“Kirby Cafe” new drink features a straw! “Suikomi Kirby Mascot” is very popular for its cuteness


“Kirby Cafe” new drink features a straw! “Suikomi Kirby Mascot” is very popular for its cuteness
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Benelic will be selling a new take-out drink with a mascot from April 17th at Kirby Café with the theme of Kirby.

◆Comes with the genius idea “Suikomi Kirby Mascot”!
Newly released this time are fruit-flavored takeout drinks inspired by Kirby, Waddle Dee, King Dedede, and Meta Knight.

The flavors are guava-based for Kirby, orange for Waddle Dee, lychee for King Dedede, and grape juice for Meta Knight. It comes with fruit sauce, colorful jelly, and lemon-flavored star-shaped jelly as an accent.

In addition, all drink straws come with the “Suikomi Kirby Mascot”. Kirby is a mascot with an excellent design that looks like he will be hovering and sucking up all the drinks at any moment.

After drinking a drink, you can remove the mascot from the straw and attach it to a pen or stamp, or use it as a chopstick holder. Why not enjoy a delicious new take-out drink with Kirby?

■Kirby Party
■Wadowado Carnival
■Dedede de Wonder
■Meta Knight Delight

The new takeout drink will be available from April 17th at Tokyo Solamachi’s Kirby Café THE STORE, Canal City Hakata’s Kirby Cafe HAKATA, and takeout sweets specialty store Kirby Cafe PETIT Tennoji.

The price is 994 yen (tax included) with the mascot, and 691 yen (tax included) without the mascot. For more information, please check the official website.

“Kirby Cafe” new drink features a straw! “Suikomi Kirby Mascot” is very popular for its cuteness

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