[Graniph x Tomica]A sophisticated design that even adults will want!


[Graniph x Tomica]A sophisticated design that even adults will want!
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Collaboration products between “Tomica” and “Graniph” will be on sale from May 14, 2024 (Tuesday)! Let’s introduce some notable items.

>>>Design that will thrill both children and adults! See all “Tomica” collaboration products! (26 photos)

“Tomica” (sales company: Takara Tomy) was released in 1970 as Japan’s first palm-sized domestic die-cast minicar series.

It is now loved by three generations of parents and children. To date, more than 1,140 car models have been released, and cumulative sales have exceeded 725 million units (as of April 2023).

This is the first collaboration between “Tomica” and “Graniph”! The lineup includes items from Tomica’s popular working cars and the adult brand Tomica, as well as a special collaboration design with Graniff’s popular character Beautiful Shadow! A total of 23 items will be available for everyone from children to adults to enjoy.

The popular “Big Silhouette T-shirt” has a retro design with the Tomica logo embroidered in various patterns on the front and 11 nostalgic Tomica cars released from the 1970s to the 1990s printed on the back. . There may even be a car that reminds you of your memories.

The “T-shirt” features a cleaning truck, which is one of the working cars, and has a unique design in which the borders are collected and clean where the cleaning truck passes.

A trash can is embroidered inside the pocket. The refreshing light blue fabric is perfect for the upcoming season!

In addition, there is a wide range of items such as bags and hats. To commemorate the release of this collaboration, a great point is that those who purchase Tomica collaboration items will receive an “original driver’s license” as a gift on a first-come, first-served basis!

The products introduced will be on sale from May 14, 2024 (Tuesday) at Granif’s official online store and domestic stores. In addition, the official Granif online store is currently accepting pre-orders from Wednesday, May 1, 2024. Please do not miss it!

“Tomica” is a registered trademark of Takara Tomy Co., Ltd.

[Graniph x Tomica]A sophisticated design that even adults will want!

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