Netflix “Ultraman: Rising” video released Dubbing cast includes Akiko Fuji and Hiroko Sakurai


Netflix “Ultraman: Rising” video released Dubbing cast includes Akiko Fuji and Hiroko Sakurai – All in one Anime and manga new release updates, New anime release, 2024 animes, upcoming anime, trending anime, and lots more!!.

New key art and the trailer (Japanese version) of the CG animated feature film “Ultraman: Rising'' (released worldwide on June 14th), co-produced by Tsuburaya Productions and Netflix, have been released. At the same time, the cast for the Japanese dubbed version was announced.

Yuki Yamada plays the lead role of Ken Sato, and additional cast members include Fumiyo Kohinata as Professor Sato, Ken's estranged father, and Akari Hayami as Ami Wakita, a single mother journalist who deepens his relationship with Ken. Fumihiko Tachiki plays the role of Dr. Onda, the cold-hearted commander of the Monster Defense Force (KDF), an organization that confronts Ultraman over the “baby monster” Emi, and Ayumi Tsunematsu plays the role of Mina, the supercomputer who takes care of Ken.

Also, Hiroko Sakurai, known for her role as Fuji Akiko in “Ultraman'' (1966), plays Ami's mother, and Takaya Aoyagi, who played the role of Juggler Juggler in “Ultraman Orb'' and “Ultraman Z,'' also plays Dr. Onda's right-hand man. It has been decided that he will be participating as a voice actor as an Aoshima member.

The Netflix movie “Ultraman: Rising'' is a story with the themes of “parents and children'' and “family.'' Ken Sato, a star baseball player, takes on another role as “Ultraman,'' a superhero who protects the earth. In order to take on that role, Ken returns to Japan and participates in games as a member of the Japanese baseball world. However, their peaceful daily life is disrupted by the sudden appearance of a powerful monster, Gigantron.

Ken becomes Ultraman and challenges the battle, but the approaching monster's attack intensifies. Meanwhile, Ken finds himself in an unexpected situation where he is entrusted with the care of a “baby monster” that is the child of his “nemesis.” As he struggles as a new father to a “baby monster” named Emi, he comes face to face with his estranged relationship with his father and the true meaning of being an “Ultraman”… .

The preview (Japanese version) released this time shows Ken Sato fighting as Ultraman, and scenes where he becomes the parent of the “baby monster” Emi during the battle and struggles to raise her. , the fierce battle between the monster defense team and the monster defense team trying to abduct Emi is depicted in beautiful images. In addition, music by Grammy award-winning dance music super producer Diplo, Oliver Tree, and Alicia Creti enlivens Ultraman's battle.

■Comment from Yuki Yamada, the role of Ken Sato

To all the Ultraman fans who are looking forward to this work, and to everyone who loves heroes. This time, Ultraman is a work that even the whole family can enjoy. It could be your relationship with your family, or if you have experience raising children, how you treat your children. It's a story full of love that you can watch while imagining, thinking about, and reminiscing about various things. I hope it reaches many people. Please take a look.

■Comment from Fumiyo Kohinata who played the role of Professor Sato

When “Ultraman'' was broadcast in 1966, I was 12 years old and watched it from the beginning. This work is a story with the theme of family love. I hope all the family will come and see it. There is a very cute monster called Emi. They look like human babies, have rich expressions, and everyone will love them. There are parts of it that overlap with the difficulties of raising children, so I would like families with children and elderly people who have raised children to watch this with their families. Please everyone take a look.

■Comment from Akari Hayami who plays the role of Wakita Ami

I'm honored to be invited back to the Ultraman series. For those who are looking forward to this work, please look forward to seeing the new Ultraman. Emi is so cute that I felt like she was a character that made me want to hug her tightly. Ultraman also raises his children in a hurry, just like real human mothers and fathers. There are a variety of themes, such as the relationship between parents and children, and the coexistence of humans and monsters, so I hope you'll look forward to watching it.

Netflix “Ultraman: Rising” video released Dubbing cast includes Akiko Fuji and Hiroko Sakurai

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