“JoJo” author talks about his drawing of Napoleon: “It looks like he’s trying to manipulate time” and “I want it to be made into merchandise.”


“JoJo” author talks about his drawing of Napoleon: “It looks like he’s trying to manipulate time” and “I want it to be made into merchandise.” – All in one Anime and manga new release updates, New anime release, 2024 animes, upcoming anime, trending anime, and lots more!!.

All 18 volumes of the manga “Learning Manga: History of the World” (Shueisha, released on October 4th), which allows you to learn about history while having fun, will be completely renewed for the first time in 22 years. The cover illustrations for all 18 volumes were drawn by 16 popular manga artists, including Hirohiko Araki, author of “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure,” Yasuhisa Hara of “Kingdom,” and Kohei Horikoshi of “My Hero Academia,” and the covers have been made public. Ta.

Araki draws Napoleon, and people on the internet are saying, “Araki-sensei’s drawing of Napoleon looks like he’s doing things like manipulating time,” “There’s something exciting about Napoleon’s stand that Araki-sensei drew, and I like overseas people,” and “Hirohiko Araki’s Napoleon is so cool.” “If Hirohiko Araki’s Napoleon cover was made into goods, it would sell well on its own,” “I want it to be made into goods,” and “Napoleon just looks like a Jojo character.”

“Learning Manga: History of the World”, released in 2002, is a long-selling series that has been loved by many readers since its inception. The latest edition, which has been renewed for the first time in 22 years, has changed specifications from the previous large hard cover to a compact soft cover that is easy to carry, and has completely new contents.

The content is a dramatic yet easy-to-understand historical comic about events that happened around the world, and the volume has been increased by 56 pages from the previous version. With beautiful illustrations, charming characters, and an exciting story, you can read the book as if you were in that era.

The latest high school history textbooks emphasize “global history,” which involves reading and understanding world history in a cross-sectional manner, and “inquiry,” which involves thinking about questions on your own and searching for reasons and solutions.

In response to these, we also pay attention to the history of Europe and America, Asia, the Middle East, and African power, and cover movements that connect countries, such as people, goods, and culture. This series is the first world history manga to comply with the revised curriculum guidelines.

In addition, 10 volumes out of 18 volumes contain modern history, which is often used in entrance exams. It also covers the latest world developments, such as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the military conflict in Palestine.

In addition, the cover illustrations for all 18 volumes were done by popular manga artists who are active in Shueisha’s manga magazines. Araki from “Jojo” is Napoleon, Hara from “Kingdom” is Rames II, and Horikoshi from “Heroaka” is Caesar. Cleopatra…and each volume depicts a person who symbolizes the era.

The price is 1,100 yen each, and the complete set is 19,800 yen.

■All 18 volume titles, manga artists in charge of covers, and historical figures drawn
Volume 1: Civilizations of the Orient and the Mediterranean: Egypt, Mesopotamia, and Greece
Cover illustration: Yasuhisa Hara “Kingdom” Rames II

Volume 2: The beginning of Chinese civilization and the Chinese Empire, from the Yellow River civilization to the Tang Dynasty
Cover illustration: Hiroyuki Asada “Tegamibachi” First Emperor

Volume 3: The Glory of the Great Empire of Rome, Ancient Rome and Byzantium
Cover illustration: Kohei Horikoshi “My Hero Academia” Caesar Cleopatra

Volume 4: The Islamic World and India: Rise and Fall of Dynasties and Religion
Cover illustration: Kozuko Morimoto “Gokusen” Suleiman I Akbar

Volume 5: Christianity and the Development of Europe Medieval Europe
Cover illustration: Yuki Tabata “Black Clover” Charlemagne Joan of Arc

Volume 6: Mongolia and East Asia From the Song Dynasty to the Early Qing Dynasty, Korea
Cover illustration: Fusako Kuramochi “Natural Kokekko” Kublai Khan

Volume 7: Renaissance and Reformation Early Modern Europe
Cover illustration: Posuka Demizu “The Promised Neverland” Leonardo da Vinci

Volume 8: Sovereign States of Europe: Absolute Monarchy and Enlightened Despotism
Cover illustration: Io Sakisaka “Ao Haru Ride” Elizabeth I

Volume 9: Industrial Revolution and American Independence: The Beginning of Capitalism
Cover illustration: Teru Miyoshi “Moriarty the Patriot” Lincoln

Volume 10: The French Revolution and the Path to Nation-State Awakening to Freedom, Human Rights, and Independence
Cover illustration: Hirohiko Araki “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure” Napoleon Bonaparte

Volume 11: Advancement of modernization and imperialism: Expansion of great powers and colonies
Cover illustration: Yusei Matsui “Assassination Classroom” Hirobumi Ito/Bismarck

Volume 12: The Opium Wars and the Xinhai Revolution From the Late Qing to the Republic of China
Cover illustration: Masanori Morita “ROOKIES” Sun Yat-sen, Puyi, Empress Dowager Cixi

Volume 13: World War I and the Russian Revolution: From total war to international cooperation
Cover illustration: Satoru Noda “Golden Kamuy” Lenin

Volume 14: Popular Political Participation and the World Depression: War Period of Prosperity and Turbulence
Cover illustration: Shinichi Sakamoto “Innocent” Franklin Roosevelt

Volume 15: World War II and the United Nations, the greatest sacrifice in human history
Cover illustration: Tatsuya Endo “SPY×FAMILY” Churchill Hitler

Volume 16: Cold War and East-West Conflict: Two Superpowers and a Third Power
Cover illustration: Shinichi Sakamoto “Innocent” Gorbachev Gandhi Kennedy

Volume 17: Multipolar world Asia, Europe, Middle East, Africa
Cover illustration: Mari Yamazaki “Thermae Romae” Mandela Arafat Tou Kodaira

Volume 18: Progressing Globalization: Challenges of the 21st Century
Cover illustration: Posuka Demizu “The Promised Neverland” Children of the World

“JoJo” author talks about his drawing of Napoleon: “It looks like he’s trying to manipulate time” and “I want it to be made into merchandise.”

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