New anime adaptation of Yaiba may be about to be announced


New anime adaptation of Yaiba may be about to be announced
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During the last few hours there was a rumor that Kenyū Densetsu Yaiba (Yaiba) may be about to receive a remake announcement.

It all came from the magazine Weekly Shonen Sundaywhere Yaiba was serialized between 1988 and 1993, announcing a new Gosho Aoyamathe creator and illustrator of Yaiba It is Detective Conan. To give more veracity to this rumor, a new website was created with the domain Yaiba.

In addition to Yaiba receive 24 volumes for Shonen Sunday also received an anime adaptation with 52 episodes between 1993 and 1994 in Japan, which was also broadcast on TVI in the program Batatoon in 2000 with the title of Yaiba, the little samurai.

Synopsis of Kenyū Densetsu Yaiba

Yaiba Kurogane is a boy who wants to become the best samurai in the world. Since he was a child, he was trained on a remote island with his father, Kenjuro Kurogane. To learn how to be a true samurai, he returns home with his pets, a tiger called Kagetora and a vulture called Shonosuke and there he meets his father’s rival and his daughter Sayaka Mine. One day, Yaiba, during a conversation with Sayaka at school, meets Takeshi Onimaru, the captain of the kendo team, who challenges him to prove that he is the strongest, however, it is Yaiba who wins the fight.

Takeshi, blinded by his defeat against Yaiba, decides to resort to the powers of a legendary sword, an heirloom from his family, in which the spirit of the God of Wind is contained, and ends up being possessed, thus becoming a demon. After another fight, Yaiba is easily defeated and so he decides to walk to the mountain in search of the Lightning God’s sword to fight Takeshi, but he doesn’t let the God dominate him so he can control his power, thanks to the training he received from Musashi. Miyamoto, a legendary samurai.

New anime adaptation of Yaiba may be about to be announced

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New anime adaptation of Yaiba may be about to be announced

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