Bandai’s “Mame Gasha Book” series of miniature books has shipped over 1 million units!


Bandai’s “Mame Gasha Book” series of miniature books has shipped over 1 million units!
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  • What is “Mame Gasha Book”?

This is Bandai’s Gashapon® series, which is a miniature version of an actual book that is palm-sized and has a total length of about 5 cm, continuing from “Mame Gasha Book: Surprising Ending in 5 Minutes” released in April 2022.

Every page has different content, and if you cut out a part of the mini book (the paper included in the capsule), it becomes a book cover, making it a full-fledged miniature with elaborate details.

In addition to novels and manga, we have also commercialized mook books, and as of February 2024, the cumulative total of the series has exceeded 1 million units.

We will continue to deliver new lineups one after another.

  • Mame Gasha Book “Kawahara Kazune Works Collection” (6 types in total)

This product is by Kazune Kawahara, who is active in the girls’ manga magazine “Bessatsu Margaret” published by Shueisha Co., Ltd.

This is a comic book called Mame Gasha.

*Actual book is not included.*Actual book is not included.

He was in charge of the original work for Kazune Kawahara’s first long-running series, “Sensei!”, “High School Debut”, which was made into a live-action movie in 2011, and “Aozora Yell”, which began serialization in 2008, and in 2015. Volume 1 of all 6 types of comics, including “Ore Monogatari!!”, which has been made into a TV anime and live-action movie, “Stunning Boyfriend”, which started serialization in 2016, and “A Star Brighter than the Sun”, which is currently being serialized. We have a lineup of.

*The content of the Mame Gasha book is a Bandai edited version extracted from the actual book.


teacher!  1teacher! 1

High school debut 1High school debut 1

Aozora Yell 1Aozora Yell 1

Ore Monogatari!!1Ore Monogatari!!1

nice boyfriend 1nice boyfriend 1

A star brighter than the sun 1A star brighter than the sun 1

■Product information:

display designdisplay design

ⓒKawahara Kazune/Shueisha

ⓒArco Kawahara Kazune/Shueisha

  • Mame Gasha Book Popular Stationery Mook Collection (4 types in total)

This product is a mook book in the “Popular Stationery Appendix” series published by Takarajimasha Co., Ltd., which has sold over 1.9 million copies in total, such as “Retro and Cute! Sakura Craypas Stationery” and “ZUAN LOVE! “Design Sketchbook” every day. . ”, “MONO Stationery BOOK”, and “CROQUIS LOVE! “Croquis Book” A4 Multi Case BOOK”.

*Actual item is not included.*Actual item is not included.

All pages of the Mame Gasha booklet are in full color. The content that was actually published in the official Mook book at the time of release was originally edited for the Mame Gasha book.

A special appendix with each package turned into a case or pouch is also cutely reproduced with a swinging miniature figure. It comes in a packaging box, just like an official mook book.

*The contents of the Mame Gasha book are Bandai’s original re-edited version, and the information is current at the time of the book’s release. Please note that this information may differ from current information.


Crepas ``Retro and cute! Sakura Crepas stationery”Crepas “Retro and cute! Sakura Crepas stationery”

Design sketchbook “ZUAN LOVE!”  Every day I have a “design sketchbook”.  ”Design sketchbook “ZUAN LOVE!” Every day I have a “design sketchbook”. ”

Mono Eraser “MONO Stationery BOOK”Mono Eraser “MONO Stationery BOOK”

Croquis Book “CROQUIS LOVE!”  “Croqui Book” A4 Multi Case BOOK”Croquis Book “CROQUIS LOVE!” “Croqui Book” A4 Multi Case BOOK”

■Product information:

display designdisplay design


Licensed by Tombow Pencil Co.,Ltd.

Maruman Co., Ltd.

Sakura Crepas Co., Ltd.

*Crepas is a registered trademark of Sakura Craypas Co., Ltd.

  • common

・Price: 500 yen (tax included) once

・Target age: 15 years old or older

・Size: Total length approximately 5cm

・Production area: Mame Gasha book “Kawahara Kazun Works Collection”…Japan

Mame Gasha Book Popular Stationery Mook Collection…China

・Sales route: Gashapon vending machine series installed at Gashapon Bandai official shops, toy departments, mass retailers, home appliance stores, etc. nationwide

・Seller: Bandai Co., Ltd.

*Please check the product information page for the latest information and details.

*The photos shown are under development and may differ slightly from the actual product.

*Due to the manufacturing method and font size, some parts may be unreadable.

  • Check out the items you’re interested in and stores that carry them on “Gasha Doko? PLUS”!

If you use “Gasha Doko? PLUS”, you can check the sales status by product name or store name. Easily search the sales status of stores selling the items you are interested in or nearby stores! Please use all means.

Where’s Gasha? PLUS:

  • What is Gashapon Bandai Official Shop?

“Gashapon Bandai Official Shop” is a specialty store that carries all of Bandai’s new Gashapon® products.

Gashapon Bandai Official Shop Official Page:

  • About Bandai’s capsule toy business “Gashapon®”

In 1977, Bandai entered the capsule toy market, which at the time was dominated by 20 yen vending machines, with an unusual 100 yen vending machine.

We named our capsule toy “Gashapon” because when you turn the handle, the capsule containing the toy pops out.

We have commercialized a wide variety of characters and a rich lineup that matches the trends of the times, and have continued to “answer” the needs of a wide range of customers since its release.

Currently, we also offer “Smart Gashapon,” a vending machine that accepts electronic money, and “Gashapon Online,” which allows you to purchase products online.

Bandai’s Gashapon® will continue to lead the capsule toy market.

Capsule toy vending machine (gashapon station)Capsule toy vending machine (gashapon station)

*The information contained in this document is current as of April 26, 2024.

“Gashapon” is a registered trademark of Bandai Co., Ltd.


Bandai’s “Mame Gasha Book” series of miniature books has shipped over 1 million units!

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Bandai’s “Mame Gasha Book” series of miniature books has shipped over 1 million units!
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