“Collapse: Star Rail” Ver.2.2 A “new week boss” appears in the new development quest! “Event light cone” that captures “an old train scene”[Summary of preview programs]


“Collapse: Star Rail” Ver.2.2 A “new week boss” appears in the new development quest! “Event light cone” that captures “an old train scene”[Summary of preview programs]
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The information dissemination program “Ver. 2.2 “Tears are after awakening” preview program” for the space fantasy RPG “Collapse: Star Rail” for smartphones/PCs/PS5 was broadcast on Friday, April 26th.

In the program, information such as new development quests and new maps that will be released with the Ver.2.2 update will be released.

Various events and system updates are also introduced.

◆New development quests, new maps, and new bosses have arrived!
A new development quest “The Fool Rings the Bell Twice” will be released. You will be able to go to the new map “Dream Leaf”, where you will be reunited with an unexpected friend. Also, a new boss “Harmonia Choir Dies Domini” will appear.

When Dies Domini enters battle, he performs a “two-part chorus” after charging is complete, and the summoned item deals damage to a single ally. In the second stage, after the charge is complete, a “four-part chorus” will be activated, dealing damage to all allies, and this time, summoned objects will also deal damage to all allies.

During the second stage, a barrier will be applied to Dies Domini, making it stronger such that its toughness cannot be reduced and it will be given the effect of reducing damage taken and increasing damage dealt. In the third stage, it becomes even stronger and deals huge damage to all allies, ignoring their defense.

The countermeasure is to quickly destroy the weak points of the summoned objects. If you defeat all summons’ weak points, you will no longer be able to activate “Two-Part Chorus” and the power of “Four-Part Chorus” will be greatly reduced. Also, by defeating Dies Domini’s weak point, you can obtain a barrier that is shared by all allies.

The materials for the new boss will be needed to train the Ver. 2.2 new character “★5 Boot Hill”, so if you are thinking of getting Boot Hill, you should wait for the weekly boss challenge.

Also, the training material for the new character “★5 Robin” is “Ancient Evil Eroding the Stars”.

◆Robin’s new album “INSIDE” released
Robin’s new album “INSIDE” will be released on Thursday, May 9th. The three songs included are “If I Could Protect Someone’s Heart That Hurts,” “Swaying the Galaxy Alone,” and “Winged Hope.” A viewing video was also released.

◆Ver.2.2 event information that also includes “★4 light cone”!
The highlight event of Ver.2.2 is “Clock Boy: A Beautiful Dream of Yesterday.” In order to help the production company of the anime “Clock Boy” which is in crisis, the player takes on the role of director of the movie shoot.

By clearing the specified quest, you can obtain event light cones such as “★4 Journey for Tomorrow (Harmony)”.

The illustration of the event light cone is a scene from an old train, and depicts Pam and the old Nanashibitos toasting.

At the battle event “Galaxy Batter Legend”, Giovanni invites him to participate in a test of a game modeled after the player. Destroy as many enemies as possible in each wave and gain event buffs such as “weapons” and “accessories” to gain an advantage in battle.

In “Everything about Boot Hill…”, you can earn rewards by completing various requests and collecting information about Boot Hill. In addition to this, other standard events such as “Thanks to the Pilgrimage”, “Dimensional Splitting”, and “Flower Growth” are scheduled to be held.

◆The system is more comfortable!
In the system update, a function has been added to display battle results on the Tourist Visa screen. The organization function has also been improved, allowing you to check the entire organization more intuitively. Additionally, a “character mark function” will be added that will display marked characters at the top.

Regarding friends, you can now check the status of your friends from your friend list (for example, “Playing Simulated Universe” or “Playing Garden of Oblivion”). Additionally, you will be able to check clear formations published by your friends in Garden of Oblivion and Fictional Epic. If you don’t want to show it, you can make it private in the settings.

◆“Dream Guide for Pioneers” has been released!
The online version of “Dream Guide for Pioneers” has been released. Contains a wealth of information such as the story behind the birth of Pinocony, concept art, interviews with short animation production staff, and original animation drawings.

“Collapse: Star Rail” Ver. 2.2 update “Tears are after awakening” is scheduled to be released on Wednesday, May 8, 2024. Also, during the broadcast, event jumps and serial codes will be revealed. Please check the related articles as well.

“Collapse: Star Rail” Ver.2.2 A “new week boss” appears in the new development quest! “Event light cone” that captures “an old train scene”[Summary of preview programs]

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