[Barbie]An event will be held at Tokyo Tower with the same age!Advance release of new products


[Barbie]An event will be held at Tokyo Tower with the same age!Advance release of new products
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“Barbie (Heart) Tokyo Tower” is a collaborative event between Barbie and Tokyo Tower, which celebrates each other’s 65th anniversary. “Barbie 65th Anniversary Doll Blonde/Brunette” and new category products scheduled to be released this summer will be on sale starting June 1st (Saturday).

The world’s most famous fashion doll, Barbie, which will celebrate its 65th anniversary in 2024, has reflected the changes in the environment surrounding women since its debut in 1959. We express not only fashion, but also diversity (gender, race, occupation, body shape, etc.), and work with people who are moving toward the future in their own way. It is an item that is sometimes aspirational for everyone from small children to adults, but it has been and will continue to be an item that supports the potential of each individual.

This event is a limited collaboration event commemorating Barbie’s 65th anniversary and Tokyo Tower’s 65th anniversary. In addition to the stamp rally inside Tokyo Tower, the special exhibition on the main deck (observation deck), and the sale of collaborative drinks at Café La Tour on the 1st floor of Tokyo Tower Main Deck, there will also be a stamp rally on the 2nd floor of Tokyo Tower Foot Town “Co・Lab”. -TOKYO-” Limited collaboration tickets and limited collaboration goods will be on sale.

Barbie products that will be released in advance this time will be sold in limited quantities at “Co・Lab-TOKYO-“.

By the way, pre-order sales have already started on various EC sites, but those who pre-order on EC sites will not receive their products until June 22nd, when they go on sale to the general public.

The featured item that will be released in advance this time is “Barbie 65th Anniversary Doll Blonde/Brunette”. She wears a dress inspired by the black and white swimsuit Barbie wore when she first appeared in 1959. Barbie with blonde hair and Barbie with brunette hair are gorgeous dolls suitable for celebrating the 65th anniversary.

In addition, products in categories different from previous fashion dolls will be introduced.

This event will be held for a limited time from June 1st (Saturday) to June 30th (Sunday), 2024, so be sure to take this opportunity to celebrate with W.

>>>See close-up photos of anniversary dolls (6 photos)

[Barbie]An event will be held at Tokyo Tower with the same age!Advance release of new products

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