Baladins arrives on PC first


Baladins arrives on PC first
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You Armor Games Studios and the Seed by Seed announced that the game Baladins will be released for PRAÇA (Steam) on May 15th, and later for Playstation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch.

Through the page Baladins at Steam we can read the following:

They are Baladins, but on the streets they have been given many names over the centuries. Itinerant artists, troops, troublemakers, partygoers, one thing is certain, they are entertainers and make traveling a way of life. One day looking after people, the next spying and causing chaos. Alternately glorious or downright infuriating. No one knows what their roles are, but their names remain in the folktales of every family through rumor.

Invariably, as they pass, hope blooms.

Choose a Champion – Choose from four original heroes! Each with a unique skill, from cooking to throwing fireworks, dancing or luxurymancy (the ancient art of being really, really good at arranging light bulbs). Check their skills and stats before choosing a champion that fits your style!

Explore the World – Travel through the strange lands of Gatherac and uncover all its secrets and legends. We all know that a good myth is based on some truth, and myths can be much closer than you think. Turn-based exploration allows every player to feel the thrill of revealing new locations along the way!

Choose your own path: One story, many adventures – Every decision you make can affect the world around you, and you are responsible! Customize your adventure as you blaze a trail, but are you ready to face the consequences? The decisions you make are not moral choices, but creative approaches that will have very different results!

Develop your hero – Build your character with their strengths to suit your play style. Collect oddball items to benefit from their powers, whether for better or worse. Plan your stat upgrades according to your goals and find new items to increase your stats even further!

To support you in your biggest challenge – defend him from all the traps you will encounter along the way, whether you choose to go your own way or to go entirely on the rescue mission to save Gatherac! You never know what you can achieve in this world, but one thing is for sure: there is a dragon watching over you!!

Baladins arrives on PC first

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Baladins arrives on PC first

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