[Chegosim]Japan’s first pop-up event! Check the items you are interested in


[Chegosim]Japan’s first pop-up event! Check the items you are interested in
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The first POP UP in Japan of the Korean character “Chegosim” will be held in Shinjuku from April 26th! We will be releasing 15 new products scheduled for sale in advance.

The first pop-up “Chego Sim POP UP SHOP” in Japan featuring “Chego Sim (최고심)”, a character popular among South Korean Gen Z, will be held from April 26th at Lumine Est Shinjuku, next to the ticket vending machine outside the central east ticket gate of B1 Shinjuku Station. The event will be held!

“Chego Shim”, created in 2020 by Korean-based illustrator Chego Shim, is a character that has been attracting attention, especially among South Korean Generation Z, due to its pop colors and positive worldview.

In this pop-up, the interior of the store will be decorated with colorful colors that recreate the world view of “Chego Sim”. Let us introduce you to the items you are interested in!
The lineup includes over 20 new items, including the Japanese version of the “talisman cards” that are popular in Korea.
The lineup includes a wide variety of stationery, including colorful and pop rubber keychains, hair bands with Chego Sim’s face incorporated into their designs, clear files, ballpoint pens, and other stationery.

In addition to a lottery-style sticker set that you can try for 300 yen each, we also offer novelty gifts depending on the purchase amount! Let’s enjoy shopping and get some novelty items.

The colorful and cute “Chego Sim” items are sure to get you excited just by holding them. Please enjoy the pop-up!

☆ Check out photos of Chego Sim’s new goods (18 photos) >>>

(C) choigosim

[Chegosim]Japan’s first pop-up event! Check the items you are interested in

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