[Miffy]Superb texture! “Fluffy Moco Mini” is the best huggable!


[Miffy]Superb texture! “Fluffy Moco Mini” is the best huggable!
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There are 4 mini-sized “Bruna Bonbon Fuwamoko Mini” (hereinafter referred to as “Fuwamoko Mini”) of “Bruna Bonbon Fuwamoko” (hereinafter referred to as “Fuwamoko”) which has a great texture that was a big hit last year from the Bruna Bonbon series with cumulative sales of 400,000 units. Appears on the moon. The Bruna Bonbon series is a popular item with 93% of buyers saying they would “recommend it to others.”

Bruna Bonbon is a balloon toy featuring a rabbit that appears in a picture book by Dick Bruna, a Dutch picture book author and graphic designer who is known worldwide as the author of Miffy. It has been a very popular product since its introduction, and is chosen by a wide range of people, especially as gifts for children.

The extremely soft “Fuwamoko” that was introduced last year was also very popular, with long lines of parents and children wanting to take pictures with it when it was unveiled for the first time at a toy show. It was a big hit.

As a result of a survey conducted by the publisher Ides for purchasers of the series, 93% of the 276 respondents in the latest month said they would “recommend this product to family and friends.” 63% of respondents said “the design is good” as the reason for this, indicating that the good design is the reason for its popularity.

Toys with simple designs leave room for imagination, and playing with simple toys in childhood fosters creativity and high sensibility.

In the words of the original author, Dick Bruna, “The most important thing when it comes to design is simplicity. Don’t just make it perfect, try to make it as simple as possible. That way, the viewer can imagine a lot.” (Excerpt from “The World of Dick Bruna through Children’s Studies”).

It can be said that the Bruna Bonbon series has become a product that is loved by many people because it was created by adhering to Dick Bruna’s “pursuit of simplicity.”

[Related image]Check out the fluffy “Fuwamoko”! (5 sheets)

[Miffy]Superb texture! “Fluffy Moco Mini” is the best huggable!

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