the responsibility of Shunsuke Wada (stage plays from Demon Slayer, My Hero Academia, Naruto).

In the cast we have:

  • Masakazu Morita like Dali Delico
  • Katsuyuki Konishi as Gerhard Fra
  • Hiro Shimono as Henrique Lorca
  • Takuya Satō like Dino Classico
Delico's Nursery anime visual 2

Synopsis of Delico's Nursery

In the past, the vampire race that ruled the earth had the power of immortality. In the present day, this power has been lost and the world has been divided into two groups: the now deadly vampire race and the human race that coincides with their limited lifespan. However, it is said that somewhere in this world there is a single Vampire who still has eternal life. TRUE OF VAMP: Creator of Vamps. Connecting the first and last letters, people called the origins of the vampire race “TRUMP”.

TRUMP premiered in Japan in 2009 and has since inspired other plays, concerts and short stories. A manga adaptation by Hamaguri began to be published in Young Ace in November 2020.

New trailer for the anime series Delico's Nursery

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New trailer for the anime series Delico's Nursery

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