“Hipstee”‘s first performance in Nakao Ward has a revolutionary stage: “There’s such a venue that looks like Nakao Ward.”


“Hipstee”‘s first performance in Nakao Ward has a revolutionary stage: “There’s such a venue that looks like Nakao Ward.”
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The new performance of the stage play “Hypnosis Mic (Hypsute)” “‘Hypnosis Mic -Division Rap Battle-‘ Rule the Stage -Renegades of Female-” has been decided! This stage performance is the first in the “Hipste” series to be performed in “Nakao Ward,” and the main visual and character visuals have arrived. At Shinagawa Prince Hotel Club eX from Thursday, July 4th to Monday, July 15th, 2024 (holiday), at Matsushita IMP Hall (Osaka) from Thursday, July 25th to Sunday, July 28th, 2024 It will be performed during the period.

“Hipste”‘s first performance in Nakao Ward has a revolutionary stage “This is Nakao Ward…Click here for images >>

This work is HypSte’s first performance in the “Chuo Ward”, and Nanaka will play the role of Touhou Tenotome, Yuri Shiramine will play the role of Kakae Yukoji Mukaka, and Momoko Takahashi will play the role of Aoki Ikkan.

In addition, Yuuri Ota will play the role of Japoin Kyou, Seri Suzumura will play the role of Inori Amatsu, who is an original stage character, and Yuka Tano will play the role of Tsukuyomi.

The fastest advance ticket available exclusively to Mobile members will be available from 18:00 on April 23rd (Tuesday) to 23:59 on April 29th (Monday/Holiday), so please check it out.

The lyric video is the theme song “QUEEN’s Precepts” performed by Touhou Tenotome, Kakayukoji Mukaka, and Aoi Kosho Ikan. The video focuses on silhouettes, and the three of them perform raps!

On the main stage, there are many opportunities to listen to the rapping of the male team, so you can feel a new “hypsteel” with their gorgeous singing voices and gorgeous images.

Also, the theme song was written by Koji Ide, who has provided music for KinKi Kids and Sexy Zone.

“Club eX Shinagawa Prince Hotel”

Quote: “Club eX Shinagawa Prince Hotel”Official site

The stage at Shinagawa Prince Hotel Club eX has a circular center stage with seats arranged around it.

It has become a hot topic on social media for being a perfect fit for Nakao Ward, with fans commenting, “No, in the first place, there is such a venue that looks like Nakao Ward…”, “It’s a nice venue with a sense of elegance”, and “It’s a circular venue. “It’s different than before!” were the reactions.

Touhou Tenototome: Nanaka
I am excited to be able to work on “Hypsute”, which has been loved by many fans for many years, to work together with the staff and cast, and to be able to see the same scenery as the audience when the curtain rises. I’ll come.
And I am honored to be able to play Touhouten Otome.
Amid everyone’s expectations, I will face my role with determination and live my life as Touhouten’s Maiden.
We look forward to seeing you all at the theater!

The role of Kankayukoji figs: Yuri Shiramine
I will never forget the shock and excitement I felt when I saw “Hypsute” for the first time.
I am even more excited and humbled to be able to be involved in the world of “Hypsute” as the role of Kakayokoji Monka.
“Hipste” has been loved by many people for a long time. I will firmly inherit that thought and the baton, and do my best to become a force for the newly launched “Nakao Ward.”
I am looking forward to many exciting days with you all.
Please provide some support!

The role of Aoi Coffin Gokan: Momoko Takahashi
It’s my first time trying, my first experience, and I’m sure I’ll run into a lot of obstacles from now on, but I’ll absorb a lot of feedback from Go Ueki, the staff, my co-stars, and the fans, and do my best. I’ll try my best.
I’m full of tension and anxiety, but at the same time I’m also really excited!
I would appreciate it if you could watch with warm eyes to see what kind of reception the Aoi Coffin will have! Thank you!

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“Hipstee”‘s first performance in Nakao Ward has a revolutionary stage: “There’s such a venue that looks like Nakao Ward.”

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