[Dangerous Detective]A bittersweet and nostalgic advertising style “ABUDEKA match” is born


[Dangerous Detective]A bittersweet and nostalgic advertising style “ABUDEKA match” is born
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A limited collaboration match between Nittosha Match and the movie “The Return of the Dangerous Detective” is now available! The special “ABUDEKA match” that has a retro feel and coolness is cool! !

The drama series “Deka” started in 1986 with a famous cast including Hiroshi Tate and Kyohei Shibata. The “Dangerous Detective” series has been developed into various series, starting with a TV drama, movies, and special dramas.

The latest film from the series, which has been affectionately known as “The Dangerous Detective,” will finally be released on May 24, 2024.
38 years have passed since the drama began airing. Eight years have passed since the latest movie version.
The “strongest buddy” that transcends the three eras of Showa, Heisei, and Reiwa is back! Taka & Yuji make a triumphant return to Yokohama.

It has been decided that this product will collaborate with Nittosha, a matchmaker with a history of 124 years. A limited collaboration item “ABUDEKA Match” has been released.

ABUDEKA Match, a set of two boxes in red and black, is designed with the theme of “dandy and sexy.”
The red design features the “pipe tobacco” motif, one of the symbols of the Showa era, reminiscent of the good old days, and the movie title “The Return of the Dangerous Detective.”
The black color features the logo of Taka & Yuji’s detective agency “T&Y DETECTIVE AGENCY” and features a nostalgic advertising match-like design with a phone number written on it.
It is reminiscent of the unique matches that were once handed out at coffee shops to advertise their stores, and those who know it have a cool, retro feel that is appealing.

Matches were once a common companion for smoking cigarettes, but with the rise of lighters and the number of non-smoking areas, the chances of seeing them on the streets have decreased dramatically. These days, they are mainly used for lighting purposes, such as putting incense on Buddhist altars, camping bonfires, and aroma candles.

With the recent rise in awareness of disaster prevention, matches are compact and recommended as emergency preparedness.

“ABUDEKA Match” was born in the Reiwa era, where new things are being created one after another, and is full of Showa retro feel. Starting from April 26, 2024 (Friday), it will be available at select movie theaters and online shops, starting with the “Dangerous Detective Exhibition” to be held at Keikyu Department Store.
Be sure to check it out, not only for Dangerous Detective fans, but also for those who don’t know about match culture!

☆ Shibu’s cool “ABUDEKA Match” image (3 photos) >>>

[Dangerous Detective]A bittersweet and nostalgic advertising style “ABUDEKA match” is born

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