Anime “Chiikawa” Golden Week special project!Episodes 1 to 62 will be broadcast all at once.


Anime “Chiikawa” Golden Week special project!Episodes 1 to 62 will be broadcast all at once. – All in one Anime and manga new release updates, New anime release, 2024 animes, upcoming anime, trending anime, and lots more!!.

TV anime“Chiikawa”The broadcast of episodes 1 to 62 was announced on ABEMA Anime’s (Abema) official X (formerly Twitter).

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“Chiikawa” is a manga created by X (formerly Twitter) drawn by illustrator Nagano. The story depicts the fun, heartrending, and slightly difficult daily lives of Chiikawa, who always works hard, and his friends Hachiware, Usagi, and other unique characters. The anime will be aired on Fuji TV’s Mezamashi TV, and can be streamed on YouTube if you missed it.

As a special project for Golden Week, episodes 1 to 62 of the anime “Chiikawa” will be broadcast all at once!

Distribution starts at 4:55 pm on May 6th (Monday/holiday). It is free for one week after the broadcast. Golden Week passes by in the blink of an eye, so why not spend the last day of the holidays with Chikawa and the others?

TV anime “Chiikawa” work overview

[Broadcast information]

Broadcast around 7:40 on April 4, 2022 on “Mezamashi TV” (Fuji TV network 5:25-8:00)

After the broadcast ends (from 8:00), YouTube, TVer, GYAO! , missed delivery for one week only on FOD


Original work: Nagano “Chiikawa”

Series Director: Takenori Mihara

Setup design: Yuki Asakura

Color design: Kei Ishikuro

Director of Photography: Naohiro Kaneko (Miko Production)

Sound director: Masaki Tsuchiya

Music: Tokumaru Shugo

Edit: Shingo Chatani

Animation production: Douga Kobo


Chikawa: Haruka Aoki

Hachiware: Masato Tanaka

Rabbit: Ari Ozawa

Momonga: Yuka Iguchi

Pochette Armor: Tomokazu Sugita

Mr. Armor of Labor: Hiroki Higashichi

Mr. Ramen Armor: Yoshitsugu Matsuoka

Sea otter: Yuma Uchida

Chestnut manju: Takayuki Asai

Shisa: Miyuri Shimabukuro

Pajama Parties Midori: Sumire Morohoshi

Pajama Parties Pink: Maria Naganawa

Pajama Party: Yu Shinohara

Pajama Parties Murasaki: Mari Uchiyama and others

*Images are from Official X (formerly Twitter).

TV anime “Chiikawa” official website

TV anime “Chiikawa” Official X (old Twitter)

(C) Nagano/Chikawa Production Committee

Anime “Chiikawa” Golden Week special project!Episodes 1 to 62 will be broadcast all at once.

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