Get ready with Oshi! “Enstar” bangs clip now available in capsule toy “Everyone’s a baby”


Get ready with Oshi! “Enstar” bangs clip now available in capsule toy “Everyone’s a baby”
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The popular app “Ensemble Stars!” ! (Enstar)” has decided to release a bangs clip with an idol’s face design as a capsule toy! “Mini Colle! Bangs Clip vol.1-vol.6” is priced at 400 yen and is scheduled to be released in capsule toy boxes nationwide around summer 2024.

Get ready with Oshi! “Enstar” bangs clip becomes capsule toy…Click here for images >>

This product is a bangs clip designed with the deformed faces of 49 idols.

It is an easy-to-use item that can be used in various situations such as face washing and makeup! When you get ready with Oshi’s face on your head, you’ll get excited.

It also seems like a good idea to wear it on your head to show off your support during events such as live performances.

Get ready with Oshi!

“Enstar” “Mini Kore! Bangs Clip vol.3~vol.4”

Vol.1 has fine and Trickstar, vol.2 has Ryuseitai and ALKALOID, vol.3 has Eden, Valkyrie, and 2wink, and vol.4 has Crazy:B, Akatsuki, and MaM.

vol.5 has UNDEAD and Ra*bits, and vol.6 has Knights and Switch.

Get ready with Oshi!

“Enstar” “Mini Kore! Bangs Clip vol.5-vol.6”

On X, we received reactions such as “It’s cute,” “This is starting a gacha tour,” “I’ll make you do it with my head,” “They’re all babies!” and “Is it okay if it’s a pin version of the hair tie with a severed head?”

Details will be announced as soon as they are decided, so stay tuned for more information!

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Get ready with Oshi! “Enstar” bangs clip now available in capsule toy “Everyone’s a baby”

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