Don’t tell your mothers! “Famicom Referendum” 39th What do you mean by “simulation games”? Result announcement!


Don’t tell your mothers! “Famicom Referendum” 39th What do you mean by “simulation games”? Result announcement!
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We are now halfway through April 2024. For everyone who has started a new life since the new year, isn’t it time for you to gradually get used to it?
but!anythingThe time when you are most likely to make mistakes is when you are just getting used to it.There is also!
A long time ago, I used to say that I wouldn’t learn unless I made mistakes, but as an adult,It’s better to never make a mistakeYou realize that.
Let’s get used to it and tighten up a little, and be as careful as possible! And if you make a mistake, be honest and report it!
When you spend your days like that, stress inevitably builds up,Adequate breathing is necessaryIt will be.
For us gamers,gameThis means that you can enjoy it even in the little time you have when you are tired after school or work.retro games.And speaking of retro games, they are celebrating their 40th anniversary.Famicomis not it!
There are many projects underway for the 40th anniversary of the Famicom, but the weekly fun “Famicom referendum“ofNo.39 What do you mean by “simulation game”?The results have been announced!

This is a terrible simulation! 39th results announced!

Don't tell your mothers!  “Famicom Referendum” 39th What do you mean by “simulation games”? Result announcement!

What do you mean by “simulation game”?Result announcement

“Famicom Referendum” 39th What do you mean by “simulation games”?The results were announced on the Famicom 40th anniversary campaign site.Top 20 ranked publicIt has been!
There are many different directions to take in the term “simulation games,” but here are some of the titles that made it into the rankings.Mostly strategy simulationIt seems that it is.
2nd place “Fire Emblem Dark Dragon and Sword of Light“Fire Emblem” series, including “Fire Emblem” series, 3rd place “Nobunaga’s Ambition National Edition“Nobunaga’s Ambition” series including “Nobunaga’s Ambition” series, 6th place “Romance of the Three Kingdoms” and the “Romance of the Three Kingdoms” series, which are still available today.Continues as a popular seriesThere are many early simulation works, and you can see that they were already popular since the Famicom era.
Even so,There are many historical itemsThat’s right.
The author voted 17th place “Gachapon Senshi 3 Hero SenkiMany of the “Gachapon Senshi” series including “Gachapon Warrior” are also ranked in the ranking,I wonder if this will be an opportunity for a new product to be released…?
What do you mean by “simulation game” with such fierce battles? The winner was the monumental strategy simulation game “Famicom wars“is!Voting rate 22.6%!
It is a realistic strategy simulation game that is closely related to the name “Famicom”, and there are many people who play “Famicom Wars” and still play strategy simulations even now as adults.
Also, “Famicom Wars”TV commercial is a parody of a certain super masterpiece & very unique lyricsIt has become a hot topic for some reason, and I think there are people who know of its existence even if they have never played the game.
Good news for all of you! “Famicom Wars”Family Computer now available on Nintendo Switch OnlineSo please take this opportunity to play!

Next time is the “Good” series! What do you mean by “the story was good”? Voting has begun!

Don't tell your mothers!  “Famicom Referendum” 39th What do you mean by “simulation games”? Result announcement!

What do you mean by “the story was good”?

That means the 39th episode is over.The 40th episode has begunThat’s what it means.
Voting for the 40th Famicom Referendum will begin on Thursday, April 18, 2024!This time’s theme isWhat do you mean by “the story was good”?is!
Episode 9: What do you mean by “the BGM was good”? , Part 13: What do you think about the main character? , No. 21 What do you mean by “the instruction manual was good”? , No. 31 What do you mean by “the packaging was good”?followed byThe 5th installment of the “Good” seriesis not it.
In many games, from start to finish,there is a storything.
spoken during the gameEven if it’s not mentioned in the game,What is written in the manual etc.I’m sure everyone has a memorable “story” like this!
A Famicom masterpiece with a story that you will never forget.Give me a clean vote!
this time tooLog in to your Nintendo accountYou can then vote from the “Famicom Referendum” page on the campaign site.
If you forget the title, don’t worry, you can enter part of the title and a suggestion will appear.
The voting period for the 40th Famicom referendum isUntil Wednesday, April 24, 2024 11:59the result announcement isScheduled for Thursday, April 25, 2024It has become!
Although the author is clingy,Dragon Quest III And then to the legend…I voted for “! I’m sure everyone who has played the game will agree with me about the second half and the moment when you understand the meaning of the subtitle!

© Nintendo

Don’t tell your mothers! “Famicom Referendum” 39th What do you mean by “simulation games”? Result announcement!

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