From today[Bear School]Train work! Collaboration with Hankyu Corporation♪


From today[Bear School]Train work! Collaboration with Hankyu Corporation♪
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Starting today, April 24th (Wednesday), a collaboration project between the popular picture book “The Bear’s School” and Hankyu Corporation will begin with the theme of “The Work of a Train.” There will also be cute collaboration goods, so be sure to check them out!

“The Bear’s School” is a picture book depicting the ordinary but warm days of a kind 11-year-old older brother, Jackie, and a mischievous and troublesome bear girl named Jackie.

In 2002, he published his first picture book, “The Bear’s School,” and now the series has a cumulative circulation of over 2.22 million copies, and the character is loved by a wide range of people from adults to children both in Japan and overseas. It becomes.

This is the third collaboration between “The Bear’s School” and Hankyu Corporation, following 2019 and 2022. This time, Jackie, the main character of “The Bear’s School”, and her friends will be working as drivers and With the theme of people trying their hand at “train work” such as train conductors and track maintenance workers, we will “display original head marks,” “hold a stamp rally,” and “release collaboration goods.”

Under the “display of original head marks,” one train set on each line of the Kobe Line, Takarazuka Line, and Kyoto Line will be operated with an original head mark displayed. The period is until July 8th (Monday).

The “stamp rally” will be held at four stamp points set up along the Hankyu line (Nishinomiya Kitaguchi Station, Toyonaka Station, Takarazuka Station, Kyoto Kawaramachi Station (Hankyu Kyoto Tourist Information Center/Kawaramachi)), and all stamps will be collected. A stamp rally where you can receive original prizes by collecting.

In addition, a photo spot (photo panel) will be set up at the stamp point where you can take commemorative photos with Jackie and his friends as they try out various “train jobs.”

“Release of Collaboration Goods” includes collaboration goods with original designs (11 products in total), including a Jackie stuffed animal and mascot wearing a dress inspired by Hankyu Corporation’s actual uniform, and lunch tote bags and lunch purses perfect for early summer vacations. ) appears.

[Related image]Check out the prizes and items that will appear in the “Kuma no Gakko” collaboration! (6 pieces)

From today[Bear School]Train work! Collaboration with Hankyu Corporation♪

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