New “Momoko x Sanrio Characters” goods are now available! Fall in love at first sight with the cute collaboration illustrations♪


New “Momoko x Sanrio Characters” goods are now available! Fall in love at first sight with the cute collaboration illustrations♪
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New “Momoko x Sanrio Characters” goods will be released at Sanrio Anime Store (store) from June 21st! Pre-orders will also start on May 8th at Sanrio Anime Store ONLINE.

This time, Hello Kitty, Pompompurin, Cinnamoroll, Kuromi, and Wish Me Mel are collaborating with unique girls!

Momoko's illustrations, which are carefully drawn down to the detailed decorations and backgrounds, are sure to captivate the eyes and hearts of those who see them in no time.

We will introduce you to the charms of our super cute new goods!

[Sales information (mail order/store)]

■Pre-sale: May 8, 2024 (Wednesday) to May 13, 2024 (Monday)

■Location: Mail order site “Sanrio Anime Store ONLINE”

*Mail order will be resumed after the store release date (June 21st).

■Release date: June 21, 2024 (Friday) ~

■Location: Sanrio Anime Store Ikebukuro P'PARCO store

▼Go to Sanrio Anime Store ONLINE▼

order from here!

New goods include 8 items and 41 types!A huge collection of heart-pounding items

[List of goods]

・Can badges (10 types in total) *Blind product

・Mini colored paper (5 types in total) *Blind product

・Acrylic key chain (5 types in total) *Blind product

・Die-cut smartphone stickers (5 types in total)

・Character clear case (5 types in total)

・Smachara stand (5 types in total)

・Acrylic stand (5 types in total)

・A3 clear poster (1 type in total)

Tin badges (10 types in total, blind products)

The can badge, which is a standard item, has a diameter of 5.7cm. The design is designed with a close-up view of the girls' faces, so you can take a close look at the girls' eyes that seem to draw you in and their delicate expressions!

Lots of red ribbons to match Hello Kitty! The girls' shiny blonde hair and soft smiles as they enjoy playing with bubbles together are irresistible…!! It's an illustration full of fantasy that makes you feel like you're in a fairy tale world.

Mini colored paper (5 types/blind product)

The mini colored paper, which also features the collaboration logo of “Momoko x Sanrio Characters”, measures approximately 13cm in length and width. It's heartwarming to see him spending time with the Sanrio characters as he pleases.

Pompompurin is a collaboration with a girl who wears retro girly style outfits. The way she peeks out of her backpack is adorable too…! Be sure to pay attention to the small details, such as the smartphone key chain that is made of pudding and the nails that are also pudding-colored!

▼Go to Sanrio Anime Store ONLINE▼

order from here!

Acrylic key chain (5 types/blind product)

The acrylic keychain measures approximately 6.5cm. If you attach it to your bag or keys, it will make your everyday outings even more fun♪

The girl at the Cinnamoroll and sweets party is wearing fluffy ear headphones. Enjoy Momoko-sensei's unique attention to detail, such as the meticulously drawn accessories and the texture of the costumes, all in your own hands!

Die-cut smartphone stickers (5 types in total)

Die-cut smartphone stickers within 7cm x 7cm are also available.

If you put it in the smartphone case you usually carry or stick it on your PC, you can view the charming illustrations anytime, anywhere!

*Images are of some products.
*Images are of some products.

For punkish girls, Kuromi's charm point, a “pink skull” hairpin or necklace, will be the highlight. Furthermore, what peeks out from the skirt of the girl who collaborated with Wish Me Mel is…a rainbow-colored tail!

The more I look, the more I discover new things, so it's exciting♪

Character clear case (5 types in total)

*Images are of some products.
*Images are of some products.

The character clear case, which measures approximately 22.4cm x 15.5cm, is a hard clear case, so it is useful when carrying paper such as postcards and tickets that you are worried about breaking!

Also, since the collaboration illustration is designed in a large size, it is a very satisfying item even if you display it as is!!

▼Go to Sanrio Anime Store ONLINE▼

order from here!

Smachara stand (5 types in total)

*Images are of some products.
*Images are of some products.

The SmaChara stand, which can be used to place a smartphone when combined with the pedestal, is approximately 15cm x 7cm. There is also a hole at the bottom for the charging cord to pass through, making it extremely convenient to use as you can operate your smartphone while charging.

Feel soothed by looking at the cute illustrations while using it everyday at home or at work!

Acrylic stand (5 types in total)

*Images are of some products.

For those who want to enjoy collaboration illustrations to the fullest, we recommend an acrylic stand with a maximum length and width of 15 cm. You can see not only the girls and Sanrio characters, but also the detailed backgrounds of each illustration!

Please look for motifs unique to this collaboration!

A3 clear poster (1 type in total)

Five girls are gathered together on this big A3 clear poster measuring approximately 30cm x 42cm! This is a luxurious item that allows you to view the collaboration illustration in overwhelming size.

Display it in your room and charge your energy with Momoko-sensei's illustrations!

Postcards (all 5 types) using collaboration illustrations will be a bonus for purchase!

For every purchase of “Momoko x Sanrio Characters'' new products for 2,200 yen (tax included), you will receive a random postcard (5 types in total) as a purchase bonus.

Purchases made through mail order are also eligible, so be sure to check it out!

▼Go to Sanrio Anime Store ONLINE▼

order from here!

“Momoko x Sanrio Characters” is a collaboration between cute Sanrio characters and lovely girls that you won't be able to take your eyes off of. All of the new goods that have appeared this time are ones you'll want to pick up!

Why not get some goods and add some excitement to your everyday life?

◆Momoko is

A popular illustrator who works on illustrations for light novels, games, and VTuber character designs. The delicate and lustrous beautiful girls that Momoko draws have captured the hearts of many fans.

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New “Momoko x Sanrio Characters” goods are now available! Fall in love at first sight with the cute collaboration illustrations♪

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New “Momoko x Sanrio Characters” goods are now available! Fall in love at first sight with the cute collaboration illustrations♪
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