Introducing the “Desk Guitar Stand BHP-GH300”, a clamp-type stand that can be hung next to your desk from “Bauhutte”!


Introducing the “Desk Guitar Stand BHP-GH300”, a clamp-type stand that can be hung next to your desk from “Bauhutte”!
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Do you have concerns such as “the legs of a floor-standing guitar stand get in the way”, “you can’t use wall hooks because you can’t drill holes in the wall”, “I ended up storing my guitar in a case and it’s a hassle to take out the guitar every time”?
A product that solves such problems.desk guitar stand” is a gaming furniture brand “Bauhutte” has appeared!

Introducing the unprecedented floating guitar storage “Desk Guitar Stand BHP-GH300”!

Introducing the

“Desk guitar stand BHP-GH300” entire

In April 2024, the gaming furniture brand “Bauhutte” will release the “Desk Guitar Stand BHP-GH300”, a clamp-type stand that allows you to hang your guitar next to your desk!
A desk guitar stand is a hanging guitar/bass stand that can be easily installed on the top of a desk or PC rack.
Since you can reach your instrument the moment you want to play it while working at your desk, you can create an environment where it is easy to play the instrument every day and improve your skills.

“Floating” installation without drilling holes in the wall!

Introducing the

Introducing the

It uses a clamp fixing method that makes it easy to attach, remove, and move, so you can set it anywhere you want, such as a PC desk or rack, without having to drill holes in the wall or desk.
The design takes advantage of the height of the top plate, making it compatible with long instruments such as basses.
“Floating guitar storage” is now possible even in rental properties where it is difficult to drill holes in the wall.

“Floating” installation to save space!

Introducing the

Introducing the

Compared to free-standing stands, it takes up less floor space and can be stored in less space.
Since there are no legs, you can keep your feet neat and tidy, so it won’t get in the way when cleaning.
You can also use a robot vacuum cleaner!
This design reduces the risk of accidentally tripping over the stand and causing it to fall over.

Safety considerations

Introducing the

Introducing the

An auto-lock mechanism that automatically lowers the fall prevention claw due to the weight of the main unit, and a non-slip protective cushion attached to the holder reduce the risk of falling.
Equipped with double safety features so you can hang your precious instruments with peace of mind!

Desk guitar stand BHP-GH300 is currently on sale

Introducing the


Desk guitar stand BHP-GH300 isSales price 5,280 yen (tax included)It is currently on sale.
It can be purchased from the Bauhutte store on
The ease with which it collects dust and the convenience of being able to remove it just by reaching out with your hand will bring you closer both physically and psychologically to your guitar.
Get a tidy room and an environment where you can easily perform!
Please check the desk guitar stand BHP-GH300 product page for product details.

Product Overview Color Black Dimensions Width 11 x Depth 16 cm x Height 33.5 cm (33.5 cm to 47.5 cm)
*Product height excluding clamp: 24.5cm to 37.0cm Surface treatment: Epoxy resin powder coating Load-bearing guitar holder: 1.5kg to 10kg
Pick tray: 0.5kg
Lower pole hook: 1.5kg can be attached, top plate thickness 1.5-3cmCopyright© 2000-2024 BE-S CO.,LTD.

Introducing the “Desk Guitar Stand BHP-GH300”, a clamp-type stand that can be hung next to your desk from “Bauhutte”!

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