Dead heat that makes your hands sweat! “Famicom Referendum” 44th What do you mean by “racing game”? Result announcement!


Dead heat that makes your hands sweat! “Famicom Referendum” 44th What do you mean by “racing game”? Result announcement!
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There is only a little time left until May 2024. For all the new employees who started work in April,The long-awaited starting salaryI received it, isn't it about time to receive it?
Mother's Day was the other day, and Father's Day is coming up next month, so I'm going toexpress gratitude to parentsI think there are many people who say, but I tried my best.reward yourselfDon't forget too.humanI can't work hard without a reward!
Retro game fans are probably heading out to local shops to buy retro game consoles and software that have become valuable in recent years, but one of the most representative retro games isFamicomis not it.
The weekly fun part of the Famicom 40th Anniversary Project is “Famicom Referendum” I'm now able to remember the titles I was crazy about back then, and the titles I couldn't play even though I wanted to because I couldn't buy them back then, and now I have more opportunities to remember them, andThe desire to play nostalgic titles on the actual machineI think that a lot of excitement is welling up.
And this time too, the “Famicom referendum'' will increase the number of titles you want to play.No. 44 Speaking of “racing games”?The results have been announced!

The foundations of the genre are all here! 44th results announced!

A thrilling heat! The 44th

What comes to mind when you think of “racing games”? Results announced

“Famicom Referendum” 44th What do you mean by “racing game”?The results were announced on the Famicom 40th anniversary campaign site.The top 20 are revealedIt has been!
Continues to this dayPopular game genreOne of the “racing games”
Nowadays, the graphics are so realistic they seem almost real, but it's the gameplay in which every second counts that makes it so popular.
Looking at the titles that made the list, “racing games”The original game titleThere are many that are ranked high.
It was a close race, just like the “racing game” genre, but the top two were overwhelmingly dominant, with the winner being “F1 race“inVote share: 25.3%!And the second place was “excitement bike“in21% of votesIt is as follows!
3rd place: “Famicom Grand Prix F1 Race“butVoting rate 6.6%Therefore, they are in the top two by a wide margin.
Also, “F1 race”View from the rear of the vehicle“Excite Bike”side view“Famicom Grand Prix F1 Race”top down perspectiveSo, it can be said that these three games alone cover the major gameplay aspects of “racing games”,These three movies alone received more than half of the votes.It's no wonder he won this award.
The author votedWai Wai World 2 SOS!! Parsley Castle” was ranked 28th, but games with “racing game” elements were also voted for, with “Sanma's Great Detective” has a mini-gameBoat race competition with Master YasushiThere are situations where you do that.
Some of the titles ranked this time areFamily Computer Nintendo Switch OnlineSo don't miss this chance to play it!
In addition, on the Nintendo Famicom software list page on the Famicom 40th anniversary campaign site,Instruction manual page based on the instruction manual at the timeThere are many titles that you can watch, so be sure to check them out!

The bright colors stand out! What do you mean by “yellow cassette”? Voting has begun!

A thrilling heat! The 44th

What do you mean by “yellow cassette”?

The 44th event has ended.The 45th episode has begunThat's what it means.
Voting for the 45th “Famicom National Vote” began on Thursday, May 23, 2024! The theme this time isWhat does “yellow cassette” mean?is!
It has been carried out in the pastcassette color seriesAnd this time it's yellow.
It's a cartridge that you insert into the Famicom console to play, that you insert into your eyes while playing, and then remove from the console when you're done.That image is burned into my eyesThat's probably true.
Moreover, even if you say “yellow cassette”Its color is variousSo, if you think of this as yellow and this as yellow, you can think of quite a few just by thinking of them.that tooAll masterpieces!
I think this is another troublesome topic, but the title of “Yellow Cassette'' is something I have a lot of feelings for.Give me a clean vote!
Once again, you can vote by logging in to your Nintendo account and visiting the “Famicom Referendum” page on the campaign site.
Even if you forget the title, don't worry, you can enter part of the title and suggestions will appear.
The voting period for the 45th Famicom Referendum isUntil 11:59 on Wednesday, May 29, 2024!Announcement of resultsScheduled for Thursday, May 30, 2024It is as follows!
The author is familiar with the extremely difficult software “Ghost Q-taro Woof Woof Panic” I voted for “! Of course, I couldn't clear it, so I voted with all the regret I felt back then!

© Nintendo

Dead heat that makes your hands sweat! “Famicom Referendum” 44th What do you mean by “racing game”? Result announcement!

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