M League x 5 other world anime collaboration! Voice actors are cheering squad leaders. M Leaguers and comedians form teams to compete for the prestige of the series


M League x 5 other world anime collaboration! Voice actors are cheering squad leaders. M Leaguers and comedians form teams to compete for the prestige of the series – All in one Anime and manga new release updates, New anime release, 2024 animes, upcoming anime, trending anime, and lots more!!.

Abema has announced that it will broadcast a special program, “2024 Alternate World Anime Collaborates with M League,” a collaboration between the professional mahjong league M League and five popular alternate world anime works from Bandai Namco Filmworks, on June 23rd and June 30th at 7pm.

This time, in order to make mahjong more familiar to many people, a unique collaboration has been realized with five popular other-worldly anime works from Bandai Namco Filmworks.

The five isekai anime works collaborating this time are “I Was Reincarnated as the Seventh Prince, so I'll Carefreely Master Magic,” “The Reincarnated Noble Rise to Power with His Appraisal Skills,” “That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime,” “This World is Not Perfect,” and “Wistoria of the Staff and Sword.” These five works have teamed up to carry out various projects under the title “Lots of isekai anime to be broadcast in 2024” (commonly known as “Isekai”).

The voice actors who play the characters of each work become the cheering captains for the team, and together with M Leaguers and comedians with deep knowledge of mahjong, they form a team representing each work. The M Leaguers and comedians will play a heated match with the prestige of the work at stake.

The rules are that five round-robin Tonfu matches will be played, and the four winning teams will compete in one half-game in the finals.

This special program will also be streamed simultaneously on Abema's Mahjong Channel and Anime LIVE Channel, as well as on M League's official YouTube channel and Bandai Namco Film Works' official isekai channel, a YouTube channel specializing in other world anime. On the Mahjong Channel and M League's official YouTube channel, you can watch the mahjong games, while on the Anime LIVE Channel and isekai channel, you can enjoy behind-the-scenes footage of members of each production team cheering on the games.

<"I Was Reincarnated as the Seventh Prince, so I'll Master Magic at My Own Pace" Team>

▼ Cheerleading Captain: Makoto Koichi (voice of Lloyd)
The Seventh Prince team will win the championship and become a master of mahjong!! We'll do our best! Everyone, please support us!
Mahjong knowledge…could it be put to some use in magic…? Exciting!!
▼ Nakata Kana (BEAST Japanext)
I think the M League commentary and commentary is aimed more at beginners than usual. Mahjong fans,
Even if you don't watch mahjong often, I think you'll enjoy it as your first mahjong game!
▼ Dennis Matsushita
This is a miraculous collaboration between M-Leaguers, voice actors, and comedians! Will a comedian be able to defeat an M-Leaguer? Please keep an eye out.

▼ Cheerleading Captain: Fujiwara Natsumi (voice of Ars)
The two very encouraging people I chose using my appraisal skill will fight with all their might, bearing the name of the appraisal skill!!
Although I only have a basic knowledge of the game, I would like to support you with all my might!! I'll do my best!!
▼Kei Nakabayashi (U-NEXT Pirates)
The mahjong content of the comedians is really funny, and the M Leaguers are playing mahjong in a way that is typical of M Leaguers,
I think it's super interesting, so I definitely recommend you check it out!
And Zakoshishou's commentary was…amazing, so be sure to check it out!
▼ Hollywood Zakoshi Show
I played mahjong for the first time in 20 years, so I lost big! (lol) Sorry!

<"That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime" Team>

▼ Cheerleading Captain: Chikahiro Kobayashi (voice of Ranga)
It was a really exciting and fun day. Even if you have never played mahjong before,
I think it was a very enjoyable broadcast even for those who are knowledgeable about the subject.
Thank you for your continued support for both the anime and M League! I hope we can do it again!
▼Takaharu Tai (Shibuya ABEMAS)
This program is a team of voice actors, comedians, and us M Leaguers.
I think the feeling of wanting to have fun together is at the forefront, so
I hope you enjoy it.
The mahjong itself is not a typical mahjong commentary, so please relax and enjoy.
I hope you laugh while watching it!
▼Nicche Kondo
There is a lot of content where you can see behind the scenes of M Leaguers and voice actors, so
I hope you enjoy all of it, too!

<"This World is Too Imperfect" Team>

▼ Cheerleading Captain: Hinaki Yano (voice of Nicola)
An unexpected collaboration program between Isekai and M League!
I'm happy to be joining from the “This World is Too Imperfect” team.

I don't know much about mahjong,
I was able to learn a little bit as I was able to watch professional mahjong.
I'm excited because it's my first experience, but I'm looking forward to playing with other people who are also playing mahjong for the first time.
I hope we can all enjoy it together, so please check it out!
▼Rio Tojo (Sega Sammy Phoenix)
By winning, this interesting “KonoFuka” will be made into an anime,
I hope this will help boost the anime adaptation!
I've never held a petri dish, so I'd love to try it (laughs).
▼Nelsons Wada Manju
Comedians are seriously playing mahjong! That's the highlight! Please enjoy!

<"Wistria of the Staff and Sword" Team>

▼ Cheerleading Captain: Akiyoshi Sekine (voice of Elfaria)
Isepai × M League collaboration special program I'm a complete amateur when it comes to mahjong, but “Wisteria of the Staff and Sword”
As the team representative, I would like to give my all!
Ise “pie” and mahjong “tile”! I hope the two pie will be hot and exciting! Please look forward to it!
▼Saka Okada (KADOKAWA Sakura Knights)
I think that in normal M League matches, everyone is pretty nervous, but this time
Everyone is having a great time, so I hope people can see that side of it.
There will be a darts game at the end, so I want to get as many darts as possible and an iPad (laughs).
▼Heisei Nobushi Kobushi Tokui
At first, I was just looking to have fun playing mahjong, but there were some very tense moments along the way.
I was so nervous that I didn't even want to play mahjong! Please check it out! Thank you!

M League x 5 other world anime collaboration! Voice actors are cheering squad leaders. M Leaguers and comedians form teams to compete for the prestige of the series

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